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    GM's Notice;
    This will be a rp based in the late 1960's, and based around organization fighting and dealing with everything from the Fae to faustian devils and japanese ghosts. There will be charachter deaths, secret rolls will take place and bad choices will have consequences. So, please enjoy the decent chunk of information I am about to throw at you.

    Adhear to all the rules of the site;
    Do not post your charachter without sending it to me first.
    Feel free to direct any questions to me regarding the setting.

    Have fun!

    Berlin, The End of World War 2

    The year is 1945, and in Berlin as the Allies have offically won. The rain is pouring down on the streets of a city torn apart from war. The Top brass is now deciding the fate of millions everywhere. Hands are shook, voices are raised and liaisons are communicating between diplomatic islands in a sea of misery and tiredness. And deep down in a bunker underneath berlin, five very important, but to history, unknown individuals speak to one another as equals. They are the Allied forces supernatural experts. Lady Margeret Stone of the British Intelligence. Margeret, being the one to call the meeting, spoke to the gathered with a voice that sounded like it had been called from the grave.

    ”Welcome gentlemen. I am glad to see you have gathered here today with me.” Her eyes swept the attendes, taking stock. There was a tall, bespectacled man who’s face was as still and emotionless as a cliff. He was the American expert, Robert E. Smith. The man who had singlehandedly cracked the connection between German occult Society and the Necroforge. A hero in his own right, but one that would never be able to tell the rest of the world. None of them would.Such was the stage they performed on, one more secret then that of the spies peddling state secrets and killing eachother in the shadows. Not that they had not done that. But they were better at it, and employed tools beyond the normal comprehension.

    Next to Smith was the French Resistance own 'Saint'; Luc Boison. The man, sporting a beard who would make any sailor jealous, was the only one smiling. One could hardly blame the man for being Jovial now that his beloved France was liberated, and his efforts had been essential in the fight against Hitler. But it stuck out a bit to much for the very regal Miss Margeret, who looked like death warmed over. Next in the ring of the occult hotshots was a short, round man. Margaret had never actually met Dr Gustavson, the Norwegian Proffesor had escaped Norway during the German Invasion, and kept several important artifacts out of hands of the Thule Society. He had hauled up in the US, working closely with Robert during the entirety of the war. His knowledge of the Extra Dimensional threat was integral to this meeting.

    Last but not least was the tall, thin Spaniard, who spent the entire war in shackles, imprisoned by Franco and his Oidius Pei. He had been to dangerous to ignore but to valuable for the Thule Society to allow Franco killing him outright. Of course, the man had mysteriusly slipped into a coma the second day of his imprisonment, only to wake up 5 days ago, getting ahold of Margaret . He was the one who had damanded this meeting to take place. Looking over her allies, she spoke.

    ”Thule has fallen but the damage is done. The russians and the Chinese are allready consulting their own oracles, their own priests and specialists. As the world worries about the Atom Bomb, our world has gotten a whole lot more hectic. Manking has shed millions of life, the sheer necrotic energy resting in all but American soil is gonna take decades if not more to deteriorate.” Her voice urgent, her eyes at once full of energy, yet worn and tired.

    ”Indeed” Spoke the Spaniard, who had no other name that either of them knew about,.. ”And the beings from beyond wisk away and seduce those of weak faith.” He said, and all of them nodded. The beings from Hell, Faerie and other realms were incredibly active. Although they had found out that there was no such place as a single hell for sinners to go to.

    ”That is why...” The American, Smith, spoke up. ”.. this meeting was called. My esteemed Lady and honorable men of the commitee. Allow me to present to you the D.A.P.P.E.R plan.

    The rest is as they say; History. Only no book ever recorded this meeting or the work they did. No book you'll ever get to read anyways.


    Welcome to D.A.P.P.E.R
    (The Department for Apprehension and Protection against the Paranormal, Extra dimensional and Reanimated.)

