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  1. || This is more of a stress-reliever type role play for me, just to get my mind off things and focus. Not a very big and probably will die after a short amount of time. ||


    The brightness of the damp screen cut through the thick fog that settled around Dexter. im at home lol. wanna come over?? Dexter looked around the desolate parking lot, his steps echoing over the puddle ridden cement. The street lights flickering every so often. A quiet, almost creepy setting. If only some one else was here, he'd probably feel a little bit better. His left thumb then got to work. maybe later, bunny. your house is fucking far. Send. He then shoved his phone and hand into the warm retreat that was his pockets.

    Dexter had on a crisp black leather jacket, a soft black hoodie underneath. He had on monochrome camo joggers that was cuffed at the ankles, with worn black keds. He had the hood on his head. The male carried an old dog tag and his phone, and of course, his tattered wallet with about, what... 19 bucks inside?

    'Heeeereeee's johnny~' His phone chimed, notifying him of a new text. Dexter pulled the hand that grasped onto the iphone. aight . It was the second day of the thick fog that had nestled into his hometown, and no one really took mind of it for now even though days were rather dark. It was early Autumn, and the temperature was a very chilly 53, or 11 in Celsius. Puffs of breath was immediately swallowed by the ominous fog.

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  2. Amora liked the weather. It was chilly. Nice. And the fog was kind of comforting, like a comfortable blanket around her. She liked days like these. Quiet. She liked when the only thing that could be heard was the tap tap that her shoes made on the ground of the desolate parking lot. It was peaceful, almost like a beautiful lullaby.

    Tap. Tap.

    Tap. Tap.

    Amora liked these shoes. They're a black high heeled platform boots. She had on a black garter belt that suited her leg nicely. A black high waisted short and top that defined her body, giving a sensual look, but not vulgar. And to protect her from the cold, a white fur coat that only reached her hips. Her phone and wallet were in the pocket inside the coat. Amora wasn't fond of carrying a purse.

    Dyed pink hair that flew with the movement of her body came to a halt as she stopped suddenly. Grey eyes stared at the shadow in the midst of the fog. A person. Honestly, Amora wasn't really happy with that. She wanted to be alone. But the parking lot wasn't exactly hers, so what the hell, who was she to prohibit someone of using a public space? Slowly, she resumed her walk, going towards the lonely figure. The girl made sure to step louder as she approached the other, now, we don't want a heart attack in such desolate place, right?

    After what seemed like centuries of tap tap she could finally see the details of the figure. A guy. Handsome, but those were details. She was rather curious as to why he was here. Alone. Well, such hypocrite. Wasn't Amora doing the same? Anyway, she came to a halt. Standing not too far, but not too near the stranger. And then, she talked.

    "I must be honest, I wasn't expecting to see someone today. Especially not here." She let a small curl to form on her lips, even though her eyes watched the other warily. Her feet positioned in what seemed like a relaxed and confident stance, but ready to flee if needed. She put both her hands inside the coat's pockets, while shrugging with her shoulder. "Not that I mind though, it's merely a surprise."

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  3. Dexter was in his own thoughts. He should have gave a yes or a straight no to Bonnie, he kind of did feel like going to her home anyways. The fog didn't affect anyone's driving since the street lights sliced through them like a knife knife through butter. His walk slowed down and he pulled his phone out his pocket to let Bonnie know he'll be there in a while, seeing a shadowy figure out the corner of his eye. Feeling kind of on edge [most likely because he could not see them clearly], he immediately turned his head to meet eyes with them.

    A girl, dressed in black as well as himself and looking unseasonably fashionable for the weather. Not that he blamed her or anything, fashion in autumn is a struggle worth to go for. The male just loved autumn that much he'd sometimes just go outside in a muscle tee and thin jacket. "I must be honest, I wasn't expecting to see someone today. Especially not here." Before Dexter responded, with god know's what because he sure as hell didn't know what to say, "Not that I mind though, it's merely a surprise." He gave a moment to fully look over the female in front of him. Pretty chill hair. Dexter was thinking about actually dying his hair again. The once brunette hadn't touched up his hair with some new colors for... Man, years. It'd probably give Bonnie a heart attack if she saw him with new hair, because everyone was just so used to good ole Dexter the Dirty Blond.

    Oh yeah, right, he had to answer. "Same." He said simply, give his head a slight nod. He watched his ghostly breath join the clouds sweeping through the parking lot. "Kind of a creepy place, would attract some aesthetic loving people." Dexter did take a view pictures. Photography was a hobby of his. However. He felt if he didn't take a picture, [be it on his phone or some fancy camera with high HD] he'd somehow lose it... The moment... Forever. The thought terrified him, as almost he was destined to be forced into photography by some weird fear. Not sure if he liked it. Not sure if he hated it.
  4. "Same; Kind of a creepy place, would attract some aesthetic loving people."

    Amora nodded at his words. A creepy place indeed, not that she didn't enjoy it. She let her eyes take in the full details of the boy, not as warily as before. He didn't seem to have bad intentions, also, who was she to say? Maybe the guy was as suspicious of her as she was of him. Especially since it was her that approached him, not the other way around.

    "Creepy place indeed. But I like it. It's... Serene. Sometimes, places like this is all that we need to forget... Things." Amora realized that she was starting to bubble, so she cut her sentence short. She didn't want to bore the other. That's something that she usually did when nervous, or excited. With a sigh, the pink haired girl scratched her head in embarrassment. She wasn't good at starting conversations, and honestly, she wasn't prepared to meet someone today. She didn't even understand why she was trying to talk, usually she would just hiss something and walk away. But today, today was different. Amora was feeling lonely. She didn't want a partner, or a best friend. But she did crave for attention. It's been too long since she've had an actual conversation. Too long.

    "I'm Amora, by the way." Shit. That wasn't in the plan. But she reminded herself that she didn't have a plan. But either way, what the heck. Amora instantly regretted her words, she wasn't that desperate for company. She really wasn't.


    Okay, maybe just a little. But that was not the case, now that she introduced herself, the guy was forced to introduce himself as well. Unless he's an asshole. She wasn't going to admit that she was, internally, praying for that. Amora didn't let any of her discomfort to be shown on her face, keeping a nonchalant expression. However, she did turn her head away, not too much, just enough to hide the way her right eye flickered in embarrassment and annoyance.

    "Not like it's of importance. I'm just being polite. And I'm kind of bored, you know. And since..." Amora shut her mouth before she said anything more. Shut the f*ck up! Just shut up, and walk away! She thought to herself. But the pink head found herself glued to the ground, drowning in embarrassment. All Amora wanted to do at the moment was die. A quick painless death. Maybe in death she wouldn't have to suffer things like this.
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