D.A.P.P.E.R: A Colder War.

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  1. CASE 1: A Colder War.

    West Berlin HQ.: 1966, 9th of December.

    The world keeps turning. The World, keeps changing. The boots of technology lead a steady march over the spiritual sensibility of mankind. And thanks to said march, the jobb at the ”Department for Apprehension and Protectiom against Paranatural, Extradimensional and ReAnimated” gets at once both easier and more difficult. More tools and better equipment allows them to track and deal with threats easier. But it also allows for their rivals to do the same. And for occultists and other unsavory individuals to achieve their goals quicker. It used to be that you could just let the lunatics blow themselves up. But these days the build faraday cages and rocord their chants pre-ceremony. And the state of the world was giving them all the fuel they could ever ask for.

    One thusand and ninty hundred americans on Vietnamese soil shed blood, in a world already soaked in it. And their blood and their agony in turn feed a allready rampant population of local vampires. A very specific breed, of the flying head variety. And all the while, D.A.P.P.E.R is facing budget cuts, as the threat of Thule has been all but handled. Never mind that the Red Brigade is still as active ever, and that Chinese agents are trying to acquire ancient artifacts from the Ming Dynasty. Or that the forementioned Vietnamese vampires are capable of hitching a ride on ships without caring about native soil. The supernatural is not as scary anymore, our weapons are so much better then the day of the sword and bow. Yet Piere had started to train his exterminators to use swords along with modern firearms such as the AK-47 and M16. Pierre, who had survived the worst incident in D.A.P.P.E.Rs history, knew old methods still worked well. And sometimes, the sword would save you, not the automatic carbine. But with Science as the new religion, the wonders of the word were new cars and towers of glass, not strange light in meadows or the music of the fey. Nobody believed it even existed anymore. Well, almost anybody. He believed, he knew. He faced them more then once. The strange things from world not our own.

    He lamented over USA's latest cut in the D.A.P.P.E.R funding. More and more money was being put into helicopters, tanks, battleships and the bloody CIA. Communism in itself had become the big threat and the war of Ideology is best fought with money and proxy wars. The supernatural was less important. Pierres own country, France, cut the funding after losing Algeria. They had spent their money on their nuclear program instead. Pierre had not forgotten Margaretes words, about humanity being a speck of dust in comparison the universe. The old lady had been part of the start, the very beginning. And she had slowly been eaten by the thing from under the pacific. He had believed the dying old lady and her warning, and he believed her all the more now.

    ”Sir” A voice called to him. He turned to face the young man, a Delta Rank officer by the named Tomas Lind. A former member of the Swedish Paratrooper Unit. Built like a Viking, with the beard to match. And the dead eyes that stared at you until you felt you better ask him if he had seen Valhalla.

    ”Yes?” Piere raised a eyebrow.

    ”Diplomatic Liason, Ferdinand Tompson has returned Sir!” He stood in salute. He looked chuffed, out of breath and Piera allowed him to catch his breath.

    ”And why do you look so haggard and out breath.” He spoke, arms akimbo as he stared at his subordinate.

    ”He told me to get you as soon as possible Sir! He says the Finns uncovered a artifact directly related to the finnish plane of death;Tuonela . ” The man spoke and Piere stared. He opened his mouth a few times trying to find the words. ”But we lost contact with them, there were reports of wolves Sir.”

    ”Are they sure it's the rea- Pierre paused, about to say something then paused again. He lifted his hand to his face, fumbling for a cigarr not there, but in his pocket still. They had based archeological dig on some old scaldic pages. It spoke about an entrence to Tounela. IF they found an actual artifact, it would be paramount they recovered it safely. Finland was border to border with Soviet after all. And a sudden wolf attack on the camp? The clock was ticking.

    ”Are you aware of the pile of crap we are about to step in, Special Liason Schmidt.” Piere spoke as soon as the line was picked up, his voice tense.