    Under the command of the Allied West, this international organization works under no one government. Tasked with the secret surveillance and maintenance of our worlds magical undercurrents, it is one of several occult specialist organizations. Waging its own cold war on the Soviet "Red Star" brigades and keeping cults from going into critical mass and dooming us all, they have their work cut out. D.A.P.P.E.R was founded one day in Berlin, after the end of the Second World war. A coilition between the western experts of the occult and weird created a by USA, Britain and several others, funded organization to help clean up the mess left by the Thule Society.

    The Nazi organization, in their constant search for a promised land and power, had not only managed to summon all manners of nasty beings into pacts, but also at the end of the war, created a necroforge. A tool for harnessing pure necrotic energy and create their own, enslaved spectral beings. Luckily, the forge was destroyed as was all of Thules biggest weapons. That is not to say all practitioners and their equipment was found or disposed off. That is Why D.A.P.P.E.R, along with the Soviet Counter part, exist. The world has changed forever, two entire cities were eradicated, the scream of energy and ruthless entropy. There is no longer a normal to return to. The world is spiraling into the unknown and all DAPPER can do is to adapt.

    Dapper Operatives always work in teams, with expertice and specialization playing a huge role in the structure and internal mission infrastructure. With many, many entities who range from hostile to benovolent, from rotting corpse to a cultist worshipped demi-god you can never be to certein with what it is you ar dealing with or what comes next. You as players will take part as one of these teams, as you chase clues trough missions that span from Cuba to Japan. Where your actions will determine what happens next on a global scale. Of course, to do this, you have to be prepared. For that reasons, I'll leave you with a small manual;

    • [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]

    • A bit on D.A.P.P.E.R internal Structure.

      Due to the vast number of possible threats and the many different situations that can occur; there are many tasks that needs doing. Dapper have for this purpose, different areas of expertice in wich operatives are trained and specialized within. The main ones are Hunters, Exterminators, RDD (Rapid defence Deployment), Research and Diplomatic Liason.

      Hunters; Specialists in tracking specific quarries, usually the ones to lead Exterminators to nests of beings or a specific target. These guys are the Van Helsing of dracula, they tend to have specific beings as their speciality. They are the ones to engage specific targets while other handle the bulk and minions. They are also the ones charged with capturing single specimens for research.

      Extermination; Where hunters track, exterminators are sent to deal with the messes. They clean up and are trained to deal with infestations such a sleeping nest of vampires, a ghoul infested graveyard or a church fallen to a cult.

      Rapid Defence Deployment; These guys are sent in bulk when things are about to go bad. Trained to appear and defend areas and VIP's for as long as it takes, they are there for the heavy and prolonged combat. Generally, these have the most deaths, simply becouse when they are forced to appear things are bad.

      Researchers; Rather self explanetory, they are the organizations core. Without their knowledge, without their continues and daunting journey into the unknown, humanity would not stand a chance. These are the people who look trough powerfull tomes at the risk of their mind, or who follow a expedition out look into why a certein breed of Lamia infect Inca Remains. To be a Researcher in DAPPER means you risk your life alot. Just hope the grunts keep you safe.

      Diplomatic Liasons; These are the spies aswell as the Face of the organization. The ones who know how to deal with and infiltrate cultist ranks. Who trade barbs with the non allied, who smuggle chinese tomes from under the nose of Communist Officials.

      Operative Rank and Access Levels.

      Like with many other organizations, D.A.P.P.E.R believes in corporate bureaucracy. A organization needs structure and it needs access levels or the resources will be depleted in no time at all. Operative Rank comes with access levels. There is also a difference between the different branches. Combat Operatives are typicallyy lover on the totem pole then Diplomatic Liaisons and Researchers. Note that operatives may still be captains, Sergants and other military ranks from their careers. They will be adressed by these titles still, even if Access Level trumps military rank.

