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  1. This will be a relatively simple rp centering around the antics of a ragtag group of adventurers that gather together because well, they all were off on a similar quest.

    The quest in question, is the retrieval of a small meteor landed in the dangerous wilderness outside of a small kingdom. The local high priest has heard auguries that the meteor may in fact be the weapon of their god, fallen to the earth. The king's adviser, a conniving mage, believes he can steal the power of the godly relic, if he could only retrieve it. And the king himself, a proud and arrogant warrior, wants the weapon for himself.

    Between these three dignitaries, there is a race between their respective minions for control over the god-touched artifact. The heroes may join any of the three or operate completely on their own. Regardless, they are pitted against rival relic hunters, the dangerous wilderness itself, and its monstrous inhabitants.

    3 out of a maximum of 6 slots are currently spoken for

    Ranger: Razilin
    Druid: Lonewolf888978
    Paladin: egglegg (gm)

    Please fill out the CS below

    (any playable d&d race.)
    (in this case which dignitary you are attempting to retrieve the artifact for)

    Stats: (40 spread between them all)

    Abilities: (known languages, things like detect evil and any other racial or class based abilities)

    -Rope 3
    -Oil 3
    as well as a basic weapon of choice and basic armor​
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  2. Name: Rann Blackbow
    Level: 1
    Class: Ranger
    Race: Human
    Age: 35
    Weight: 150 lb.
    Height: 5'7"
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Affiliation: The King
    Health: 12

    Constitution: 16
    Dexterity: 16
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 10

    Favored Enemy (human), Track, Wild Empathy
    Languages: Common, Dwarf, Orc

    Black-colored longbow, short sword , rope 3, oil 3, matchbox

    Bio: Rann was a simple hunter from a small village called Burglund. He was fifteen when he was conscripted into the king's army to fight wars of conquest. He spent two decades as a scout, archer, and soldier in foreign battlefields, earning the name "Blackbow" bow the dark-colored wooden bow he favored. He was a talented marksman, tracker, and scout, comfortable in both urban and wilderness environments. The wars abroad only recently ended, and Rann has only been back in his homeland for a few weeks when the king called upon veterans to aid him in acquiring a fallen relic. He is older than most new adventurers with a military background; he is loyal to king and country and has a down to earth sense of wisdom. He is friendly and tries to consider the consequences of his actions before committing to a course.
  3. @Shade_XY will be co-GMing with me! I think they will bring some cool ideas to the table and will make the rp run smoother.
  4. Hello ^^

    Now that I have been announced, I want to share my idea on magic.

    Magic is a complex matter that usually defies logic. Below are the long explanation for the kind of magic in the fictional world I intend to use.

    For starters, a sorcerer's spells are casted through spoken words of power which are derived from ancient forgotten language. It is similar to the fantasy fiction of knowing ones true name would cause the one to ultimately follow the order of the one who speak their name. This is the reason for why intelligence is needed in casting spells. Words need to be learned and memorized. Sentences needed to be created. The more powerful the spell, the more words is needed. But by simply chanting the spell would not work. Will is needed to guide the spell. The meaning of the words must be known or else the spell will not happen.

    What power spells of sorcerers are not muscles or stamina or even chi, but spiritual energy. There are spiritual energy reserve in ones body. Overexertion of the body's spiritual energy may lead to death. That is why some sorcerers store spiritual energies in gems. Gems can be crushed and made into body tattoos, to make it easier for sorcerers to move around. Have you ever seen a person with crazy face tattoos? Yes you do. I know you do.

    Spiritual energy is like oxygen in the air but it is thin, which makes it difficult to be used directly. It is inhaled through the pores of the skin, slowly replenishing ones spiritual energy. It can also be condensed into liquid form called ether. Consuming ether can instantly replenish ones spiritual energy in a large amount. A person can get addicted to ether as is a kind of drug. Withdrawal of ether is similar to other drug addiction withdrawal.

    Staves and wands are a sorcerer's catalyst and implements. It is easier to guide a spell with them. But an experienced sorcerer can still cast spells without the use of catalysts, only not as easy.

    One might wonder why a sorcerer don't simply light a person on fire from within or simply chant a person to die instantly. The answer is simply because they can't. To effect a living creature directly is impossible without knowing the true name of the creature. Same goes for using another person's spiritual energy.

