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  1. Dammit. I don't know how to intro people into The Highway... let me see... I got it!

    Note: The RP is ever expanding. I'm currently writing a pantheon of (Totally not SCP/Lovecraftian inspired) Alien Gods. Also expanding more on the lore.

    Note2: I wrote this early in the morning, expect grammatical(spelling) errors.

    The Highway
    The Highway is what you get when you have when you mix traditional tabletop with RP, along with healthy doses of sarcasm; "pop-culture" references; hamfisted attempts at satire; and Lovecraftian Elements. You get a dice rolling good time with one man at the helm (ME). (Call this the DUH! Section)You can do anything you want, go where you want, find what you want (if I allow you). This is the RP I (hate) love to run due to what players can do in this world I set before them.

    Simple. You cause an action, expect a reaction.

    It plays like a text-adventure game. You input a command (while RP'ing mind you), and I spit out what happens.
    I could hear my heart beating in my chest... this man. One we trusted for ages has now turned his gun on us. I knew what I had to do. I had to punch him in the nuts.
    This is what I'd update with:
    Quickly you hop from the ground, breathing heavily. You dive towards McGonrads gonads. You swing with all your might and smack his "weak spot" for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
    >You hear a sickening splatter followed by screams of agony. McGonrads slowly collapses to the ground holding his crotch!

    Combat is something to be avoided. I do it Dwarf Fortress mixed with Fallout, so chunky, gory, brutal combat will be the norm. If you get injured, prepare to RP that shit out (say you get shot in the chest, it'll heal over time if treated properly. And a scar will be added to the appearance section of the Character sheet.). You can also die, but deaths won't be that common if you play smart.

    Finally the thing that matters. The World you'll be playing in.
    The Lore:
    The Storm
    The year 2033: Experimental portal technology to bend the fabric of space and time was being worked on as a new form of cleaner, faster, and safer travel. Every test was a failure with the portal never opening up or unleashing some horrible creature on the crew.
    It was the date 11/29/33 when The Storm occurred. The sky was a dark grey and it had been raining all that morning. Portals started appearing at 1:30PM with a large flash covering the sky clearing away the clouds and revealing tons of mile long portals that seemed to fade-in-and-out. Panic started to set in when the portals started appearing near the ground, they looked like uncut crystal shards that shimmered in different colors. Creatures and other worldly beings starting to pour out of these portals at 1:35PM, the death toll started its rise within seconds of this happening. Mass Hysteria started to ensue at this point, looting, running, and barricading occurred for the next few weeks, while the government was scrambling to save everyone and organize a game plan.
    It had been three weeks. Refugee camps were set-up in the North-West of the USA. Clean-up crews were sent into high-risk areas to dispose of the corpses, little did they know the corpses were carrying a parasitic worm that takes over the central nervous system. With the news of this parasite spreading fast all over the East Coast, the military was dispatched to eliminate any/all infected individuals. With the parasite spreading even faster and out-numbering the uninfected humans, the US was left with one option. Bomb all infected cities. It was a semi-success; due to the constant "nuking" of the East and West Coasts a massive earthquake was triggered which in turn sunk most of the coast(s) taking (most of) the “zombies” with it.
    Society has fallen at this point; all contact with the government has been lost. What’s happening beyond the US is no longer known, and the military has seemingly disappeared in the now snow covered North-West. Major Earthquakes are being felt in the middle of the US, with large freak sandstorms not allowing any travelers to pass into the territory and there’s rumors of a vast alien jungle growing down in the South-West that seemingly stretches into Mexico. All while the death toll skyrockets even more!
    It has now been one year since The Storm. The sandstorms have settled in the Center of the US, revealing a large and vast desert that has swallowed whole cities. Further traveling has given reports that there is a large “bottomless” canyon that starts at the edge of Lake Superior and ends in Huston, Texas. Crime Families and Gangs have started forming barbaric tribes in the flooded remains of Times Square, New York, NY. They are constantly disputing and eventually break apart with the, Bleeding Warriors being the largest group to leave and move out towards the large desert of Middle America. Settlements are starting to become more common and scavengers are starting trade networks with both Raiders and Settlements. A large supply company in the flooded remains Miami, called The New Wardle Trading Company, starts to become the first faction that is mostly peaceful and benefits every side. Near the end of the first year The Parasite starts to come back infecting most major settlements, in turn “zombies” start coming back in full force.
    It has now been two years since The Storm, many scavenging spots have started running dry, otherworldly creatures and zombies/mutants have started to become more numerous, and many of the farms are failing. The RP takes place in this time frame, what happens next is entirely caused by the players.

