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  1. So all you D&D crazed people, I want to know something; what classes do you usually play and what are their intentions?

    Normally I stay the hell away from mages because my dice fucking hate them. But my next character, who is the son of my last character (who was a reincarnated go, God of Rouges), might be a mage. You see, I typically play neutral characters and I have only once played a truly evil character, he was good but not as evil as I had first planned him to be.

    But River (Archibald's son), oh dear lord this bastard is cruel. His story this far:

    He ran away from home (after the first campaign Archie retired and moved his family away from the castle of heroes and to a farm on the outskirts) after not being at all happy or satisfied with his cushion life. So he gets in contact with a man named Slade, who is one of the best assassins. He and Slade set it up so that Archie would be led to believe that his son had been tricked by the assassins and knowing that his father would give up the world to save one of his children, pays off a village to threaten his (River's) life so that noble Archie would give his up. River, being the great actor he is, watched his father burn at the stake with crocodile tears. From there he knew that the fake story of a young man's ambitions caused the great fall of Archie, and that said young man was seeking redemption. But that's really not the case; River got off completely free of any accusation of his father's death. Nobody besides the assassins and the paid off village (which mysteriously burned down after River's departure from it) know the truth of everything.

    That's my second evil character and i want to make him a mage but I am also thinking of evil paladin.

    My question for you:

    What is/are your class(ses), alliances and what is the best evil/good character you have?
  2. I play Rangers a lot and I love playing sorc and wizzes.

    For shuts I played a sorc/fighter/Dragon disciple in Pathfinder whose penchant for hurling fireballs ended up destroying a tower

    I generally burninated my way through the campaign, up until I fought a red dragon. But that's why I learned lightning bolt!
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  3. I always play melee and straight-forward classes. I don't like to micro-manage my spells like a Wizard does, or hang in the back with the Sorcerer and what-not. I like being all up in the face of the skeletons and ork boyz.
  4. I've never played a tabletop in my life.

    But if Skyrim has taught me anything, I'd be a heavy armor using, giant axe wielding, lightning/fireball cannon of sneaky instant death.

    I'd also be good at alchemy.

  5. PS: "Fist" is an actual spell in D&D. It does exactly as implied.


    Well, technically, there's multiple variations on "fist", like "psionic fist", but you get the idea.
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  6. I'm generally either some class with full BAB (Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Warblade, Gunslinger) or I'm a Sorcerer.

    I like full BAB classes because it gives me a solid base for combat. Attacks are more reliable, and generally the classes tend to support a more combat role as a whole too.
    Favourites are Ranger and Gunslinger.
    I actually never got to play these two much, but their diversity and the Gunslingers skill with Guns is something I'm really drawn to.

    Then there's Sorcerer.
    Basically I don't like all the constant micro-managing that most casters get, Sorcerers makes it simplier/easier to track.
    And in exchange I also get bonus spells per day to boot! :3

    Spam Magic Missle anyone?
  7. more like spam maximized repeating twinned magic missiles via twinking like mad

    when you blow your load, you blow your load hard

    and everything dies
  8. Also, 3.5 tip for Sorcerer Players.

    I suggest grabbing Unearthed Arcana and playing "Generic Spellcaster Instead"

    For the following reasons

    + Just as many spells know and spells per day as the Sorcerer
    + Still a Spontaneous Caster
    + At character creation can pick either Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma as your Casting Attribute
    + Your spells can be taken from ANY spell list.
    + Can choose for yourself what Saving Throw to be good at
    + Craft, All Knowledges, Profession and 4 skills of your choice as Class Skills
    + Proficiency in any one simple weapon of your choice
    + Bonus Feats* at Level 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20.

    And in exchange?
    You lose a Familiar, that's it.
    Something you can easily spend your Level 1 feat on getting back any ways.

    *Bonus Feats can also be spent on unlocking one of the following class abilities: Evasion, Improved Evasion, Familiar, Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack, Improved Sneak Attack, Greater Sneak Attack, Smite Evil, Trap Sense, Uncanny Dodge, Wild Empathy.

    Essentially you become a Sorcerer whose both on Steroids and gains far more customizability.
    But, since it's still a Spontaneous caster you'd probably still be seen as Tier 2 so it's not even something that can be ruled as broken compared to say Wizards, Clerics or Druids.


