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  1. Cyberspace/internet (open)

    Cyberspace or more common as the internet has influenced humans for many years, made it into a great everyday entertainment. You can search for information, make your own world and even talk to people from distance. It has existed in many years and already at a young age, made it possible to be "in" the games but then, at year 2098 they discovered that you could now as well be inside the internet and not only experience games. At year 2107 they already started their first control to see if they could make it possible to get inside the huge cyberspace. But it failed and in year 2114 they tried once again to see if it where possible and took two young humans in the test. The company made the two young people anonymous and started their experiment once again.
    But something happened and the machine couldn't control itself, it broke and left the two young people inside the internet without any way out. They had succeed with taking humans inside the huge internet but sadly they where stuck there. The parents who had known about this got really upset and angry about the company and their huge scandal made it into media and their experiment got closed down after two years in trying to get the young people out of the internet.

    It has been 30 years since the experiment and even now, a secret company is trying to get the young people out of the internet but is still out of clues on how to do it. The young people who was stuck inside the internet had now learn how the internet works and can go around and learn many different ways but one threat can make them dissapear forever, the C-VIRUS. The virus was a handmade by some young student who wanted to take over the internet by hacking it and destroy some files but what the young student didn't know, was the virus itself. Now the young people stuck inside the internet is trying to find a way out while fighting against small and big viruses but what they don't know, is that a huge danger can come towards them, the C-VIRUS that is lurking in the shadows, waiting for it's move to destroy the huge cyberspace.



    1. No god-mod, you can't be a ridiculous strong opponent that can destroy the C-VIRUS alone for example. Also you can't be the C-VIRUS.

    2. Try to stay in the rp story and don't play around too much.

    3. I would like it if you could write much so please do and when you write, write so anyone can understand it.

    4. Remember that this isn't real, so don't try to think too much realistic.

    5. You can have how many characters you want, but remember to have a main one.


    My Character:

    Name: Hideki Testuya

    Age: 17

    Type: Human (The one who got stuck inside the internet of the two anonymous)

    Hideki (open)

    Character: Is quiet for the most of the time, a serious person who really doesn't like people that much but is an animal lover. He also loves the internet because that is the only place where he can really "relax". He is almost like a robot if you could call him that.

    Likes: Animals, his computer and the internet, reading and be alone

    Hates: people, his older brother, viruses and too salty food

    Background: Born in 2097 and when 17 years old, he got to be in the experiment the year 2114. Sadly he got stuck inside the internet together with a person he had never met before but was around the same age as him, maybe older or younger. He lives with his mother and older brother that he doesn't like very much, he also have a dog that he loves very much and got the dog when he was 8 years old. He have been pretty much an outsider and not very "normal" but that's due to his phobia for people and to talk to them. He was much inside with his computer and wouldn't go outside much but when he did, he would hide in the corner where there wern't many people or go outside early or late on the day when there wouldn't be a lot of people outside. He has now been stuck in the cyberspace for over 30 years now and is now with his partner trying to find a way out.

    Other: He could hack the system and now has a weapon instead of a normal arm, he can some cheat codes but not many and now tries to find more codes in hope that one of them is holding a clue. He can also hack so he can get more stuff on himself like his backpack for example that make him fly around the cyberspace.

    If you've something to ask, please PM me :3
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  2. [​IMG]
    I'm not your sweet princess..

    Hanako Inoue



    Character: Like in the past, she was a reserved quiet girl who stuck her nose in her own business. Hanako wasn't the type to speak for too long, as she only exchanged few words; including her parents. But after when she entered the Internet World, Hanako has gotten more aggressive (if you flip on her switch) and intimidating; the complete opposite of what she was back in reality. Otherwise, she's a simple-minded teenager that doesn't really care about almost anything at all.

    A functioning computer, Internet, and WIFI.

    School and studying.

    Like her parents, Hanako never stood out. Starting from the age of six, she let people torment her without saying a word; because it was bothersome to fight back and a waste of time. Nobody cared about the bullying and so did her. The only thing that kept her motivated in life was the Internet; an activity she would spend on everyday when she's at home. But, due to her strict parents; Hanako would also have to focus on her studies and keep her grades up as it was something she did not like to do. Regardless of her disliking, she was good at it anyway.

    Her everyday attires is wearing a military-green parka and a simple tee with ripped jeans, throwing in an old beat-up sneaker. As her weapon to defend herself, she would usually care around a steel pole. Usually keeps her hair in a messy bun.
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  3. Accepted!

    Do you've any questions or can I start to write the IC right away?
  4. Yay c:

    Hmm, I don't have any questions so far. You can start if you want :))! I might reply late because I have to go out somewhere D:
  5. Okay then!

    And it's okay, I will probably figure out what to write so it'll surely take some time with that.
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