Czar Cross: HOSTAGES (Jan 17th @ 7PM Cen)

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    Where: Roleplay COVE
    Genre & Atmosphere: SciFi Fantasy Space Pirates, Quirky and Fun!

    THE STORY...
    The Czarina of the principality system Delmok invited various people of note upon her space yacht for a celebration of her fifth year of rule. It was an informal celebration before the system wide celebration events occur. But the scourge of the seven galaxies, Condelisa Cross of the Deathrunner, crashed the party with her band of space pirates! They blew up the yacht and took everyone on board as hostages! Maybe being sold into slavery won't be so bad?

    Condelisa Cross and her pirates are tormenting their freshly captured hostages on board the pirate ship Deathrunner. Will the hostages manage to escape? Will they join the crew? Or shall something unexpected throw everyone for a loop?

    Your character and plot options:
    - You can be a captured hostage, formerly a guest or employee on the Czarina's Space Yacht!
    - You can be a captured hostage from previous pirate raids!
    - You can be a pirate on board the Deathrunner!
    - Magic and unique races found in fantasy or scifi settings are allowed!
    - Bring your imagination and be ready for a fight and maybe even some romance!

    Bios are NOT required, but if you want to post one, feel free to grab a template and gives up a little bit of info! Before the roleplay starts, show up in the Cbox main to let us know you are ready and present so we have a head count of who is playing. 8D We will be out of character chatting in the Conference box during gameplay.

    The play date may be subject to change! Keep an eye for updates!
  2. This RP is being re-scheduled! We're missing a couple key players, and tonight I am not gonna be able to make it myself. ;__;

    Stay tuned for a new play date! 8D
  3. Aww, I was looking forward to this. x(