    ”I just got the word. A wolf pack attacking the dig seconds after the Artifact is uncovered? Sounds like we are on the backfoot” The Austrian Articifer and Liason answered back, he sounded just as tense.

    ”I need verification. IF we found a key to another plane, I don't want in the hands of the Russians or anyone else for that matter.”

    ”Certeinly. I have allready set up a detail to retreive it ” Schmidt paused. Then continued. ”What are they looking for again.” The Head of the Hades Vaults was suddenly as tense as he had ever been. The two men stood silently by their phones. Contemplating.

    ”Something that is connected with Finnish underworld. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd imagine it has to do with the Swan. We'll need a retrieaval expert for the artifact. ” Piere breathed out, clenching the phone. This was a artifact that might lead them to a whole new world. One that likely would be best kept undisturbered. Underworld styled world had a nasty habit of causing Reanimation when connected to our reality.

    ”Right. I think I know just the one. Research branch wants us to recover samples from the site. Says the team had been sending notes about strange, otherworldy properties contained within the local claylayer and flora. I take it you can provide the muscle?”

    ”Yeah, leave it to me.” Piere put down the phone. He took out a cigar and lit it, savoring the taste. He sat
    back and wondered idly if this was the turning point D.A.P.P.E.R needed.

    12:22 local time, 10th of December, 1966.

    Lappland Finland.

    The air was freezing with the winter cold of December. Snow lay as a blanket across the Finnish capital city. Home of the Finns, who had stood tall in the face of a Soviet invasion. The snow crunched under the wheels of the ”Toad”, A heavily modified Wolkswagen van. They were rather normal looking from the side, other then being black and a bit heavier set when in motion. But inside it sat a group of less then normal indiviudals. Operatives off D.A.P.P.E.R, they were here with a mission. The Hunters, to locate the wolves. The Exterminators to provide backup. The Researchers to find out more about the local site and look for things of importance. The Retrieval agent to bring back home a class 1 artifact.

    The Car came to a halt outside a gather of hut and tentlike buildings. This was a Sami villages. By some considered the real natives of the north. With ties to the finnish myths themselves. IT was also the place where only agent to make it out of camp alive, had went.

    The men and women wore warm, colorful clothing. They eyed the arrival with some interest. Some with outright fear. A old man and a young, tall fellow welcomed the group as the cardoors swung open. The young man seemed to speak on his behalf. ”Elder Jokki welcomes you all to his small village. We have your comrade in a telt at the back of the camp. Jokki is sorry we failed to save him.”



    • Case File and Orders;

      ”Using the Sami Village as staging point, try and find out where the wolves came from, and if they are infact only that. This area isn't withing any known werewolf packs territory, but one never knows. It is incredibly important that the artifact is located, identified and retrieved safely. Diplomatic Liason will be important for getting out of the country. There is a undercover Russian presence, and the President wishes to keep on the Soviets good side.”

      Your loadout priviliges are after rank only.

      Good Luck Operative.

  2. Richard rubbed his hands together, trying to stimulate a bit of warmth. The cold had wormed its way through the thick clothing he wore, and even the gloves weren't keeping his hands as warm as he would like. The crunching of the snow under the wheels was the kind of sound that many people had happy childhood memories of, reminiscing of Christmas and all it entailed. Presents, sleigh rides, family, carols, Christmas dinner... To Richard, it held no emotional attachment at all. His childhood had been dominated by another presence in his head, a constant torment since birth, locking him away and forcing him to watch as it controlled his body. He had been a prisoner up until his early teens, when the being had at last been cast out by a DAPPER operative. No God had come to save him, no salvation, no heaven. Richard knew the truth of this world - there was only hell.

    As they drew near to the village which was to be their base of operations, Richard pulled out the dossier and flicked through it. An artifact had been found, but the team had been hit by wolves, with one known survivor. His job was to locate the wolves and where they were coming from, before calling down Extermination on them. Even if they were just normal wolves, a risky job. But hitting a team that located an artifact? Too much of a coincidence for his liking. As the car slowed to a halt, Richard tucked the dossier away and grabbed his bag.

