D&D: Caves of the Fallen Pheonix

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    At the foot of the mountains, what was once a village is torn apart - sacked by Scorpion troops, those that have died by their hand left where they lay. Ravens, rats, and other scavengers swarm the area, growing fat from the meat left behind. At the sight of the party, they fly or skitter away, eyes glowing malevolently from the village's wreckage.

    It is horrifyingly quiet, and a great feeling of unrest is clear. Then, a wave of heat - wind down from the mountain - washes down upon the party... a crumbling sound could be heard.

    A massive boulder rushes down from the mountain, though it crashes into a house far enough from the party for it not to be a problem. The house stops the boulder, which splits open with a loud 'crack', releasing a green-looking gas.

    ...A moan could be heard. The ravens quickly take flight, creating a grand cloud of black, feathers falling from the sky. The rats hiss pathetically, likewise fleeing the scene...

    As the corpses near the boulder stir, picking themselves up. The sound of a crying woman is clear in the distance, as plenty of the other partially-decayed creatures rise. Slowly, the green gas spreads, and the reanimated remains of the townsfolk slowly creep towards the party.

    -Encounter: Zombie Villagers-
    Every round, 3 zombie villagers will join the fight, to a total of 26 zombies, before they stop. It is 300ft towards the Caves (5 rounds of movement, half that for double-movement).
    Post this round in whatever order you'd like, then roll initiative - use that order to post for this encounter after that.

    Enemy: Zombie Villager
    HP: 5
    AC: 10
    Attack: On any melee-range miss, the zombie villager counterattacks for 2 damage.
  2. I have dwelled so long in the company of anger.
    It was all that stayed with me in those nights at
    the monastery, where I fought to become
    something more than what the bandits had left
    on the roadside of my burning village. I swore
    oaths to myself and to the people, becoming
    Paladin, Champion, Servant to the cosmic order.
    And yet for all this... despite all that I had
    promised... it was anger that first moved me
    that day. I had come full circle, any my
    journey had only just begun.
    Diary of Darius Castablane, end of Day One​


    The word came from beneath his breath, releasing in a savage hiss like some entity he could not control. And those who moved behind Darius across the razed ground might have seen the tremor in his hands, the rage that shook him as he holstered his warhammer and slung his shield across his back.

    The Paladin quickened pace, kicking rubble aside, and in a single resolute move he drew his falchion in both hands. The weighted blade caught the morning sun, glinting like his seething eyes.

    "I do not ask any of you to follow me," he said loudly, not looking back to his comrades as he addressed them. "Get to the caves if you must. But I cannot permit this desecration."

    And with that he lunged forward, vaulting the wall of ruined house and bringing his falchion down on the leading Zombie.

    But he landed short, the blade missing the bridge of the creature's nose and doing nothing to halt its shambling approach. The Zombie's rancid fingers lashed out, the nails tearing through the weaker underside of his arm-guards.

    Darius hissed in pain, but his fury was mounting.

    How many fiends would come and how few allies would aid him, it no longer mattered. He had chosen his place this day...

  3. I'm rusty on my Lantern Corps Lore. What is the general feat measurement of a Yellow Lantern?
  4. So, I just noticed the other company's logos of the graphic, which led to many questions but also ideas for characters and stories.

    I'll just throw one thing out there at the moment, because it's the question I'm finding most interesting.

    When the universes collide, who were the losers?
    For whom was the a tragic event, because they lost a loved one?
    Would somebody want to re-separate the worlds?
    What was the point of the separation in the first place?
    What do other cosmic characters think about being changed like this?
    Does this create a new weakness somebody like Darkside would want to exploit?