    Above is my fictional theory on magic of sorcerers and wizards.

    As for druids; Druids need only to have a small sample of "nature" on them. A leaf, an acorn, a tree branch, etc. To be able to use druids ability, one will have to have intense effection for nature. Instead of spiritual energy in the air, druids make use of energy from the life of the forest and its inhabitants. Though be warned, more powerful druidic spells consume the environment of their health and vitality. Druids draws energy from the power of the land around them, and overuse can potentially kill the very thing they're trying to protect.
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  5. For my own reference, what edition of DnD would this roleplay primarily be based upon?

    For that matter, who is the primary deity of worship in this kingdom?
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  6. Name: Wilkas Talethreader
    Class: Rogue
    Age: 30
    Chaotic Neutral
    The Mage
    Health: 6

    Strength: 5

    Immune to sleep spells, Low light vision.
    Class (lvl 1): Sneak Attack and Trap-finding
    Common, Elven

    -Rope x3
    -Oil x3
    -Leather Armour
    -Short Sword
    -Thieves' Tools

    [Those ability scores are so low! Haha... BTW I put Thieves' Tools in since they are generally pretty essential to Rogues, hope that's okay. Oh and I used 3.5 Edition]
  7. I'll leave the answer to all your questions for egglegg to answer. I don't have knowledge on the real D&D much. :)
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  8. If anyone have comments my idea on magic, please don't hesitate to comment. Whether it is a good comment or a bad one, we can discuss about it.
  9. Not a big fan. Mainly because I entered this OOC because its D&D rp, not a custom. If I wanted a custom, I would have gone to a custom.

    For all its flak and hate, the Vancian system for D&D is one of its defining traits.

    'Sorcerer' as a D&D class is distinctive from its 'Wizard' and 'divine spellcaster' counterparts because they DON'T need implements, material components, or many of the minor inconveniences that the other casters have. Furthermore, they are blaster-type characters, who know only a few spells but can use them far more frequently than their counterparts; being unable to affect living creatures is a direct nerfing of one of the major roles they are used for.

    Druids the way you describe them, are basically leeches whose upper level powers can damage the environment; they have spells in the core rulebook designed to actually enhance nature, so again, a direct counter to those core staples. Their best spells, combat-wise, have been ones that manipulate the environment - not damaging or consuming it. Granted, they also get Blight, but you don;t get anywhere near as much bang for your buck as you do with terrain-control type powers.

    Now, instead, having an ability, feat, or alternate class ability that lets a druid drain the environment as a way around using up their own spell slots/their own energy pool - that I can get behind, because it is an ADDITION TO rather than direct counter of their staple abilities.
  10. I see. Well now that I know that this RP will be based on the real DnD, I don't think I am capable for the role of co-GM. I can't play the role of the NPC or monster or even write and describe the lands because I do not have the knowledge of the DnD world. :( still, I am curious how this will go. I will follow this and see.
  11. Can always download the pdf versions of the books for reference. Besides it's a "D&D Style" Rp. In my opinion this means it's based off and is likely just a dice RP. If the GM was so strict he wouldn't have allowed you to co-gm.

    And it's good to learn sometime and practice anyhow. In the end your magic interpretation is up to the GM to defunct and not one of us players.
  12. And you asked for my opinion. I gave it. :)
  13. Downloading reference, reading them, and thoroughly understanding them, it just takes time and patience. I don't think I am capable nor willing to do all that. Thanks for the suggestion though. ^^

    I don't want to dispirit Batman by turning this RP into something he does not desire.

    The original DnD system is different from what I thought of. I don't mind if anyone would want to use the original. It was just a suggestion.

    I don't know much about the DnD type of magic. I do wonder what powers their magic. How do they cast their spells? As for the druids, I wonder the same thing. What powers their abilities? Why not everyone can use magic in the world of DnD?

    Druids; having to suck the life energy of animals and plants was just a twist to make it interesting and prevent god-modding. I myself thought it would make a good story.
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  14. I'm interested in this! And I could step in as co-gm if needed? I've played quite a bit of DND.

    Anyways, any update on this? More information? Are we allowed to have multiples of the same classes? Also how is it being run on forum type? I've only played in person, table top.
  15. Well according to egglegg's status this RP won't be taking place. Oh well...
  16. Oh.. Dang :/
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