    Stepping out, the cold seized Richard, gripping him with icy fingers. It had been bad in the car, but this was several times worse. Looking around, Richard used his demon-scarred right eye to scour the surroundings for any spirits. There was definitely nothing malevolent in the area, it was just ridiculously cold. The greeting from the Elder caught his attention. "Failed to save him? So he's died of his wounds?" Richard wasn't blaming them for that, but it would have been useful to hear about the wolves from a survivor. "Thank you for trying, and for your hospitality. May we see him?"
  3. Sierra turned the origami swan, which used to be her case file, in her hands. The gist of the file was, "locate, identify and retrieve the artifact, also watch out for wolves!" wasn't really helpful in terms of where to start but of course it was their job to figure that out.

    Besides arts and crafts, she did read up on some Finnish mythology on the ride here, while legends and myths weren't entirely true it was a good idea to read them because they all had at least a grain of truth to them so that’s what she had been told. But considering her job was to deal with the supernatural, she was inclined to believe it. For the most part, besides some interesting reads, there was nothing particularly useful as far as she knew. These missions used to feel like school field trips to her, exciting and new experiences, now they feel more like jobs. Which wasn't bad, she still felt excited and invigorated from these types of missions but it was different, she was more aware of her own mortality and didn't have a mentor guiding her like when she was a rookie. A class 1 artifact retrieval had her on her toes, not just that it could be dangerous but because class 1 meant it was probably really important.

    Finland was beautiful but she definitely preferred the California weather she grew up in whenever she visited cold places like these. She stepped out of the 'Toad' and wrapped her green scarf a little tighter around her neck, her nose already bright red. Sierra looked over at the hunter, Richard, speaking to the locals and asking to see the body she crossed her heart.
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  4. Emerald had been perhaps the most bothersome on the ride in the Toad. It was not that she had read loudly as she skimmed through the case file or when she was striving for her goal of finishing her Bible. Nor had she annoyed the other operatives for fear of them bothering her back. No, it was that around halfway through the trip Emmy had drifted away into Dreamland, and she snored.

    Oh, how she snored.

    It sounded like a walrus calling for aid as it was murdered with a chainsaw only more concerning. Dispite how the other passengers may have tried, Emmy would not awake. She had forgotten to take her medication again and hadn't slept at all last night. For that reason, when the sudden lurch of the Toad coming to a stop caused the the exterminator's eyes to snap open she moved for her extending knife, thinking for a second that she had been kidnaped by Natzis.

    Emmy's memory soon returned and she moved her hand back to her side. She got up, stretched, made sure all her weapons were in place, and stepped outside. Long nights in Vietnamese winter with a air conditioning that rarely worked made her rather resistant to the cold, she could only imagine what would have happened if she had stayed in Florida. She would probbibly have been freezing to death out here.

    Fortunately Emmy had not, and all she needed was a nice fur coat, granted her hands stung slightly but mittens would interfear with her trigger finger. She spent a few molments, staring into the white plane, before moving to where Cheif Ooga Booga or whatever his name was and the rest of her teammates were gathered. She listened to their words, frowning at the failing to save him part. Emmy said nothing, because she had no questions.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Honour - the first word I have learnt in English. Not because I am honour-bound, but because that's what my teacher told me my Czech surname meant. Elizabeth Honour was the full translation into a language I had to adopt. But I am no Elizabeth, nor do I have honour. Well, maybe a little. I am simply El, a medium. I was used as a child, liberated at the end of World War 2, to then sacrifice myself over and over again for the horrors of my gift. I try to help those less fortunate and maybe on the way find what's missing inside me. Like I said, I am not honour-bound. I am self-bound for redemption.
    Her head swayed from side to side as the vehicle moved down the road. She had her eyes closed, almost appearing to be asleep, just like Emerald, but much quieter. In truth, she was getting ready for what was to come. Death meant one thing for her - apparitions. One would say that by now El would be used to seeing the spirits when they'd decide to reveal themselves to her, but it was still unsettling to see how they died and being killed by an animal... Let's just say she was contemplating her options. As the van came to a stop and the door opened, the even colder air swooped in without hesitation, the few ginger strands that flowed from underneath the thick hood of her winter jacket moved in the breeze lightly. She could feel her nose immediately screaming for warmth.

