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    The Shardscape: Mistforme
    The day is young, and where the sun has yet to filter through the foliage, there is a scattering of mist upon the forest floor. As though a spectre rising from the mist, one man rides before a host of 20—regal, noble, and pale upon his stolid warhorse. "As you might well know at this time, tragedy seems to have befallen our camp." This lone man is Gaeýridë a'Zo-Hanyll, Lord General of the Tretalleri host and Grand Lancer of this expedition. "Nine days past, scouts were sent ahead of our host for reconnaissance. At the agreed upon time of their return three days past, they were absent."

    "Three days we waited on the chance that perhaps their return has simply been delayed. It has become abundantly clear in the days since that all is not as well as it seems."
    The clearing is filled with the sound of rasping as Gaeýridë hefts his spear. It is a spear of lordship, the body made of steel forged from fallen stars, the haft wrapped in blood-bolstered ivory, the very tip encased in the dust of the bones of long-forgotten ancestors.

    "Your Flag is before me today for one purpose—I command you: find these missing men." Gaýridë shifts upon his saddle, his horse gently turning with his movements. As unfeeling as his face might seem, there is an evident unease in his bearing. "You may wonder why there are twenty of you searching for a party of 3, but let it not be forgotten where we stand."

    "We stand at the edge of the Dominion. The Silvered Realm lies no more than twenty miles southwest of us."
    Gaeýridë shakes his head and takes a breath. "Remain vigilant. Should you find any of those High-Elfin wretches restrain yourselves not. Their trespass on our lands is an open declaration of war."

    "And though peace may be preferable,"
    says Gaeýridë with a grim tone, "There is no place in the Dominion for those Elfin scum"

    Gaeýridë turns his horse about and begins to trot back into the heart of the warcamp. He stops and turns to face the men he has delegated. "Make what preparations you might need for this mission, but be quick. When the sun shines at its peak, we shall convene here once more and we shall send you on your way."

    WTF is this?

    This, my dear friend, is a nigh-on entirely homebrew D&D 5e campaign. This is a campaign meant for both the tabletop gamer and the writer. One that, mind you, is not meant for the faint of heart.

    TL;DR of the basic premise of the beginning of this campaign is that you are a member of a contingent of Bone Elves sent out to find and retrieve if possible, a scouting party of three that has gone missing. However, if you think that that is all you are going to do, and that a mundane rescue operation is all you will experience, you are gravely mistaken.

    Awesome! I'll bring my Half-Orc Paladin of Bahamut!

    Ehehehe... How do I put this nicely? NO.

    Remember that part up there about this being an almost-entirely homebrew campaign? Well, here's the thing. Currently, this campaign will take place in but a slice of the history and the realm of my world of Sekhar. What does that mean, you might ask? Well, it means that for now, this campaign will not only be race-restricted, but also class-restricted for lore reasons. That is, all player characters made at the beginning of the Shardscape campaign must be Bone-Elves.

    Well that sucks balls. I'm still interested, though. What are these Bone Elves you keep talking about?

    I thought you would never ask. The Bone Elves are an imperial race of elves, somber, stoic, supposedly humourless, and, as some would say, obsessed with death. What is the most important thing to know about them? They are the leaders of the mightiest empire the world of Sekhar, in its remembered history, has ever and will ever know. Also, they hate the High Elves, their neighbours in their homeland.

    Relevant InformationSo, all that preamble wasn't enough information for you? Well, you came to the right place. I have oodles of information for you. However, before we take things much too far, I believe that this is a pretty good point to launch into what I expect of my players.

    My Expectations
    I expect my players to:
    1. Take a dive into the lore of the world
    2. Create a rich character background integrated with the aforementioned lore
    3. Communicate any questions about the lore to me, instead of making assumptions
    4. Communicate any discomfort with any aspect of the campaign
    5. Communicate any long-term unavailability
    6. Communicate any changes or deviations they wish to take from the norm as defined by the lore of the world
    7. Participate in a way that forwards the plot
    8. Refrain from blatantly steering the plot in a direction that is inappropriate in relation to the lore of the world

    Now that that's out of the way, let's get to actual information about this campaign, shall we? Of course, now that we know that all characters must be Bone-Elves, this also comes with a racial restriction on available classes:

    Available Classes
    • Fighter (Except for the Eldritch Knight Martial Archetype)
    • Barbarian
    • Ranger (With the express understanding that Rogue spells are not arcane but druidic in nature)
    • Rogue
    In addition to these four classes available to the Bone Elves, there are two custom ones. (names are clickable links)
    Okay, with classes established, let us jump into the actual lore of the world. For the purposes of this campaign, the most important pages on my wiki are the following:

    Bone Elf Information
    Again, the names are clickable links. And just to be clear, the Bone Elves call themselves the Tretallë.

    And there! That should cover about everything you need to know! Oh, and one last thing, this whole campaign will be held on Roll20.
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  2. Basic Character Sheet Template
    In order to use this template, simply quote this post, remove the [quote][/quote] tags and replace the variables. That is, all the elements that are of the form $something-something-something.

