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Which tabletops do you play/have you played?

  1. D&D 3.5

  2. Pathfinder (otherwise often known as "D&D 3.75")

  3. D&D 4/5

  4. World of Darkness

  5. Scion

  6. Homebrew (Your own system/heavily modified version of an official system.)

  7. Tabletops? Who the fuck plays tabletops? Forum Roleplaying Master Race!


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  1. With all the political topics lately I figured I'd start something more fun and related to what Iwaku is actually all about instead. :ferret:

    So, I've started DMing a campaign of D&D 5E with some good friends of mine here, and seeing as how Iwaku Roleplay is all about roleplaying (go figure, huh?) I thought to start a topic about this. Maybe get some advice or share some tips, because this is the first time I've DM'd 5E. Humorously the monster manual is still pretty horrendously unbalanced in the lower CR range, so I'm having to work on that for house ruling my campaign. (Just look up the attack for a Giant Wolf Spider compared to a Goblin. Goblins do about 1/3rd the damage but are considered "harder", somehow.)

    So! Iwaku, do you play D&D? Have you played D&D? Maybe a little Pathfinder, or World of Darkness? What's your cup of tea, what do you enjoy in terms of tabletops? Have any advice you'd like to pass along, or stories?
  2. My friends and I play some Pathfinder when we can find time. There's one friend that just started playing with us and he makes some of the best and most memorable lines. I wish he had played with us earlier!

    I'm curious to hear if people have favorite races or homebrew playable races? I tend to be drawn toward the Fetchlings. Something about them just feels right. Not sure what my favorite class is since I've only dabbled in a handful. Being the face is my bane though. I don't know how to talk to people normally let alone in a fantasy setting. xD

    One day I want to take on Cthulhu because he's there and...mainly because he's there in the bestiary.

    I haven't really dabbled in other table tops though a lot of Warhammer happens at the local game store. I think I prefer the PC versions. They're quicker, and cheaper, and I don't have to paint my models.
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  3. Me and my best friend have always loved role-playing games. Our fondest experiences was actually sitting on the floor playing Morrowind for the xbox when we were 11 or 12. But before then we would do a lot of make believe where we basically fan-fictioned our way into Lord of the Rings (The plot in our 7 year old minds was that "upper" earth crashed into "middle" earth...lol).

    I have never played D&D game or any "official" game. My friend had at his local highschool and he said it was a horrible experience. The DM would force him to roll to pick up the sword and if he rolled crappily he would pick the sword up by the blade and take damage. Naturally, such stupidity turned my friend off from wanting to explore tabletop gaming with other people but we were both still fascinated with the concept.

    A few years later I had become obsessed with drawing maps, creating countries, settings, characters, all the flavor text and lore stuff. The latest one I had drawn was pretty detailed and we both decided to do a homebrew game by ourselves, with my friend being the general DM but always asking me about the setting and general info about NPCs when they came up. It was a good little system. We used the little pieces from the board game RISK as our miniatures.

    At first we just used a basic attribute system to affect our rolls and when you leveled up the stats got better. Though my friend got bored with that pretty quickly and developed a perk system based on the preferred weapons of your character. He created a fairly complicated skill tree based on swords, pole arms, axes, bows, throwing weapons, etc. He also did perks on general stats (like increased speed/strength for speedy/tank builds and so on). He also made a magic system, but I can't remember what it was since neither of us made characters who used magic.

    It was fun
  4. Pretty much all of these, plus D&D 1st and 2nd, GURPS, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and that short-lived tabletop version of Robotech, which will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  5. 3.5, Pathfinder, 4, and 5e. Lots of miniature games too (40k, Warmachine). Wanted to play Dark Heresy, never got a chance. *eyes @Asmodeus

    As much I like Pathfinder, I adore 5e. So simple and stream-lined. I miss a lot of Pathfinder stuff, but 5e is just... Nice. Kinda reminds me of Android v. iOS. Both are effective, different, but one is simple and one can be far more advanced.
  6. Also, once, in my early, durpy years, after the party felled a dragon, my character proceeded to wrap herself in parchment, put on a snorkel and dove in for 'just a couple of hours' for some good old fashioned parts harvesting.

    I once caused my party to turn on each other after my werejackal was raped by a barghest and decided to keep her anti-christ baby. Ended killing ANOTHER baby to protect my baby, and shooting Grumpy's character in the spine.

    My Calistrian bard had sex with a villain and solo-infiltrated Thistletop in Rise of the Runelords and pretty much broke the game from there, because she engineered most of the villain's escape (it's complicated), though I didn't MEAN for it to happen that way.

    I'm not allowed to play Calistrians anymore.
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  7. wat
  8. I legitimately do not set out to cause party strife, but it always ends up that way.

    *Stops making complex characters and sticks to Min-Maxing FOREVER*
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  9. I love undead. Wait that sounds wrong shit They're just an interesting and disturbing concept. Especially Liches and Vampires: Put into the hands of a really good DM, and either of those can be an incredibly malevolent, cunning, and brilliant adversary for players to face.

    I also love Mind Flayers, because here we have the perfect example of a black and white answer to a grey situation. Even if Mind Flayers wanted to live with other races like the Drow, Dwarves, Humanity, et cetera, they physically can't. We are their one and only food source. Plus, well, Cthulhu.


