D.J. MacHale's Official Website and Forums ARE BACK!

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  1. D.J. MacHale's Official Website and Forums

    For any Pendragon fans out there, or old "PenFamily" who wandered away after the devastating Fall of Pen, D.J. had returned the Forums; including Gen.Com. and the infamous RP Section.

    The forums are filling with young, old, and Famous PenFamily from the years of the first sites original opening. With all the good and bad that had come from four/five years of its activation, we're hoping to bring it all back - bigger and better than ever without all the personal drama.

    If you wish to return to your old gang, or create a new one, go check out the site. We're small, but ever growing...and we are truly a PenFamily! Many of the members on the site have been friends and chat pals for years, even after The Fall; and we're always looking for more to expand our group.

    Come help us rebuild D.J.'s awesome Forums!