INTEREST CHECK D&D style Digimon and or Pokemon adventure

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  1. I came up with this with help from the Chat box and see if anyone would be interested in something like this I guess we shall see
  2. D&D, Pokemon and all the rest of it are very broad terms that don't always communicate the idea you're trying to put across, I'm afraid.

  3. well what I was thinking if we go pokemon like the games your stats as you level would be dictated by a random roll as well as your starting stats though the starting stats would be higher there would be no trainer kind of like mystery dungeon but have a better story then two friends wanting to explore and one of them was human at one time lol. but I personally thing digimon would be a little easier as there are a lot more bad guys to be made kind of thing as well as the races could be put into class type like Dragons and Dark types could be melee damage Holy and Plant Healers Beast and Aquan tanks Bird and Insect Ranged Dps and Machines would be the only type where you could chose but only once again the stats would be random as you level up but more so in the class type stat like defence for tanks etc. hope that helps clear things up a bit