D&D style rp?

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  1. For example, a ragtag group of adventurers that gather together because well, they were all sort of going the same general direction. Or perhaps one of them found a treasure map and the others wanted to tag along.

    There would be some dice rolling involved but probably not too much, because as much as I love D&D, i find that dice rolling doesn't mesh super well with paragraph style rp.
    I think it would be reserved for important actions and battles against formidable foes (like a dragon or giant something to that effect)

    I think it would work best if the group its self was smaller, something like 4 to 6 people. Otherwise it could get a bit confusing.

    But yeah, I think that's about it for basic ideas. I just really have a hankering for some good old fashioned D&D adventure type stuff.

    Also I'm totally open to suggestions so if anyone wants to discuss ideas and such please do!
  2. I am down for this

    If you don't get 4 folks, would you do it as a 1x1?
  3. I'm down for this

    If you don't get 4 folks, would you do it as a 1x1x1?
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  4. do it like baldur's gate

    always have a party slot open for an NPC for char-specific side quests
  5. oh yeah I'd still do it with three! four is just closer to what i'm used to but I would certainly be happy to go with just the three of us.
    lets give it a day before we get started but feel free to talk about anything you would want to see plot wise!
    even if we don't get any more interest, and someone wants to join in on the fun later it would probably be pretty easy to work them in.
  6. Sure, are we going to run a standard D'n'D character sheet?
  7. Interested!
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  8. Here's a plot idea:

    A small meteor landed in the dangerous wilderness outside of a small kingdom. The local high priest has heard auguries that the meteor may in fact be the weapon of their god, fallen to the earth. The king's advisor, a conniving mage, believes he can steal the power of the godly relic, if he could only retrieve it. And the king himself, a proud and arrogant warrior, wants the weapon for himself.

    Between these three dignitaries, there is a race between their respective minions for control over the god-touched artifact. The heroes may join any of the three or operate completely on their own. Regardless, they are pitted against rival relic hunters, the dangerous wilderness itself, and its monstrous inhabitants.

    EDIT: I call being the party's ranger.
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  9. awesome! looks like we have our fourth member! And yes, I think we shall be using a somewhat modified/simplified version of a standard D&D character sheet.
  10. For a future note, I'll call being a Druid type person
  11. Cool, I'll be playing a paladin or something along those lines.
  12. When you putting up an ooc?
  13. now that's a very good question.
    I will see if I can get it up with in the next half hour, but if not I'm not sure if I will be able to get it up until some time on Saturday as I am going to be fairly busy.

    Lets see what I can do.
  14. I was searching for a D&D type roleplay.

    But the way egglegg said it, it seems like you are going to become one of the character. Then who is going to be the dungeon master?
  15. It is going to be styled more like a regular rp but sort of D&D inspired kinda? So as much as I will be driving the plot along behind the scenes and things, I will also be playing.
  16. Also I am the ranger

    Loneqolf is the druid
  17. Can I co-GM/DM? I post multiple times daily but I live in South East Asia in the island of Borneo.

    I have a few things to share about magic though.
  18. I'm thinking in making a character, but I'm not so sure of what is allowed at the "Class" department; anything, *ANYTHING* is allowed?
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