    Following the others outside, having her bag with her possessions over her shoulder, El shuddered. Interpret it as a reaction to being hit by cold so biting, it made her lungs freeze, yet El only shuddered when her mind was aware of the potential spectrals around and was ready to make contact. Walking over to the chief of the village, she greeted them in return letting the others fire questions whilst her eyes roamed the area around. Yes, she would have prefered the last member to have survived for many reasons, but all was not lost. Any information they could receive at this point would be useful, but El could see herself sitting down by the dead body later and try to establish contact, attempt on calling the dead man's soul back for a little chit-chat.

    Tuonela...the land of the dead. She knew her myths, like she knew the color of her eyes; hence the significance of this expedition did not get lost on her. Another shudder rocked her body in anticipation. She has not been under great strain since DAPPER recovered her from the Nazi's 20 years ago, but just the thought of the consequences if this were to go down hill was unsettling to say the least. She would soon go around the site to start her task as a researcher, but first she would stick with the group. She could see herself being more useful there and then, rather than around and about.
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  6. The ride had been for the lack of a better word boring, he had read the case file and while he had an interest in most of it he would be rather useless in open combat compared to the others on the team if it came down to that when they went to retrieve the artifact no his job here was to ID the Russian operative or operatives in the area so the rest of the team knew who to avoid if approached by them. He felt his pistol and blade press against his skin as the "Toad" moved on to this village as he ran a hand through his white hair he hoped that the wolves were the only real threat here but he knew that with D.A.P.P.E.R the case would probably turn S.N.A.F.U, as the "Toad" came to a stop he stepped out.

    He heard the words of Jokki about their fellow agent and he sent a prayer to what ever benevolent gods that may be watching over them in this clandestine war. The cold winds bit into him as he pulled his trench coat closer while they all moved with the rest of the team, he moved closer to them as to speak in a hushed tone. "When you all move to the artifact location i'm staying in the town, I will try and find the identities of our friends from across the curtain. Keep in radio contact, they may just be a scout team sent to investigate our agent's death or they may be an assault team looking for the artifact themselves and if that is the case you all may be in for a firefight." Adrian told the team quietly as they slowly made their way to the body of their fellow agent.
  7. Caine sat in back of the toad, huddled in a blanket. He was bored out of his mind and sulky too. He hated the cold; Emmerald's snoring was obnoxious and there was nothing to be seen outside, just snow in every direction. The only reason he had come was the legend of the poisonous river which they would have to cross before entering Tuonela. He wasn't just interested in the poisened water, which was said to kill everything slightly alive, or in the boat that could get you across. Caine was here to see the legendary swan with his own eyes. It was said that a sacred black swan lived in the river. All those who tried to capture it had died, so that was out of the question. If there really was a swan living in the poison it would need a very strong antidote to survive, but it's existence was questionable. Caine had to observe the animal to verify his theory.