    Notes about character names: Bone Elfin names do not follow a rigid structure, as a child can be named anything in existence. Parents, do, as with humans, tend to choose names that have a link with established words that have meaning. If you visit the Tretallë (Language) link above, one of the first things that you should see is a table of letters.

    In the Bone-Elfin language, vowels cannot stand alone most of the time, and must be accompanied by consonants. Consonants can be used in any order or combination, but consonants and vowels can only be combined in specific ways as outlined in the language.

    In addition, all Tretalleri names follow the format of name a'familyname. For example: Ifanarien a'Callen. Ifanarien is his name, while the a'Callen part states that he belongs to the House Callen. Also note, that all e's that terminate a word must instead be e's with umlauts. That is: ë.

    Note about Stat Rolls: I will only allow them to be made under my supervision, so once you have a character in mind, one with a name, send me a message and we will go on Roll20 to roll your stats. Also, make sure you provide me with a character token colour in hexadecimal.

    $character-nameRace: Tretallë
    Class: $character-class1
    Level: $character-level
    Token Colour: $character-token-colour (hexadecimal format [#xxxxxx])
    Abilities: $str-score ($str-modifier) | $dex-score ($dex-modifier) | $con-score ($con-modifier) | $int-score ($int-modifier) | $wis-score ($wis-modifier) | $cha-score ($cha-modifier)
    Weapon: $character-weapon-proficiencies​
    Armour: $character-armour-proficiencies​
    Tool: $character-tool-proficiencies​
    Skill: $character-skill-proficiencies​
    Gender: $character-gender
    Age: $character-age
    Alignment: $character-alignment (CG, NG, LG, CN, TN, LN, CE, NE, LE)
    Appearance: $character-appearance (No pictures. Describe.)
    Personality: $character-personality
    Background: $character-background (Must fit world-lore)
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  4. are you still running this RP? ill love to join
  5. We haven't even begun the campaign yet. :D.
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  6. i am still reading the lore but the CS is a bit confusing to me. i know that you have to use quotes but could you ellaborate on what the aligment shorthands are? i thought they were mostly neutral
  7. CG - Chaotic Good
    NG - Neutral Good
    LG - Lawful Good
    CN - Chaotic Neutral
    TN - True Neutral(sometimes Neutral Neutral)
    LN - Lawful Neutral
    CE - Chaotic Evil
    NE - Neutral Evil
    LE - Lawful Evil

    Is that what you needed? Or do you need a rundown of all of the different alignments?
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  8. no that was it, when will the campaign start? is it ok to make a CS now? i finishing up on the lore now and im loving it.
  9. It's perfectly fine to get started on the CS now, but you'll have to get back to me with a date for when you can roll your stats on Roll20 as I'd like to be present to supervise.
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  10. sorry i know im asking alot of questions, but im thinking about my having the name Amara, but since the language rules are a bit new to me, i dont know if it would be a name that fits with the language, since vowels need to be paired, am i understanding it correctly? the other name im thinking of it Daevanna.
  11. No, it's all cool. Uh, unfortunately, neither of those names would work.

    If you look here: Alphabet you'll see a table. You can combine consonants any which way you want within reason, but vowels have very strict consonants they can adhere to--and in certain orders, as well.

    Amara doesn't work because "am" is not a valid letter combination. While "ma" is a valid one, that would mean the initial "A" would be alone, and that is not valid. Daevanna, as well, would not work for similar reasons. "ev" is not a valid letter combination.
  12. okay i was thinking along those lines but i was not fully understand it. Thank you for clearing it up! I am think of having a Di'marre class, so im trying to come up with a really great back story for it. what days would you be available for the roll20 this week?
  13. I pretty much won't be available the rest of the week. Next week is good, though, except for Friday.
  14. oh ok i will have to see about my schedule next week then, ill check back about it on monday, but i should have a skeleton CS by up then
  15. Interesting, very interesting. I want to read up on the background information and lore before I say any more, but I do like the premise :3
  16. I'll be creating my character by tomorrow. I'll have all of the bonus in place and all I'll need are the actual stats. Give me a date and I'll make it work. I'm generally available anytime between 4am-4pm CST, as those are my work hours (and I have the opportunity to be online) but I might be able to be online an hour or two after 4pm
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  17. ~BIG WIP~
    Kairan A'Viterë
    Race: Tretallë
    Class: Di'marre
    Level: $character-level
    Token Colour: #691111
    Abilities: $str-score ($str-modifier) | $dex-score ($dex-modifier) | $con-score ($con-modifier) | $int-score ($int-modifier) | $wis-score ($wis-modifier) | $cha-score ($cha-modifier)
    Armour: $character-armour-proficiencies
    Tool: $character-tool-proficiencies
    Skill: $character-skill-proficiencies
    Gender: female
    Age: 21
    Alignment: NG
    Appearance: $character-appearance (No pictures. Describe.)
    Personality: $character-personality
    Background: $character-background (Must fit world-lore)
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  18. is this how its suppose to look?
  19. Well, you may have forgotten the fieldbox code... XD.

    EDIT: There. Fixed it up for you.
  20. So I don't know how popular you have this atm (and I wouldn't necessarily be able to go every night, or day, depending on what time you start) because school comes first for me (shooting for an ivy-league college). Would this be able to work around?