Cyberpunked Sci-Fi

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  1. Who likes it? I know I do! ( ̄▽ ̄)
  2. Cyberpunks? How could you go wrong?!
  3. I know, right?! You get a cookie! Just recently, I've been craving a fusion roleplay of Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk! So I take it this peaks your interest, yeah?
  4. More than you know! What are you basing it off of and/or what books do you use?
  5. I'm not basing it off anything. I just had a little twist of wanting to do something like this from a teaser trailer I watched about a Sci-Fi RPG called Cyberpunk 2077. As for using books, I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  6. Its totally made up? Thats cool. By books I mean something like Gurps Cyberpunk. I often use a world builder for my roleplay making and nothing more.
  7. I've never heard of that book before. I don't know if I'd be able to check it out right away though, unless there's an online book for it.
  8. Wow! That has a lot to say about Cyberpunk! The point thing is weird to me, though, so I don't think I'd be using that, but for ideas and the universe itself, I'll look to that for reference.
  9. Also note, it mentions others books that would be useful to a GM besides that one.

    However, in this book here Cyberwears is my favorite section. Lots of cool stuff. Ultra tech is a very cool book to add to your archive along side this one.
  10. Thanks. I don't know how I'll be able to do this on my own, but I can ask others around for collaboration.
  11. I think I have more than enough research. It's simply having people to help me build the universe but all in all, thank you very much for the resources you've provided. I'm sure they'll be of good use to building a cyberpunked sci-fi universe. ^ ^
  12. Your welcome. Finally, let me lend you one more treasure of mine.
    AD&D World Builder PDF
    If you are building an entire universe with great detail. I always use this one and it never fails to help me build a world that is rich of life and creativity. It is my absolute favorite book.
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  13. D&D?! Oh my goodness! Thanks for that. I'll definitely be using that as well, haha! ヽ(^。^)丿
  14. When you finally get one made up I'd love to play it. Seriously looking forward to it actually. ^u^
  15. I would definitely love to join as well once this starts up. If you want a bit more insight on 2077's world, there is the RP system it was based off that goes by the same name but 2020 instead... Because the 80s thought it would happen then.
  16. Amazing once you think about that though. 2020 is a few years away and in the 80's thdy thought we'd have back to the future 2 or the jetsons technology.
  17. Yeah. I mean, we are really advanced, just not everywhere. It's a very odd blend of cyberpunk and modern day we have going on.
  18. Very. There were some military grade inventions similar ti cyberpunk in the 90's so no telling how far we've come today.
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