    He got out as the vehicle stopped, just in time to hear the young man speak for the elder. "I would like to stay in the village to. Most of my darts are frozen and my knife isn't fit for killing wolves. In the meantime I can do a post-mortem examination of our man, see if there are any wounds out of the ordinary. After that I can try to give him the proper obsequies." He also wanted to learn more about the ways of the shamans in this area, but didn't want his colleagues to think he would socialize while they did all the hard work. From what he had heard they must be extraordinarily good at healing and other spiritual matters.
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  8. Sierra gave a nod towards liaison Adrian, checking her radio one last time just to make sure it was in working order. Having no desire nor reason to look at a dead man she hung back at the Toad waiting until the group was ready to move onto the dig site. She hoped that whatever killed that man and his crew were just some wolves as the report had stated. Of course she doubted it, it was all too coincidental, D.A.P.P.E.R was an organization that dealt with the supernatural on a daily basis coincidence wasn't impossible, but it was rare in this line of work. She withdrew from her thoughts and glanced over at the rest of the crew before clearing her throat,

    "So, anyone else just as excited for this mission?" she pulled her scarf a little higher on her face,
  9. "It's cold, we have Russians here and a wolf pack or supernatural entity somewhere around us. What part of that makes you excited Sierra?" Adrian asked finding this while case rather annoying more from the cold than anything. "So i'm betting that it's a supernatural wolf pack, matter of fact imma say 50 dollars that this wolf pack has something wrong with them involving the supernatural. Any takers?" Adrian asked finding the prospect of money taking his mind off the cold.
  10. Richard merely grunted in response to Sierra's question, letting Adrian say everything he felt. Easy to be enthusiastic when all you had to do was sit back while the dangers got cleared out, then wander in, pick up a pretty box and leave. "No way I'm betting against you there." Richard rasped through his cold throat, "I'd love to be in the situation where I wish I took that bet, but this stinks too much to be a coincidence. Lemme know if you get any takers, I'll radio through who's won, but I might just wait for Extermination to snore them all to death first. Don't worry Sierra, you just sit back nice and safe while we clear the way for you."
  11. Sami Village
    The young man spoke a few words in Sami to the chief before turning back. Then he shouted at a few youths sitting around one of the tents, watching the newcomers curiusly. They jogged up and threw sideway glances at the guns. One of them had a hunting rifle slung across his shoulder.

    ”These three will take you to your fallen friend.” He said as one of them stepped forward. The man, whos posture was that of a soldiers, spoke. ”My names Steffi. I was the one who found him. If you would please follow me” His english was crisp, educated and with only the slight broken accent of a non-native. His weatherbitten face could have belonged on a artic exlorer, and he showed a few graying hairs despite not looking a day over forty. The youths around him all seemed eager to meet new people. And clearly looked up this man of the world.

    ”Russians? Up here?” The grey haired man asked a bit confused. ”We can assure you there has been no others to the village but you lot. If there are russians, They are down at the capital or somewhere there is to gain political purchase. They never come up this far North. I think the unburied soldiers from the big war scares them.” The man chuckled. ”Finns don't take well to Invaders.” He said and there was a clear hint of pride in his voice. As they walked trough the village, a few faces looked up from their chores but quickl grew bored of the strangers. They seemed a withdrawn but not all to unfriendly people. Just outside the village, a massive pen had been set up. It contained a massive herd of raindeer and was guarded by a few men with rifles just like the guides.

    Finally, they reached the Hut. It was a bit bigger then the others, and a elderly woman sat crosslegged outside of it. She looked the definition of a crone, and as she opened a eye to look a the arrivals she smiled a toothless grin.

    ”Who are these people Steffi?” She spoke in a voice that was about as pleasant on the ears as sandpaper across your face. She still had one eye closed, but her open eye had a sharpness to it that didn't belong with someone so old and otherwise decrepid looking. Around the entrence, all sorts of artfully crafted talismans made of bone hang.

    ”Who is this that you bring to my doorstep. Alive this time I see?” She scowled. ”Not only do I have to try and deal with a restless spirit in my own home, now you bring in outsiders?” She began to sit up but Steffi stopped her. ”Mother. Please. These are associated with the dead one. They have come to find out what happened.”

    ”What happened? ” She scowled deeper. ”They angered The Dead Lady... So she asked the spirits to come help her” She got up with some effort and marched over to the newcomers. Showing her finger right in the face of El she spoke. ”Only you, may enter untill the sptirit is at ease. You have the gift, like my daughter had.” When she said this, Steffis eyes grew wide and he looked at El with confusion and fright.