    The World:

    East/West Coasts
    Both Coasts have been "completely" swallowed by the oceans. This was due to the military bombings which were so intense it caused massive parts of the land to collapse into the sea, most notably New York and Los Angeles. The East Coast is also plagued with severe storms that are being caused by the portals.

    he whole middle of America was heavily altered by the portals, with a large canyon running through the states of Minnesota, Iowa, the borders of Kansas and Missouri, the most eastern part of Oklahoma, and east Texas with Dallas and Houston being swallowed by the canyon. The desert is teaming with giant insects, mutants, and Alien Abominations.

    Indiana AKA: Dust (Created By: Lorknis) (open)

    Geography (open)
    Post-Storm Indiana is a much different place than what it was before. From large fields of corn to giant sand-dunes, much of the land is foreign to even born citizens of the state. The capital, Indianapolis, was hit especially hard by both portals and nuclear weapons, forcing its surviving citizens to take shelter underground. The Largest Subcity dubbed New Indianapolis was founded out of the bunker under a news station. Its original leader had left for unknown reasons and was headed by a priest named Father Micheal. Old Indianapolis has since fallen to an old corpse that is slowly rotting. Not much is known about any other subcities that are known to harbor in the subway systems.

    The North West

    Is a large frozen wasteland, not much else is known about this location.

    The South West

    The south west is teaming with wild-life both familiar and alien. Starting from the deserts in Western Texas, is a large stream that divides the arid deserts from the humid jungles.


    The Zombies in The Highway get stronger the longer they are "feasted on" by the Parasite.

    Appearance: Their appearance is determinant by how long they've been hosting the "parasite". And what they were before their transformation.

    Known Details so far: The 1-9 days of infection: The zombie is pale and has pure ebony black eyes, they move rather fast but weak.
    10-29 days of infection: The zombie has mostly been decayed/absorbed by the parasite, they are slower but are more stronger then when they were first infected.
    30-40 days of infection: The zombie begins to bloat and spew a grey acidic sludge, their (inflamed and eroded)intestines are usually exposed and appear to be filled with the grey sludge.
    Diet: They eat what ever they can get their hands on.

    Character Sign-Ups

    Okay. There's one more thing that I need to explain.

    You can be a android or "mutant" (more like a anthro, but what'evs), since I have the game partially cyber-punkish I will allow these things to exist. As for weapons... there's not really any "proper laser guns", they're more like... railguns that shoot electricity.

    So here's the sheet, and feel free to leave questions in the sheet.

    Race: [Human/Android/"Mutant"/Other(dog, cat, etc)]
    Appearance: [You can include articles of clothing here as well]
    Skills: [Things your character is good at. Example: Drinking, Shooting, Driving, Spam Eating]
    Traits: [Things your character "is". Have some good, have some bad. Example: Heavy Drinker, Optimist, etc..]
    Backstory: [OPTIONAL]
    Questions: [Feel Free to ask, I have all the answers/solutions]
  2. Name: Donatello 'Donny Roach' Roach
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Donatello, or Donny Roach, as he likes to be called, is a man of average height and average build, yet carries a menacing, intimidating aura about him. He would be handsome, were it not for the copious amounts of scars and stitches about his angular face. Donny's black hair is neatly combed and often gelled, taken to the side in a wave. His nose has had multiple minor surgeries operated on it from how many times it's been broken, and his knuckles are slightly misshapen from....overuse. Donny often wears a brown leather jacket, dress shirt (no tie), black dress pants, and leather driving shoes, with some leather gloves on his person at all times. His voice is rather raspy and loud, with a hint of Italian.

    Inventory: Bootleg machine pistol (.22), refillable Zippo, rolling papers+tobacco, fancy shaving kit, complete with razor, cream, tweezers, etc., roll of red duct tape, 'Tools of the Trade' (A large, flat, folding leather pouch affixed to a pocket in Donny's jacket. Contents: 3 small switchblades, high quality, a small pair of pliers, three disposable zip ties, an adjustable wrench about 8 inches across, a small ball peen hammer, one 4 oz lighter fluid can, expandable baton, 12 inches when fully expanded, 2 folding hacksaws, and a pry bar.)
    Gun (open)

    Some Tools (open)

    Armor: Brown leather jacket, dress shirt, dress pants, leather driving shoes, black socks, black belt.

    Skills: Brawling, Causing Pain (luckily hitting sensitive areas and such), Handguns, Persuasion.
    Traits: [Tough] [Intimidating] [Addictive Personality] [Hard to Like]
    Backstory: Donatello Roach was not a good man before the Storm, and he hasn't been a good man since the Storm. In fact, he's most likely gotten worse. He's always been good at fixing things, from a rat in the crew, to some rivals getting rowdy, and he's even been said to get a bit......overzealous. But his side never complains, that's for sure. The other side might, but that's probably just the screws under their fingernails.

    Roach was outta the big city quick after the initial event, living in a FEMA camp for a while before hearing about other.....more independent communities. And ones that could use his talents, no doubt. He's been selling said talents to the highest bidder for over a year and a half, and by God, is he enjoying it.
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  3. Why did you have to leave us? :(

    ALSO: Interested? = Yes.

    Are you gonna create a separate signup thread, or do we signup here?
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  4. Name: Allen Montirgony
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Standing at a nice 5'10", Allen has messy black hair and brown eyes. Except, his left eye is missing. He is tough and fairly quick. His left and right arm boast some strange spaced metal plating design attached to leather. (Think about Dead Space 1 and Issac's arm when he has the suit on).
    Wearing: Metal jaw-plated balaclava, eye patch, green t-shirt, chest rig, jeans, holster, knee pads, and boots.

    Inventory: AR-15 with a bayonet on the end, a few magazines of 5.56, Glock 19, a few magazines of 9mm, a lighter, and a utility knife.
    Armor: Metal jaw-plated balacava, chest rig, ribbed(?) arm guards, knee pads, and boots.

    Skills: Cooking, speech, and first aid.
    Traits: Eagle eye, missing an eye, optimist, heavy drinker,
    Backstory: Previously a medic in the military, the cataclysm has brought his spirits down to a crawl and is coming back to drinking his problems away. He seems like a nice person on the survace, but his scars tell otherwise.

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  5. [Insert complete character sheet here]
  6. (WIP) and AJ....why you leave us ;-;

    Name: Yuri Solotov
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: [You can include articles of clothing here as well]


    Skills: [Things your character is good at. Example: Drinking, Shooting, Driving, Spam Eating]
    Traits: [Things your character "is". Have some good, have some bad. Example: Heavy Drinker, Optimist, etc..]
    Backstory: [OPTIONAL]
  7. Name: William Cooperstone, AKA "Cooper" or, very-very rarely among friends, "Stoner"

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37

    Appearance: William is a mesomorphic male with an oval-shaped face and olive-colored skin. He stands at 1,86 meters tall and weighs somewhere around 76 kg. He is a reasonably strong individual, being able to pry open wooden windows and such, and has an average flexibility. He has a short light-brown messy hair and dark gray eyes, and has a small scar crossing his right cheek, but it is not very noticeable through his short beard. His usual clothing is made of a dark green bandana with a strange pattern tied to his neck (in the hot days he wears it on his head), an old long-sleeved red-and-blue stripped (and buttoned) shirt, a caqui utility vest, with some really noticeable makeshift pockets sewn into it, dark blue jeans with a leather belt, a pair of black hiking boots and plain white socks.
    Inventory: [M1 Garand rifle] [3 spare 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges] [a mouth harmonica] [a pack of cigarettes] [a combat knife]

    Armor: [Leather fingerless gloves] [Leather arm-guards, reinforced with iron] [Leather leg guards, also reinforced with iron] [a small rectangular scrap buckler tied to his right arm]

    Skills: Marksmanship, Rifles, Close Combat Specialist (both with a knife and bare-handed), has a musical talent with his harmonica, cultured

    Traits: [Eagle-Eyed][Night Vision][Light Eater][Chain smoker][Insomniac][His left leg hurts a bit from a very old wound]

    Backstory: William was just a man that aimlessly wandered around the wastes, helping people and scavenging supplies along the way; but then he has met the group and decided to join it just to see where will it lead him.

    But before that, he was just a simple duck hunter living in a small town somewhere in North Carolina .

    Additional notes: He is a natural left-handed individual, and he prefers to use any melee weapons with this hand. He can easily play any song from his memory with his harmonica.

    A question, AJ. Do we continue where we left off or do we start all over again?
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  8. Name: Duncan McShale
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Race: Hooman

    Appearance: An average man standing at 5'8, he wears a Docker's Flatcap atop his head. His grey eyes lie behind some exspensive looking glasses. His large hands are covered by fingerless, thick gardener's gloves. He's also wearing a thick, sleeveless trenchcoat, a pair of cargo pants, socks n' steel toed boots, and a backpack.

    Back story: Before the bullshittery that was the Cataclysm tore the world asunder, Duncan was a cameraman working for a local television news station. Born in Scotland and later moved to Indiana when he was 16, he found himself just as where he had found himself before: An outcast by his peers. He chalks that up to his 'logical' approaches where it does more harm than good like friendships and other relationships. He eventually went to school [much to his distaste] and then later began his profession. When the Cataclysm hit he was at the news station, but quickly left because "Fuck that shit". If you ask him for much else (especially about post-Cata Indiana) he'll divert the topic.
    Inventory: [2x Loads of 8x40] [Binoculars] [Pre-war Map of the US] [Bottle of Whiskey] [A large collection of random manga]
    Armor: [Thick Trenchcoat] [] [] []
    Wielding [RM99 Revolver]
    Skills: Electronics, Driving, Speech
    Traits:Intelligent,Sleepy,Skilled Liar,Bad Knees.
  9. I'm totally down :D Expect a sheet or something later-ish?

    Oh, and OOC with sheets and stuff usually goes in the Sci-Fi section, AJ. This is usually for interest checks and just explaining the idea to folks :p
  10. Name: "Vendetta"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: ???
    Appearance: He has a height of 5'10, and has an average build. No other physical features can be seen, as he is covered head-to-toe in clothes. He wears a hoodie, leather backpack, boot-cut jeans, old leather boots, thin, black glove liners, a holster, and a "V for Vendetta" Mask.
    Inventory: M&P9 9mm handgun, Survival knife, canned food.
    Armor:V for Vendetta mask, reinforced with steel plating
    Skills: The ability to not give a fuck. Fast Learner. Decent at melee.
    Traits: Low stamina. Psychotic. Addiction resistant.
    Backstory: Nobody knows...
  11. New character ideas gooooooo!
  12. Sign-ups have been moved to the OOC found in the Sci-Fi section. Thanks to Dusty I know how to do this now.
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