Cyborg with Identity Problems Needs a Friend

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  1. I'm looking to do some sort of roleplay with my cyborg OC, Chess.

    The relationship can be friendly or eventually romantic, and it can be a clean or smutty roleplay (Chess can be ace or demisexual)

    Setting would probably be the compound he's living in, which has dorms available for employees. Chess himself is barred from leaving the facility due to his nature as a failed project and initially has no interest in the world outside. That'd probably change if pushed by a friend, or if he were maybe broken out?

    Chess himself is acting as an inventor and a mechanic, a fairly arrogant young man who's ostracized for past incidents of violence that he doesn't remember, and became a sarcastic, immature brat in turn. His identity problems are due to the project he was a part of - basically, whoever worked on him tried altering his memories and instead managed to create a split in his personality, a stunted, innocent, persona that has no memories of the project or a few years previous. The other persona retains all memories and can access any memories or knowledge that the other has (this is not a mutual thing) , is extremely aggressive and dangerous, and is usually triggered by being threatened or being in situations reminiscent of the bombing or surgeries.

    Here's a more detailed bio and summation about him:

    drop me a message if youre interested~!
  2. This sounds really interesting!! I'd love to maybe get a little more information?
  3. Okay! Here's a more detailed backstory vuv

    Chess is in his early to mid twenties, but does not know his physical age. When he was approx. 10 or so, his home (somewhere in the UK, a small town) was hit by a bomb during a war (initially civil but he doesn't know the status of the war afterwards. any talk of it to him is avoided due to the risk of bringing about the violent persona. for all he knows it could've ended after or blown up into a drawn out world war).

    The next six years are still unknown to him, and being forced to remember or try to remember also triggers the alter persona. During this time he was under several operations meant to create supersoldiers from the injured and dying. He was used as a subject due to his injuries (brain damage, multiple organs damaged by shrapnel, missing his right eye and right arm) and that it was simple for the organization to say that the boy died in the blast with the others. The procedures were extremely arduous, including a bionic arm with experimental nerve feedback and much higher strength, an eye that functioned as a recorder/camera and had very basic thermal vision capabilities, and messing a bit with the damaged areas of his brain to make him more easily controllable.

    When he's sixteen or so, he starts identifying himself and gaining sentience again as opposed to a sort of constant catatonic or comatose state. He's emotionally stunted at nine, but shows a huge interest in mechanics and inventing (read as going up to scientists and playfully saying 'you're wrong' and rebuilding it his way, and making small gadgets to play initially friendly pranks). The talent is amplified by the computer-like addition to his brain, which otherwise is a massive, massive failure. Several months after his 'waking' the first triggering happens and afterwards he's completely ignorant of the fact that he beat someone to death in the middle of the lab.

    When every outburst occurs, each witness is moved to a new project and placed under a gag-order. Over the next few instances of this, people begin avoiding him and he ends up completely ostracized, treated a bit like the boogeyman. He is moved to the lowest level dorm (dorms are filled top to bottom. The bottom level is almost completely empty and lower levels are only usually used if a worker requests to be moved.) and after a couple years, completely gives up on trying to make friends as he still does not understand why people treat him as such. Instead, he starts playing videogames and is allowed television, and any books or movies he requests. He's also given internet access, which the organization tries to monitor and censor, but he easily gets past the blocks. (he only really goes on tumblr anyways). He also starts rebelling by messing with his own robotic parts, improving the strength and nerve feedback systems in his arm, and adding new functions to the eye. He also changes the color of the eye to red (he's a bit of a terminator fanboy) and and does increasingly nasty pranks on others (oil in coffee, setting off sprinklers at inconvenient times and hindering or ruining projects, setting off alarms, etc.)

    At his current point, there are two or three workers he speaks to civilly but otherwise is put to work on projects which generally consist of weapons (which itself is a shit idea as no one in a place of authority has realized that its a huge risk of him flipping out badly in a room potentially also occupied by a WMD) or allowed to do his own (things like a lock-scanner which inputs data into a thin rod that will change the length and number of pegs to match, essentially a skeleton key). Otherwise, it's Skyrim, a variety of FPS games, or watching Doctor Who or any other classic scifi/fantasy series or movies. Chess is probably getting a little curious about the outside world, but not enough to act on it. He has not had any major outbursts in maybe a year or so, and the pranking has also slowed. He also occasionally steals company cars to go to a nearby restaurant because something about it is familiar to him (foods he grew up on, plus the noises and smells. its one of the few non-triggering memories for him that he can at least somewhat explore)
  4. What do you have in mind for the roleplay? Any specific events or objective? Other than some kind of relationship?
  5. Something involving Chess leaving the facility and working out the memory thing are the only big things. Like I said, if you want it to turn romantic thats totally cool (doesn't matter if male, female, or nonbinary) itd just be a slow thing for him and itd be an interesting plot to do too c:

    Maybe he meets a new employee or intern and they start a really awkward friendship, or another person from the bombed town sees him at the restaurant and tries to figure out what the heck happened to him (also potential for a bit of a public flipout and the organization is all like 'oh shit that person witnessed it lets take them in' and then chess is like 'oh shit what did i do this time fuck i have to break you out' and then it could take kind of a fugitive turn?)

    idk , those are just a few random ideas
  6. I like the intern idea! Maybe my character witnesses one of Chess's outbursts and wants to help somehow?
  7. That sounds perfect! Do you have a character in mind? Also, would you want me to do the starter, or would you like to?

    (and im in an artsy fartsy mood so maybe ill have some character art ready later cccc:
  8. I might have something in mind, and could you start it? I'm really new, so I still don't know what exactly I'm doing
  9. oh n also (sorry bout all the questions >w<) did you wanna go romancey and if so safe or smutty? he's not a very sexual person but he'd enjoy making his partners happy and would dig the post sex cuddles.
  10. Romance is fine, I'm not entirely big on the whole sex scene, partly because I'm not very experienced in the rp world lol but where ever it goes is fine with me.
  11. Mmm just grammar, punctuation, and relax! If a person gets up in arms about how you roleplay, sometimes you jus need a different partner. communicating what you want to do and what you don't want or dont feel safe doing also is a good thing

    (pet death and rape are the two big problems for me. i haven't experienced the latter, it just makes me extremely anxious and i've already had a few instances on the MA board with people trying to convince me to roleplay eroticized assault)

    also, an active character's a fun character! even if they aren't doing anything, go into their feelings, or their reactions, or have your character do something unexpected~ in my last rp my partner did the same two or three entries for like thirty replies straight, just worded vaguely different and idk if im boring him or if he's just a lazy player.
  12. Ok! Thank you for the tips!! I'll certainly try my very best!! I'm so excited :p
  13. also ngl im gonna be a pretentious little shit and title it with stuff i found in a glossary of chess terms :B
  14. and ahhh sorry if that came across as know-it-all-ish or silly that's what my first partners told me when i started vuv
  15. And don't forget!! I might need a little nudging in the right direction at first :/
  16. i wont!! and if i miss something or something i write makes you uncomfortable or you wanna slow down or speed up or anything jus lemme know, k?
  17. I will! Communication is key to a great rp!! :p