    By the "Toad"

    The ones that remained was instead met with smiling old man and his translator politely waiting for Steffi and the others to leave. ”Now. If you would follow us, our Chief have a request to make of you. And invites you to his tent. It is warmer, I assure you” He added after noticing the red noses and huddled postures of the men and women who clearly had not come this far north very often. The older man, the Chief, gestured for them to follow as he led them up to the biggest of the tent like structures. Pulling up a flap the younman ushered the remaining operatives inside. There, a young woman tended a large fire, and the tent itself was far, far warmer. Rather cozy in fact. The ground was covered with reindeer aswell as other mammal pelts, wolverine and wolf both were both rerpesented.

    The old man spoke. And the young man, translated.

    "Welcome. The Chief wishes you to know, that you are about to enter grave danger. Danger that he, sadly, have been part of creating. A long, long time ago."
  12. [​IMG]

    El looked at their guide,, Steffi, and the weapons they seemed to posses. For some reason it gave of a strange vibe, but with times like these, any sort of protection was necessary. Still remaining silent, even speaking seemed like a waste of warmth, when her body was trying to battle the cold, her cheeks and nose becoming redder by the moment, even as she pulled the hood of her jacket further in. The absence of Russians up here did not sound solid. Maybe they just avoided the village? Maybe El was just too sceptic about the lack of Russian activity up here. Finally they arrived at the hut. El was not sure what it was, but a stronger shiver ran over her frame as her eyes landed on the woman outside and the first thought she got was that the elderly lady was not what she seemed to be which by default placed her on a list of people that El would interview later on. However, mild surprise ran over El's features as she heard that they kept the dead man in their house. She probably would not have done such a thing, not if the man's spirit was upset.

    The cold air came to sting in her lungs as the remark on The Dead Lady and other potential spirits lingered in the air. Then the woman came near, singling El out of the group for something that was a valid reason. She could communicate with whatever raged inside her home, calm it down and make sure it was not harmful to the rest of the team and the villagers. "I'll see what I can do," replied El, looking back at her team and giving them a nod. She would do her best. Walking over to the door, a mantra that has been with her since her childhood ran through her mind just like everytime she could feel the spirits around or when she was about to engage with them. Please don't hurt me. I come in peace and don't mean any harm. All I ask for is tolerance. It brought her peace, confidence and focus necessary when dealing with the otherworld. She never knew how effective that little phrase truly was, but it helped her and that was the main thing. With one deep inhale and exhale, she entered the hut, ready to face whatever was within, feeling the medium coming to life.
  13. Adrian gave a bitter laugh at the words of the elder as he saw flashes of his time in the OSS and the dark classified things he had done to ensure the fall of the Fascists in Berlin and Tokyo, of the twisted things he was ordered to do to men and women to pry information from them by whatever means necessary at the time and the danger that this elder had created may seem dark and terrible to him but for him and the people he had came with they all had looked into the abyss and had it look back at them and speak the horrors that mankind could bring upon on each other and what things from the other side found this human suffering...appealing. "We all who have come to your village this day have walked side by side with death for many years and while some have known death as a companion longer than others but we all know the feeling of it's cold breath over our shoulders so what ever danger you may have made or brought upon this place know we do not fear for our lives but for the lives of the innocent men, women and children in your village so please tell us what you have done and we will work our hardest to eliminate it." Adrian elected to be the first one to speak since all things diplomatic were his area of expertise in this organization.
  14. Richard knew that there would not be a great deal that he could learn from the corpse. Leave that to the Research team, and the Spirit Channeler. Following the rest, he ducked into the Chieftan's tent. The chill outside temperature was blasted away by a wave of heat that Richard could feel starting to seep into his bones. A contented sigh slipped from his lips as he got properly warm for maybe the first time since they'd landed in this icy waste of a country. He considered joining the conversation, but decided against it. He had somewhat of a blunt manner, forthright, but not suited to diplomacy. Despite leaving the conversation to Adrian, Richard nevertheless kept his ears peeled for any useful information that may arise.
  15. Chieftains Hut

    The old man coughs lightly then speaks.

