INTEREST CHECK cyborg/robot/automaton alternate reality RP interst check.

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  1. In the beginning, there was nothing. There was only cold and blackness. Then the Great Eyhawaz, all-father of Metal created the First materials. Iron, gold, and silver. Then he forged the world of these things. titanium, copper, and many other metals came next. and all things on the first planet where made from the metal imagined by Eyhawaz....

    -excerpt from the Divine Metallicus. Date unknown.

    The Idea is simple. another version of our god in another world. all things where made of metal. flesh was metal, blood was oil and the soul was electricity divine. Men from the ancient world found themselves here, on OUR earth. The Automatons and their strange bodies, their strange ways.... their unnatural movements. They unsettled mankind when they came here, but no one was better at finding metal on earth. no one was a harder worker, and as the world turned and the decades passed the world was split.

    Int he metropolitan future the automatons and the Humans live side by side. steampunk supertechnology living next to mankinds circuitboards and industry.


    So that's the idea. Theres a larger 3 page idea of the formation of the world By Eyhawaz and such. ANyone interested?
  2. God of machines, living robots - cool concept. What about character sheets, and is there anything specific happening at this stage in history that our characters would be a part of. In other words, what's the plot to go with the awesome concept?

    I want in, but I also want to know more.
  3. The plot woudl be a civil war in the area. not a worldwide automaton versus human war, but a localized one in a isolated region. an outbreak of violence with seemingly no cause. our group woudl land together in a safe house, For the sake of the RP i am assuming all our characters would be automatons. i'v eeven devised a method of 'robot gore' for this that i think is rather intrigueing.
  4. I like this, but what I don't get is.... Is it an open world rp or is it based on one thing?
  5. This sounds awesome! I'm totally interested!
  6. Oooooh~
    Sounds interesting! Though I was hoping there' be a chance for humans who have embraced the machine god and "gone mechanical", if you understand
  7. Ooh yeah that would be awesome! Like maybe they became cyborgs you know? Like they 'lost' a few human parts and replaced them with prosthetic limbs or other machinery.
    But since the robots don't like humans, maybe they're treated like dirt?
  8. Who says he's gonna stop at a few? :D
    To gain the favor of the Machine God, one's gotta be more machine than man, no? :P
  9. Aye, I'm away but a few days and the children of EYhawaz are already plotting. Methinks they pray for his return. methinks they may be suprised what comes to drive ou r little group.

    AHEM... To answer as many questions as possible, I meant to keep the party all as Automatons for the sake of following their trials and tribulations as a whole treated TOGETHER with the same hand of fate/cruelty/Injustice all at once. If the Four chapter plot-Arch I've been working on can be managed, mayhaps a few of us could WORLDBUILD a bit on the idea and expand it's perameters. But for the sake of continuity and staying close tot eh idea's that forged.

    AND may i remind you these are simple automaton bodies. Not clockwork creatures with giant metal plates. THey seem altogether ORGANIC, unlike the livign machines we've seen in the newer TRANSFORMERS movies and the like. I don't even suppose they'de call themselves MACHINES unless it was a derogatory racial slur.
  10. Well, as I said, I hoped being a human was an option, but I understood that wasnt an option.
    The idea of automatans is still cool :3
  11. I'm definitely interested. Yet with automatons... I'm imagining humanoids just completely metal. Is that correct or no? For example.... something like this?[​IMG]
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  12. for the most part yes. Though soem definedly 'inorganic' elements remain. Metallic sounding voices from worlds echoeing in hollow lungs. immunity to organic toxins, and indeed an inbred ability to resist tarnish or the elements. I figured it might be interestign for them to have near clockwork hearts inside. Perhaps a few 'machine' references built into their 'dna' structure, joints and bones inside linked with fittings. that sort of thing. so when one gets blasted by grenade or melted by heat, the insides of them that show are gears and pipes spewing oil, veins made of thin tubes, tiny crystals whirling in gyroscopes, but everythign is either metal or mineral inside of them, no plastics, no insulatign layers of anything. a deeper perspective of theri anatomy may very well be needed. that IS infact teh task at hand for me.
  13. Has the ooc for this been posted yet or anything?
  14. will be posteign up An OOC within the week. tweeking out the bumpier parts of the idea. ^_^ STAY TUNED!!!
  15. Alrighty! Just keep me posted(: