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  1. D O L L

    You had always wanted a friend... Someone who wouldn't judge you... Someone who would be your friend and stay loyal to you no matter what. Your father own a very large and widely known toy company... And so for your ___ birthday... He got you a doll... Not just any doll, a doll that looked like a human... Pretty much, if you counted inhumanly beautiful as a sign that it wasn't as human as it was believed to be. You loved it though, it was perfect for you. It would do whatever you asked when you asked, it would be your friend, it was loyal to you and took care of you... You loved it... There was flaw to what seemed to be the perfect doll... It couldn't love you back.... Or at least that's what your father told you.


    1. Looking for a dominant!

    2. Third person/descriptive roleplay. 1-3 paragraphs!

    3. This will be in a thread!

    4. I don't mind if you use anime or realistic pictures!

    5. I am the doll character. ^.^

    6. Pm me or post below if interested! :)
  2. Hey, just want to say that you might want to use a lighter colour than black, it is close to impossible to read without highlighting it (just a suggestion)
  3. What is hard to read?
  4. Rhe post with tge black lettering
  5. I can see it perfectly though. :3
  6. Tell me what exactly you are looking for in the dominant, please? But, I have a peaked interest.
  7. I know, as I said it was just a suggestion ^.^
  8. Okay ^.^ thank you. XD
  9. Can you be more specific? What do you mean by that? Like personality wise or kink wise or what? :)
  10. Personality wise! Like, what exactly are you looking for personality wise. Sorry for not being specific myself~
  11. Haha, it's alright. ^.^ I don't really like controlling how people create their characters, so if you have any idea how you wish your character to be, go right ahead. :)
  12. All in all, I'm very interested in your rp! So, if you'd like to plot, I'm completely up to it c:
  13. Wonderful! I'm very happy that you are interested! ^.^ Just send me a pm and we can get started! :)
  14. Still looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.