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    Spotify playlist I made for inspiration, feel free to add to it:

    Tokoyema Corperation always had a great cover. It was an electronics juggernaut, its created numerous things over the years, including the world's most popular web search, and advances in robotics, communications, and other fields that effect everyday life. Its all wrapped cleanly up with a great PR department that makes Tokoyema look like a company that anyone sane would love to work at.

    The cover though, fell over the company's little dark secret. The Black Ghost Organization.

    Through out the last twenty years the organization has been working on designing the perfect super-weapon. Not a missile or a nuke, but one that can blend into any area or location with no suspicion. Only to strike fast and hard with frightening pinpoint accuracy. The purpose behind these experiments? Control, not only to allow any organization, legit or black market based, to gain control of one for the right price. Its also for the pure control having such a devastating weapon could bring.

    Years of testing, and a pile of corpses deemed not good enough later, the organization found what it believed to be the perfect set up to turn normal people into such perfect weapons. Over the course of a month, nine bodies that were recently killed due to natural causes were secretly taken away, their loved ones never the wiser. The bodies were reanimated, brought back to life not as people, but cyborgs. Gifted and equipped with hi tech technology that allowed inhuman feats to be easy for them.

    Despite being fed that all of this was for a special Tokoyema Corperation test, and that their family are aware and well compensated for all this. There was still a faint feeling of nothing about this being right. Before the nine of them could be given the brain washing treatment, four of them escaped from their holding rooms and were now loose in the streets of Tokyo. The remaining five have their assignment, get the other four, who are 'experiencing dangerous shorts in their circuiting', and they will be allowed their freedom.



    1: As the GM, I get the final word in all things.

    2: Be respectful, dickish behavior is bad.

    3: If you can't post at least semi-regularly please let us all know in the OOC.

    4: The aim with the characters is original takes on the people who become the 9 cyborgs. Taking inspiration from the original 9 is alright, but this is a retelling of the story at the end of the day.

    5: Not really an enforced rule, but keeping in theme with the anime/manga's theme of just about all of the characters (sans 002 and 005) being from different countries. Try to keep your character's nationality different from the others.

    6: I will be setting up a Titanpad for this RP, a sort of chat room word processor thing that allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. Of course working on posts together won't be required, but hey interacting with your fellow RPer couldn't hurt right? (that much...)


    Full Name:


    Code: 001-009


    Skills: (Anything they're good at outside of their cyborg enhancements)

    Cause of death:

    Background bio:


    001 - Enhanced brain gives him several psychic powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and extra-sensory perception. Though in the original manga/anime the character was a baby, I'm aiming for the role to be a little kid.

    002 - Has thrusters built into his feet, allowing him to fly at speeds of up to Mach 5. Jet is also equipped with an earlier, less powerful acceleration mode, later refined in 009.

    003 - Has enhanced vision and hearing, allowing her to see through walls and sense objects an enormous distance away. For this RP the character can also use their abilities to, with a second of lining up the shot, hit a target with any object up too 300 feet away.

    004 - Receiving the most extensive cyborg modifications: the fingertips on his right hand conceal machine gun barrels, his left hand has razor-sharp edges, and he has missiles hidden in his knees. Part of the right side of their chest and side is only metal without a skin covering.

    005 – Physically, they is the strongest as well as the biggest of the 00 Cyborgs; also having heavily armored skin.

    006 - power allows them to breathe huge flames which can be used to create tunnels in the earth and attack enemies with underground explosions. Also for the RP has fireproof skin and insides.

    007 - has the incredible ability to reshape their cellular structure at will, allowing them to take form of any object, creature, or person they wish.

    008 – Originally this was the power to completely breath and move underwater, since this would be tough to write around. I'm officially making this one a wild card. If you want the spot please give me a power you want the character to have. Keeping in mind these are cyborgs so it can't be anything mystical in nature.

    009 - receiving several body enhancements during the process of being turned into a cyborg. They are super-humanly strong, resistant to damage, can leap large distances, and can breathe underwater. The most prominent ability is the power to move at a speed so fast that everything else looks like a statue to them, this is triggered by a switch embedded in their teeth. However, they cannot touch any normal creatures such as humans in this state; the high speeds would kill or otherwise cause serious injury to the creature through air friction.


    For right now I'm willing to let others pick who they want, I've got a few ideas to stew over.​
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