      The Rank goes like this;
      Specialization Rank and Access;

      Leviathan - Access Level High; Able to call in heavy support, mobilize entire teams and can call in drastic measurements like a leveling a entire area. Alpha Access Is only given to a few, very reliable operatives. Typically, these ones are rarely seen in the field. They are often sitting in mission control.

      Alpha - Intel Access; Alpha Level is almost excluisively given to Liasons and Researchers. Alpha levels can request specific intell and handle the out of combat documentation. While they technically can pull rank on a Delta or lower, they usually know better then to do that.

      Delta; Elevated Access; Deltas are usually assigned as squad leaders. They have handle omegas requests and make the desicion of forwarding the request to mission control. Delta have limited access to intel, and usually work closely to Alpha levels for intelligence gathering and planning purposes.

      Omega - Basic Access: Most combat operatives fall under Omega level. They are allowed to customize their loadout and they are usually assigned a Delta level operative to handle requests and manage their mission control. As any omega Level can tell you however, they operate on need to know basis half the time.


      Threat Levels
      Due to the many different threats, DAPPER employs a scale for their teams to quickly communicate just how far south things have gotten. They are as following;

      [BCOLOR=#000000]Black[/BCOLOR]; There has been only one ever Black Level Threat, and that was when a item outside of the japanese coast activated unexpectedly. A gate was created under water, and threatened to let out a extremely deadly, sentient swarm of creatures that multiply fast enough to fill our oceans within a month, turning it into a sea of red and black sludge.
      [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Red; [/BCOLOR]Red Level are for when things are going bad, or if a powerfull being has arrived with express intention of doing harm. Usually, several teams have to work in tandem to take these out. They are luckily, rare and far inbetween. The latest being the uncovering of a tome in Iran, leading to the death of two extermination teams.
      [BCOLOR=#ffff00]Yellow; [/BCOLOR]Far more likely, is that you face yellow threats. These are the hostile beings that DAPPER is used to dealing with. A bad step may cost you, but you were trained to deal with these. Unless presented in great numbers, a single Yellow threat rarely becomes any higher.
      [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Blue;[/BCOLOR] Reserved for all benevolent being who pose no threat what so ever.


    Application Skeleton;

    Personal Info will include;

    Appearence; Pictures welcomed, actual description needed.
    (This will be provided to you by GM.)
    Brief Background; A paragraph or so detailing where the operative is trained, why she or he bacame involed with the organization in the first place.

    Skills will include:
    Area of Expertice; Hunting, Rapid Defence Deplyoment, Extermination, Researching or Diplomatic Liason
    Major skill; Combat, Subterfuge, Academia etc etc. YOur main are of expertice. Note that soldiers are dime a dozen. While experts are the ones who actually are in high demand and needed the most.

    Minor Skill; What your secondary skill is, often related and complimentary to your major skill.

    Inventory will include;
    Weapons; All operatives have atleast some training, and a weapon if things go bad. What this weapon is tend to vary. Combat oriented operatives such as Hunters or Exterminators, obviusly carry more then one. Keep it within the techlevel of the 60's.

    Specialized Equpiment; This catagory includes everything from stakes, to advanced sensory equipment and research gear. Keep it sensible to the tech level of the 60's in general. Dapper have some more advanced stuff, but nothing straight 2000's like cellphones or portable computers.
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  2. This post is reserved for a glossery of ingame info.

    Important NPC's

    • Name; Hanz Schmitd
      Overall Description; A 6'2 tall, grey haired and brown haired eyed gentleman of Austrian origins. Hanz is always dressed formally or is wearing his large billowing trench coat. Hanz is one of 11 operatives who work on the Hades Vault Project. Aka the total oversight of all D.A.P.P.E.Rs artifact stashes, their categorization and locations, what may be be missing and who might be targeting what. Hanz is a stern believer in preserving everything, no matter how small and insignificant it can appear at first.
      Appearance (open)

      Age; 50
      Rank; Alpha-3; Special clearence given a few Liasons who work within the ”Hades Vault” If there is a specific artifact needed to be fetched, Hanz can fetch it.
      Area of Expertise; Diplomatic Liason
      Major skill; Mission Control and Communication
      Minor Skill; Diplomacy

    • Overall Description; A 5'5 stout, cleanshave and stern looking soldier of French origins. About as broad as he is tall, Piere is one the most senior officers in D.A.P.P.E.R who surivived the Black Level event. He has aged very well, making people think he is younger then he really is. As a survivor of the disaster that cost the agency 60 men, he is devoted to keeping his boys and girls alive. The latest lost of operatives down in Persia/Iran has as a result, weightedgotten to him quite a bit. Regardless, most if not the al lthe orgnanization agrees that he is one of the best tactical Commanders D.A.P.P.E.R have seen to date.
      Appearance (open)


      Age; 55
      Rank; Leviathan
      Area of Expertise; Extermination
      Major skill; Mission Control and Communication
      Minor Skill; Battle Field Tactics and logistics.

    • Name; Axel Lampert
      Overall Description; Standing 5'9, with a lean physique and always sporting a classical, dapper look to him; Axel Lampert is a scoundrel in disguise. The former Military Intelligence agent turned DAPPER operative is the embodiment of charm and wits. As it stands, his entire purpose is to spy on the Red Star and others interested in disturbing D.A.P.P.E.R.S plans.
      Appearance (open)

      Age; 31
      Rank; Alpha-2; Special clearence given senior Diplomatic officers
      Area of Expertise; Diplomatic Liason
      Major skill; Spying.
      Minor Skill; Distruption, Subterfuge, profiling.

    Aside from the color code, there is a scale of 1 to 7. The higher the number, the higher the threat. Anything scaling above a 7 jumps a to another color code.
    • [Tab=Ghouls]

    • Entity Name; Crypt Hound
      Entity Class; Reanimated

      Threat Level;Yellow-1 to Yellow-4 (A Packs can be a real problem)
      Weaknesses: Fire. Holy Artifacts.

      Killing Method; Decapitation, destroying the brain, lighting it on fire, prolonged exposure to places and objects of faith.
      Appearance (open)
      Age; 50
      Overall Description; Humanoid Reanimated corpses who are not quite unlike a zombie. Ghouls are, generally speaking; smarter then a zombie. They do not mindlessly chase, they know fear, anger, hunger and such. Ghouls posses claws that can rend flesh, and thier teeth as like that of needles. A bit from a ghoul can cause Ghoul Fever, a deadly disease. Reanimated dogs, the crypt hounds are generally speaking, guard dogs of old places. They are created trough means still uknown to mankind, but generally exist to protect artifacts and graves. Should one of them loose its artifact or otherwise fail, they'll wander, hunting anything living to lash out at.

    • Entity Name; Wraith
      Entity Class; Reanimated

      Threat Level;Yellow-3
      Weaknesses: Holy Artifacts. Focused light.
      Killing Method; Destroying it's spiritual anchor.
      Appearance (open)

      Overall Description; Wraiths are the spiritual, residual entity of a person who died violently. Unlike Revenants who are corpreal and solid entities, a wraith is etheral. It cannot be harmed by normal physical violence. You can drive it away fairly easily with spotlights and and highly powerfull maglights aswell as objects of faith. But that only goes so far as to create a defensive parimiter. A Wraiths presence is also known to drain batteries aswell as lowering the temperature to painfull levels.

    Official Timeline; Founding to Start of RP. (open)

    May 11th, 1945; The Thule Societys last hideout is breached. The founding members of the organization is rounded up. The Necroforge is destroyed, along with most of the artifacts found. Artifacts of Jewish origin is spared and cataloged for returning. Roberth Smith, the founder of D.A.P.P.E.R led the attack.

    May 13th, 1945 ; D.A.P.P.E.R is formed out of members of secret occult abd parascience squads from France, Spain, Britain and the USA.

    June 16th, 1945; Temporary HQ is established in London, England. D.A.P.P.E.R forms their first ever extermination squad to deal with the London Undergrounds growing ghoul problem.

    April 213th, 1947; The first offical Hunter unit is established under the Hellsing Protocol. D.A.P.P.E.R reaches a 100 operatives. Berlin and Washington HQ's is established. Funding members now also include Portugal, Italy and Norway.

    May 1st, 1960; 200 active operatives reached. First incident with the Soviet Red Star Brigade takes place. A D.A.P.P.E.R team exchange fire with a Soviet led squad trying to recover a strange black tablet in the Saharan Desert.

    December 20th, 1961; Proffesor Gustavson manages to contact the word of Elfheim after one of their operatives is inhabited by the elven Queen as means of projecting herself into this reality.

    December 20th, 1964; The first and only Black Level threat appears of the coast of japan. Nonnative lifeform of indeterminable origin leaks out into the Sea. Several ships goes missing. All available operatives are called in to deal with the crisis. D.A.P.P.E.R loose a total of 60 operatives, including Founding Member Margaret Stone.

    July 19th, 1965; Funds are dwindling, the organization taking backseat to more conventional measures, like the fight on Communism in Vietnam.

    December 10th, 1966;
    RP starts.
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  3. Because I've already posted my interest, but I have a few questions.

    1) Can you think of any reason to block certain nationalities? You mentioned that there were lots of different D.A.P.P.E.R Alternatives, but there is also a great deal of shifting between the countries in that time period: Defections being a prime example.

    2) I'm assuming all PC characters are to be human? Since we are the monster hunters, it seems unlikely we'd be the monsters. It also seems fairly early for there to be any cross-species interaction: With any first generation muties being like...16-20?
  4. 1) Defectors do have a place. You have the USSRs many unwilling members who might have fled to the west. China is currently split between Nationalist and Communist party, what with Maos Cultural Revulotion so they would have to deal with other things things then the supernatural. I imagine Taiwaneese refugees might arrive in the states for that reason. Generally, all nationalities are welcome, as long as they can be certain they aren't double-agents for outside forces such as percieved rogue state, communist state or communist organization. This is the Cold War after all.

    D.A.P.P.E.R in itself is a very progressive organization, becouse in the face of mind eating monstrosities your sexuality, gender and ethnicity take a backseat to your knowledge and skills. Of course, this might not be reflected in its diverse pool of agents and their opinions. A catholic Irish might be less then eager to work alongside a protestant Englishman per example.

    2) All PC agents are human at this point, yes. The 'Elves' are the only species in open to deal directly with dapper and with some sort of formal goverment. There are some none human NPC agents planned. But they are all on trial basis and benevolent creatures.
  5. Actually, that is a good idea simply becouse after the war when Germany was rebuilt, repentant German officers and officials got a big place in the local infrastructure. Otherwise, the rebuild would be nigh impossible. A former Nazi Officer, given that he is actually repentant and not ideologically "murder all non aryian" crazy anymore, could bring in valuable insight. I feel that D.A.P.P.E.R do have more then one in their ranks. There was after all, people like Rommel who were not genocidal crazies, but just honorable Officers who simply loved their country. Of course, D.A.P.P.E.R can't harbor the guys who were really, really evil sons of bitches, they'd likely attract all sort of trouble on their own. And Thule Society Inner Circle members are on the "Shoot first, burn later" list.
  6. I sense a little confusion in regards to the time line. So I am editing one in now.
  7. *waves* No questions from me, just posting here to say I sent my character in and will hopefully be in shortly!
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  8. Welcome!
  9. .

    Application Skeleton;

    Personal Info will include;

    Name;Evelyn Caillet
    Appearence; [​IMG]
    Physical Traits:
    Eve Body Type is petite but she works hard so she is slightly muscled and what she loses in the muscle category she makes up for in her height she is around 8ft tall. Evelyn's skin is an ivory colour which clashes beautifully with her red curly hair which sits on her shoulders rebellious tendrils flowing onto her chest. Her face is oval shaped and her stunning blue almond shaped eyes pop out of her face. She has a Nubian nose and heart shaped lips which are soft and always brightly coloured. She dresses in a style of modern elegance mixing the newest items with her mothers old ones her clothes are tight fitting and slim. She wears a pendant around her neck in the shape of a cross

    Brief Background; Eve parents were part of the organisation and taught her to kill monsters from a young age they told her of the horrors of the world she was destressed but they comforted her and told her that one day she would help stop monsters like they did. On the day before she turned thirteen her mother and father were killed by a demon army they saved the rest of their comrades. D.A.P.P.E.R took her in and taught her making her the yongest ever agent at fifteen.

    Skills will include:
    Area of Expertice; Hunting.
    Major skill; Combat
    Minor Skill; Academia

    Inventory will include;
    Weapons: Wired bow and arrow

    Specialized Equpiment; She has a pendant with a stake on it, it was her mothers and people say it will keep her from harm
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  10. Bae. I do believe you need to reread the rules. It clearly read that you must Pm me the charachter before posting it in the thread.

    But I'll adress some imdiete concerns here.

    • You might want to flesh out the backstory a tad bit more. Nothing to fancy but as it stands I feel you settled with the bare minimum of thought into what is the most crucial to a charachter, motivation and reasoning. With the amount of care you took in describing her, the background looks a tad bit lazy in comparison. It is also inconsistent with the fact that DAPPER is a secret organization. Her parents are both hunters you point out, that means they were likely hunting before DAPPER was founded. If you are gonna play a young charachter with no real backstory other then being a legacy of her parents talents, you gotta tell me about her parents. Who were they, I'd love to know their name and why DAPPER recruited them, and how on earth they decided they wanted to train their kid to become a hunter for the organization with a pretty darn high death toll XD.

    • 8ft? I am sorry but that makes her one of the tallest women in the world. So no. That is not even slightly viable.Especially since you called her petite :P. Petite means small, light, fragile looking. someone that towers over 98% of the human populace can not in any way be described as such. The word generally describing tall women is statuesque I believe. It's also completely illogical to make your charachter that tall. D.A.P.P.E.R is a secret organization. A person who is 8ft tall would make for a terrible agent. Anyone can spot her and tracking her movement would be as easy to set up a camera and two and thne ask witnesses about her.

    • This one is partially my fault. I should perhaps provided a exemplary sheet for you guys to follow. COmbat as a major skill is ok, but as a hunter I would probobly go for something like... Hunting? And for minor skill a specialization like Tracking; Reanimated or other. Seeing how your chars parents were hunters, and gave her a stake, plus the fact that she uses a bow I assume she was told about vampires :P
      So I would suggest something like this;

      Skills will include:
      Area of Expertice; Hunting.
      Major skill; Combat
      Minor Skill; Academia

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  11. Posting in OOC.

    I am still reading up on the wonderful info bank you have up there. Once I am done with that, as long as you are cool with it, I will send you my character!
  12. This sounds a lot like my P.A.R.A. RP I tried to set up (twice). But with more humans. Might be interested in joining.
  13. Welcome both of you :D
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  14. Want me to post up my Character sheet?
  15. Please si
  16. You need to do the Rank, sir.
  17. A question: can you be a researcher in the field? Rather than being stuck in some lab, that is.
  18. Oh snap. M'bad
  19. You can. in fact, it is more than likely that you will be on the field than not, because where better to see live examples of the things trying to eat us?
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  20. It is pretty much required for this rp. As it would constrain your posting something fierce otherse. Besides, experts are needed to verify findings and provide insight. Its up to the Combat roles to keep mr or misses whitecoat from becoming wormfood. :D
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