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Hello there! This is a member of D. Gray-Man: Innocence of the Heart here, advertising the experience onto your forum.​

DGMIH is a roleplay site that allows both customs and canons to interact with one another and have fun while making new friends. The experience includes action and exploring, romance and drama, as well as creating friendships that could surpass lifetimes. Become an Exorcist or work behind the scenes as one of the clergymen. Be apart of the Noah Clan as you follow the new Dark Prophet into the darkness. Become an Akuma, whose soul purpose is to destroy anyone who gets in their way. You can even become a witch or a sorcerer, create your own guilds, and find your own loyalties.

The site's main purpose is for people to experience the thrill of D. Gray-Man themselves and make new friends along the way! It is not recommended for people who are under 13, though.

The storyline takes place two years after the manga. For some people, this means that there are spoilers, but we are adding many different plots within the storyline to avoid people finding out things they don't want to know. The Noah and Akuma are at their prime while the Exorcist forces are falling low.

Some things you'll find at DGMIH:
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • New friends you haven't met
  • Wide variety of roleplayers both developing and experienced
  • Events and Plot development

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These are only some of the things that we offer at DGMIH, but we assure you that there is so much more waiting for you!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
D. Gray Man: Innocence of the Heart