    Funny enough, this is not a roll in the rule book. You don't have to roll to pick up your sword. You may have to take a standard action to equip yourself if you're in the middle of a fight though. So in your friend's case, it was a shitty DM who forgot that the fun in D&D is in the interactions and stories, not the dice. The dice only enable fun, they don't create it. :ferret:
    THIS EXISTS?! My Childhood demands I must find a copy of this now. :rotfl:
    I like 5E because I'm not having to panic over new players not understanding it. Oh, and it handicaps how much you can min-max from the beginning, which is nice too, and something I wish Pathfinder would do without forcing me to set up a dozen home brew rules. It's a good way to get myself back into the DM chair that I haven't touched in a couple years. Combined with RollD20 and I can run online campaigns with absolute ease. (Macros op though. I need to learn how to program those better than the jerryrigging I've got going on.)
    You've had some amazing role playing experiences. That's both macabre and entertaining. I applaud you, Tegan.
  10. The 1XP I got for killing that baby haunted me for the rest of the game.
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  11. Used to play DnD 3.5 with a group of people who became good friends or abusive assholes.

    There was middle aged guy who always played slightly Asian elf ranger. Tattooed Starbucks manager that min-maxed all the time. DMs girlfriend/wife that tried to make unique characters.

    Then there was me. If it was outlandish and completely ridiculous to roleplay I did it. Kobold with as many ranks in art as possible? Check. Magic artifact paint brush that brings the art into reality? Check check. Shenanigans? Triple check.

    Decided on a dwarf fighter to be boring on the next story campaign. Spent most of the parties gold and play time building a tavern inside a major city. Good times until we got two new guys who basically did nothing but try to derail the campaign with contracts and money making schemes. Didn't go with it IC? They kill your character.

    We kicked them out pretty quickly despite them being the DMs friends.

    I miss it dearly.
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  12. Well as an under experience person with pathfinder I am terrified of future games after reading some of these. Hopefully I'll get a better hang of the system before the game with my ex-cultist drug god worshiper Tengu. I don't think I'm great at those games, two of my characters are crazy and one has near zip to her.
  13. [​IMG]

    Surprisingly, I missed doing all this campaign prep shit. Gonna run a campaign tonight. Time to see if @Seba 's druid dies instantly again. :rotfl:
    If you're really scared, just ask some friends to help you build a Monk. You can't go wrong with dodge-tank Monk. Most of what the does is passive, so you just have to engage in a fight like a fighter, but you get more tools to play with, because you do more than just feat spam. Or, if you want to play babby's first wizard, pick a Paladin. They're basically fighters with healing magic.

    Basically, just take your time and enjoy. The first couple of times you play pathfinder, you will be in over your head, and that's okay. That's normal. :ferret:
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  14. I already have the characters and classes made up. People in my group had us make two other characters while I was still getting used to the one I already had made. I think the easiest class I have is Barbarian who is an Orc. My other ones are a Halfling Alchemist and an Tengu Slayer. Weirdly I find how to have my character react to things harder to do than the fighting (so far anyway I've yet ot use my slayer) that and the alignment system. All my characters are some form of neutral since it seems easier to do than the other ones.

    I'll keep the monk in mind next time though if I ever get to understanding the alignment system well enough.

  15. RIP n' RIP, Vasili. ;_;
  16. Damnit thread now you have me wondering if I should of switch my character's deity then. On the one hand it sounds pretty badass on the other hand likely fatal child birth of a monster baby would probably make for a short lived character. On the other other hand, monster baby.
  17. Cayden Cailean is a bro-tier god, if we're talking Pathfinder here. He's the god of getting drunk and starting fights.

    Just for the love of all that is unholy don't pick Calistria, it'll end in tears.
  18. I think I currently am using a third party deity since we needed something that was CE, one god didn't fit and other other 'blesses' her followers with fatal pregnancies of deformed babies. So the one I have now I believe is a drug god.

    And now I'm tempted to make them part of the cult still but it'll clash with the party and the layout of the game way too much most likely. Ah well.

    And now I'm also reminded to try and put some character to my damn barbarian, poor woman has almost nothing to her.
  19. I love Mindflayer lore. My DM tends to not like it when I try to play races that are scarier than the bosses so I've only played as one once. xDDDD


  20. Basically, think of it this way: Morality is subjective, and right & wrong are derived greatly from circumstance. Like @Tegan 's story of protecting her baby from another baby, or keeping her hellspawn baby even when others would have wanted to abort-kill it. Actions which might otherwise be ordinarily "good" or "evil", can, given the right circumstances, be justified as their opposite.

    So when you're thinking "would a lawful good paladin sacrifice an innocent?" The better question is "does it service the greater good?" Would leaving one person to die save five more? All alignment does is tell people what the general nature of your character is, not how they go about it. A neutral chaotic bard might be like Han Solo, or he might be a crazed Jester. A lawful evil fighter might be a maniac with delusions of power, or he might owe a humongous debt and commits acts of evil in order to keep his family safe via accruing however much wealth he possibly can, by any means necessary.

    At the end of the day though, alignment only really matters to people like Paladins or Clerics, who worship a deity, cuz' if they fall out of their favoured deity's alignment, said deity might not appreciate them doing things in their name anymore.

    tl;dr: Do whatever makes the most sense. Throw caution to the wind my friend. :ferret:
    Make her murder things to take down the patriarchy and preach girl power. That's always fun.
    How did you play as one when you have to eat sentient creatures' brains in order to survive? House rules? :ferret:
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