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      Studies, Interrupted
      A group of adventurers seeking glory stumble upon a sage with an issue of grave importance.


      The northern Moonsea region has a long and troubled history with dragons and secret cabals.
      The Circle of the Scale (open)

      The Circle of the Scale was a sect of druidic dragon worshippers who resided in the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains. The Circle was led by Skovac, a self-titled Scalebinder, who claimed that he could subvert the will of dragons with nothing but his voice using a powerful relic, which legend held to be a scale from Tiamat herself.

      Using magic and the labors of kobolds from the local area, they excavated a vast subterranean complex deep within the mountains in a plot to a lure a dragon within and enslave it. The dragons of the region, however, would not be so easily subjugated. Using a large host of orcs and kobolds, a red dragon called Scorlworyx (The Scorching Wind) attacked the Temple of the Scale and destroyed the sect within. Skovac sealed himself within along with the relic, both of which have remained within the ruins to this day.

      The Cult of The Dragon (open)

      Recently, the Cult of the Dragon has learned about the fate of both the Circle of the Scale and the relic, but was unable to find the location of the ruins themselves. To learn more, they dispatched Tibeem and Spernik to Mantor’s Library in Phlan. In the months following, the two cultists would eventually discover the site of the ruins located in the mountain foothills to the west. With the relic in their possession, the cultists hope to deliver it to the red dragon, Scorlworyx, and gain her support.


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  1. Bah! I can't use team speak. I'm out.
  2. I'd need a basic idea of what the Campaign is going to be before I can start working on a character.

    Also if Brovo had sent you those pdf's he mentioned earlier can you send them to me too over Skype?
  3. @Lucius Cypher @Mite If you two are comfortable using Teamspeak for this campaign, you're welcome to join the group :D
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think I can be active in a TeamSpeak campaign because of my work schedule :'(
  5. Well, we will use it to communicate as well as the in campaign chat :D
  6. I see, and well, if I can still be a part of the game without being able to use TeamSpeak, I'd love too! But if not I totally understand.
  7. It's easier with teamspeak, but there's a little wiggle room so we can still keep things fast paced :D
  8. Ah, I'm afraid voice communication is a little beyond me at the moment: Lack of a microphone coupled with a loud house (and a loud keyboard, I've been told) means Teamspeak, Skype, and other similar programs would be rather obnoxious for those I connect with. As if that wasn't enough, I'm also not a very quick typer.
    Forgive me, but I must withdraw.

    I wish you all the best experience playing D&D 5e~
  9. As I said, you can use the in-app chat if you want as an alternative :D
  10. I'll try to go for that. I do enjoy 5e and would like to play as a character rather than a DM this time.
    If I may, at what time would you prefer your players to be active?
  11. So is there a time we will meet as a group? Or is it like traditional forum RP here on Iwaku where people post replies every day or so stating actions, etc?
  12. Well, whatever day and times work best for everyone, and we'll run sessions on D20 :D
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  13. Only times I'm busy for sure.
    Note all the start times are confirmed, but the ends are approximates.
    So if plan anything to be right after wards I might be late.

    Time Zone EST -5.

    Tuesday: 4:30pm - 11:00pm
    Thursdays: 4:30pm - 11:00pm
    Friday: 2pm - 9pm

    +Obviously other stuff that might just pop up time to time and isn't on a set weekly schedule.
  14. I might be in on this. depends on day and time. I've never done D&D before so we'll see.

    Really only doing it for @Seiji 's butt, because I was told it was going to be there...

    nvm, can't be arsed to make an account on anything. Have fun.
  15. yyyyyy...

    account so easy to maek

    But it's alright, I get that. Roll d20 is a pain the ass at first, but it's so beautiful once you figure it out. It's a godsend for people that want to D&D with others from afar.
  16. Oh hohoho baby
  17. sowwy. I just don't even think i can make it. so...signing up seems like a chore.
  18. As of yesterday, I was "shown the future" of how much work we'll be doing in the next 2 months, and unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to join in the D&D sessions, life is just too unpredictable at the moment. I'm sorry, but I sincerely hope ya'll have as much fun as I have with 5.0!
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