    And then if you want to go a bit more crazy?

    Once again look into Unearthed Arcana and take the Spell Point variant*.
    It gets rid of that pesky "Spells per day" system and translates it back to a more traditional Mana Point system.

    + You're no longer as level locked for casting. Now all your spell slots can be used on higher level spells, instead of being reserved for weaker spells you might have lost use for.
    - On average, you cast slightly less spells per day than you would usually. But considering most spell casters often don't cast all their lower level spell slots anyway's it really shouldn't mean anything.

    *Note that the variant only gives tables for Core classes (Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid, Bard, Paladin and Ranger). However since a Spellcasters spells per day are identical to a Sorcerers you can easily just use the Sorcerer's table entry for the Generic Spellcaster.
    This is true. :P
  9. Barbarian all the way. Don't need no fancy magicks or weapons, just a big club and an obtuse strength score and you're good to go.
  10. Then what about hitting incorporeals? ?
  11. Magic Axe™.
  12. Ranger for Life. Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Good. Big ass kodiak bear for animal companion.
  13. The few times I've done tabletop, my best experiences have been with bards. Usually aligned chaotic good or chaotic neutral. There were lots of teammates for me to buff, and the GM involved a lot of social situations in his campaign, so there were opportunities aplenty for me to use dat bardic knowledge, persuasion, charisma, etc.

    Also, this:

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  14. Something ridiculous.

    Usually bard with a lot of points in use magic item. Then I pretend he's a wizard.
    I miss playing this with people..
  15. Can't I just Bullrush everything and Trip?! SHEESH, all you guys and your fancy tactics and techniques!!
  16. You've watched Gamers too!? :D

    Those guys are so good! <3
  17. I don't have an enormous amount of experience with D&D, but I do have plenty with Pathfinder, which is not!D&D, and I've played a handful of other systems. I've always found that I adore the divine-themed classes in games. Clerics, Inquisitors, Oracles, and Warpriests are the options Pathfinder brings to the table, and I love each one, specifically the Oracle and Warpriest, which fill the roles of dedicated caster and dedicated smasher. I feel like they have a decent amount of flavour to them while having a huge number of options both mechanically and for your character's backstory.

    Also I get the chance to say "Normally I'd give you a second chance, but Iomedae really wants me to sock you in the mouth and who am I to deny the wishes of the Inheritor herself?"
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  18. Ahh, how can I possibly forget.

    "I backstab him.... with a balista"
  19. I play a lot of things.

    In 3.5, I usually played Wizards and the occasional Cleric. In Pathfinder, I almost always played Sorcerers and Clerics.

    My first Pathfinder cleric is a pretty amusing story, actually. So, in Pathfinder, Command Undead is a feat that requires Rebuke Undead, rather than being an upgraded form of it if you're much stronger than the undead you're rebuking. And non-sentient undead don't get a saving throw. It's meant to be used by villains, but my Cleric was TN and negative energy based (so spontaneous inflict spells and Rebuke Undead). Being a human, I took Command Undead at level 1. He worshipped a TN god of pestilence, used a scythe, and collected fingers, which he sawed off of defeated opponents. He once "intimidated" a captive goblin by sawing off the poor guy's finger with a knife and then cauterizing the wound with magic. We got the location of the goblin tribe pretty quickly after that.

    Then we got to the crypt.

    Every encounter.

    Command Undead.

    When I ran out, I had about a dozen skeletons and zombies following me, which I mobbed the necromancer boss with and killed in a couple rounds.

    The DM wasn't very happy with me.


    But so far I've played an arrogant but charismatic Tempest Domain cleric, a freedom-fighter Totem Barbarian/Battle Master Fighter with 19 AC while unarmored (at level 1), a wind-magic using winged Archangel Warlock with a droll sense of humor and a penchant for killing (much of that campaign is homebrew and very high power, so I'm using a Patron I wrote myself, in addition to having inherent wind powers).

    In the two campaigns I'm running, I'm about to introduce a religious spy (Rogue) to mess with the players in one, and the other has a silver-tongued bard (with +11 persuasion and deception) that can throw Fireballs because...I'm the DM I can do that.
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