:D Yay~! lol

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Nicknames: Kate, Katie

Age and gender: 16 and female

Favorite genres to roleplay: Anything I can

Characters: Usually overly happy girls or deeply sarcastic guys. XD

Favorite song: Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk (None of my friends have heard this song :O )

I just wanna' do the smutty role plays. XD Just right now, I'm sure my attention will go to other things in time.

My favorite color is blue!!!!
Yes, we are all bored. Blessed are the bored and the banners of boredom fly high.

We are the chosen of boredom, its champions, its angels of furious death and in out role we excel.

Drink deep brothers and sisters of boredom, for tomorrow the war begins.

>.> <.< >.>

Yeah I'm bored too, names Vay, global mod. Any questions I'll answer even of its just 'cos I'm bored.
There's plenty to do around here, friendo. So much, in fact, you'll piss yourself with anger when you realise all the stuff you've missed. Anyway...

Welcome to Iwaku.
In the immortal words of the Doctor, "Who invented boredom? How did that even happen?!"

Pull up your chair and get in a game child!
Welcome the IWAKU.

'Tis the best place to be. Kind of.
:D Sounds awesome. Thanks for the warm welcome and I can't wait to join in on the fun and ease some of this boredom. ^^ But first I have to go to school. Have a good day peoples, or afternoon. O.o Depending on where you live I guess.
Have fun at School, Boredu of Boredlandia!
Welcome to the Iwaku, Boresom Boreded person.

*tips hat*
Good day.
I have joined the awesomeness. Thanks muchly.

And thanks for all the bored comments. I love it! :D
I meant I will join the awesomeness. XD Darn tv distracted me.
I love that song too o.o
But I just made all my friends listen to it.

I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's nice to meet you.
I hope that you hop right in and enjoy.
If you've any questions, please feel free to ask.
Everyone here is so nice. :D Makes a slight newbie like myself feel very welcome. :) And I am forcing all my friends to listen to it. Apparently we don't share the same taste in music. lol
Welcome to the site.

My greetings are generic and boring, but none the less sincere!
Doesn't matter! They are accepted by me. :D Thanks. Nice to meet you.
You know me already.
I'm Basil. Occasionally called 'Bas' when people think that they're being clever.

I'm pretty boring.
Ello. I'm TheNeverThere, or TNT, or Mabu, anyways, I'm in charge of Dice! Come to Table-Top Tyrants if you want to learn more about Dice games! Or TCGs. Or any game that isn't a video game, really. Anywho~ that's me, sorta. Hope to see you around. I'm often in the CBox in the evenings, well, evening for me, so you can find me there if you look. Later.
Soounds good. I actually need some help with DnD right now. So I'll be looking up that group.
I can help you with DnD too, BAU. I'm an avid gamer myself. ;)
Sweetness! Then I'll send you a message right now. :D