Daddy Don't Go/ They See Us Rolling

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  1. Before I was Honorably Discharged, I was a Military Photographer. I always have loved the arts, Music, painting, drawing, writing, ext era ext era. Well when I joined the military, mainly the United States Air Force, I wanted weather. Loved every aspect of it. Mainly because I wanted to and still do, Tornado Chasing. Love the sever weather. Anyway... that dream was put on hold when I found out I was going to become a photographer. I thought meh, I will hate it for the next three years then retrain. Well tech school came after Basic Military Training, and I had that camera placed into my hand. I was like wow this is awesome, Holding a few thousand dollars right here in my hand... Well five months later I was at my First base, Mountain Home Air Force Base, and part of the 366th Fighter Wing. Thats when I found my calling. I loved ever minute of it. Especially being around the F-15E Strike Eagles. Anyway two of my most memorable photos I took there[​IMG][​IMG]