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  1. Hey guys, I'm a beginning DM, and I'd love to try out some 5e campaigns I have, if you're happy with being part of a group that caters moreso to beginners who want to play it, but senior players are welcome if they wish to play, and would be greatly encouraged :D

    I'll most likely be running things on Roll20, which you'll need to make an account for. Otherwise, just be familiar with the rules and be happy with taking a fairly slow roleplay romp through a D&D campaign! :D
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  2. I'll show interest
  3. Welcome, Rain. :D
  5. I'd like to give this a shot however I'm pretty new to D&D and might need some help getting set up
  6. Don't worry, I'll be able to help (as much as physically possible) :D

    Welcome to the group! :D
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  7. I would love to be a part of this if possible! I'm a relatively new player but I have poured over the players handbook and played a short campaign with other folks. I would love the experience and trying to help anyway I can.
  8. Alright, welcome to the group, St. Allison!

    Guys, the OOC shall go up tonight, discuss possible character ideas and I'll discuss RP ranges and such with you there! :D
  9. If you are still accepting I would like to try it. Though, I've never done a campaign before.
  10. I should note I have a lot of experience in 3.5, have some experience in PF (though the two are basically the same thing), some experience in 4th, but nothing with 5th.

    So Mechanically speaking, I'm brand new.
  11. Guys, the OOC is nearly ready, and the character sheets have been set up for Roll20! Make sure to make a R20 account while you wait! :D
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  12. Alright! We're accepting one more person into the group and then this interest check is closed :D
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  13. I guess I wouldn't mind joining. A total newb to 5e though.
  14. I've played a few campaigns of 5e, and am currently DMing one with my friends.
    I understand that DMing a huge group can be quite a chore, so there's no problems if you'd rather not have me.

    Either way, glad to see someone enjoying 5e like I have been~
  15. Lucius and Mite, I shall flip a coin tonight in order to see who will be part of the group! For the others, the OOC will be up tonight!
  16. This may be a stupid question but where do I make a R20 account?
  17. App.Roll20.net! :)
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  18. Signed up for roll 20 my display name is Kurogane
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