    ”First. You must know that you are in the land past the precipe. You are visiting during winter. What daylight you see is precius, becouse there will not be alot of it for you to work in. Us, the Sami, have lived here for longer then the Vikings and the christian missionaries and while our traditions have changed over the years like all others.” He tossed another piece of wood on the fire. ”Some things never change.” As on cue, the howl of a single wolf could be heard across the entire village. The old man sighed and said something that wasn't translated, it sounded like a prayer. ”Our goddesses protect us, but we also keep a strong bond with nature” He said and as he began the smoke in the room began to writhe into forms and shapes. ”You have the wolverine, who attack our reindeer. Yet it acts only as natures dictate. Its spirit is resiliant and strong, and it has only one drive.” He said as the smoke formed into a reindeer being mauled by a badger.

    ”And we have the Bear. Solitary, rarely seen unless you go around the rivers to fish. IT wishes to be left alone. Its spirit is also strong” He said with a smile ”But lazy. Not like the wolverine” He made another gesture at the smoke and it showed a great sleeping bear. ”I often dream with the bears, they welcome my wandering.” There was another howl, this one a bit closer. His voice grew much more tense.

    ”There is the Lynx.” He said. ”Great and beutyfull, invisible and shy. A spirit both fierce and fragile. To see a lynx is a sign of luck in your hunt.” He explained. ”To catch and skin one is the mark of a great hunter, but not something we do often. Only when nature asks us.” He produced a gorgous pelt as he said this. ”My Father hunted this for two weeks.”

    Another howl. This one made the skin crawl on everyone present. Something was terrible wrong with the sound.

    ”Last of the four kings... Is the wolf. Always hungry. Always stalking. IT is not evil, but it is not afraid of humans. They hunt and we hunt. They see mankind as a part of nature, they avoid us. That is, untill mankinds evil creep into their packs.” He scowled. ”I am a shaman. And so is.. was my son. I can walk the spirit world in my sleep. I can dream and take the Bears mind. I can converse with the Lynx.” He patted the pelt again. ”I can try and fail to pursuade the Wolverine to listen. But the Wolf. The wolf won't let you near, even in dreams. To approache a wolf, you need to be a wolf.” He trailed of and grew quiet. Staring solemly at the fire.

    ”My son realized this, and hunted down the biggest, most ferocius of wolves. A loner wolf that had caused us much pain, and who we had goverment allowance to kill. I told him, the wolf was sick, something was wrong with it. But he wanted to talk to the great wolf packs. So he wore the skin and walked into the dream... He never came back. And now a wolf wear his skin. What you heard was not a man, but a wolf who thinks he is a man.” He shook his head. ”I could have stopped this. Killed him. But he was my flesh and blood. Now he terrorize us. And he is driving the other wolves mad with his nightmares.”

    Old Woman hut
    The Spirits inside the hut was indeed restless. And as El envoked the dead body to rise. Its eyes flung wide open, it stiffly sat up, skin cracking in the cold. Its cold hands felt its wound and a hollow voice rang out.

    ”...I am dead. I always though I'd buy it to something a little less mundane.. then wolves” The dead agent spoke. Its voice was low so only El could hear it, the others outside would hear undestinct murmurs. ”They were so angry though. Mad. Eyes like hellfire. And there was this sad lady when I crawled here. Telling me I would not survive, but my struggle would help others..” The body convulsed as it began to loose its life again. ”Its so cold here. I wish. I wish I could see Be-” It collapsed again and the spirits seemed to grow less restless as result. Then the body jerked and a distinctly female voice spoke. It was calm.

    ”Child. IT has been so long. ” The corpse didn't rise. But the voice was clearer then the original owners had been. ”It is not yet your swansong. But beware. My hounds no longer listen to me. They have gone mad, and my realm is.. Being assaulted by men wearing red stars. Help me Child. And I will make sure to hold your hand when death claims you, years from now”

    Outside of the hut, the men with the weapons were suddenly on high alert as two sharp, weird howls echoed trough out the air. They formed protective circle and readied their guns. "STay low." One said trough gritted teeth. The old woman frowned, but ducked low against he wall of the hut.
  16. [​IMG]

    El entered the modest dwelling with caution. Spirits, no matter how little power they could have over the world of living, could still be violent in a very particular way. Especially if their death was brutal and El couldn't imagine anything else but being almost torn apart by wolves to be such. Despite the chill even within the walls, the woman pulled down her hood, ginger locks flowing out, framing her face like fading fire. She felt the swirl of the other world around her, the spirit crossing the metaphoric bridge to communicate and soon the body sat up. El remained silent. Yet, it was not that message that caught El's attention, nor her curiosity. It was the distinct much clearer voice speaking words that seemed to be of more use than the man's attempt on delivering a message to his loved one. If the person with name starting with B was his lover.

    Her wolves? Getting mad and out of control? People with red star... The shiver that ran down her arms was real and forceful, making El tremble as if she was hit by a polar blizzard, pulling her hood up immediately but it did not help much. She could hear them too. The muted howls that froze blood inside veins. She had to tell them. Few quick steps brought her to the door and soon she was outside, next to the old woman.

    "It's Jabme-Akka's wolves. They've gone mad. Shoot at sight." Her voice was grave, serious as were her cold, blue eyes. Despite not having the authority in giving orders, she knew these people had to know, had to be told just in how much of danger they were as she dropped the bag of her shoulder and rummaged for a weapon of her own, eyes darting around to see her team. There was more they needed to know. They had to regroup and discuss. But for now, they needed to make sure the wolves won't get more of them.
  17. Adrian looked at the others in the tent before he addressed his comrades. "It sounds like we're going to have a fight, I suggest everyone arm themselves. We should also meet up with the rest of our group." Adrian opened his trench coat and pulled out two things, a custom colt 1911 with an engraving on each side of the slide, on the left side it read καὶ τὸ φῶς ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ φαίνει and on the other it read καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν with the full meaning being and the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. The second thing was a eight round magazine that was loaded into the pistol and racked the slide before waiting at the entrance of the tent for his squad mates got ready. Adrian hoped that their were no Russians here as a situation like this could spark a war if they are at fault.
  18. Richard tuned out for much of the Shaman's speech. He never was one for philosophy, or tribal wisdom, or whatever the old man's ramblings passed as. He had a job to do. Find crazy wolf. Lead crazy Exterminator to crazy wolf. Preferably survive. All in a day's work, really.

    However, as the howls got louder and closer, a sardonic grin spread across his face. Seems like the hairy bastard was saving him the trouble of trekking through the snow. Pulling his M1911 from the shoulder holster concealed beneath his coat, Richard quickly checked over the mechanism before flicking the safety catch off. Giving a curt nod to Adrian, Richard slipped through the entrance of the tent into the darkness.

    Hunters frequently spent long periods of time sneaking through the dark, and Richard's eyes rapidly adapted to the darkness even as the thin sheen of sweat that had formed in the heat of the tent began to freeze in the cold of the night. Slipping through the night, Richard slid next to a pile of furs about 5 metres from the Chieftan's abode. Judging by the smell, they were probably fairly fresh, and should help mask his own scent. As he peered into the darkness, he focused his scarred right eye, hunting for anything unnatural that would give him an advantage. "Come on then, you inhuman freaks. Lemme show you how a real Hunter operates." Richard muttered, as he scanned the area, pistol raised and ready to fire.
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