Cyberpunk Post-Apocalyptic RP

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Let's go to war
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Modern Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Low Fantasy, Historical, Horror
The year was 2018.

Nuclear bombs went off from all corners of the globe. The U.S., China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, all fired off deadly warheads that left the earth buried in cinders. Mankind survived. Reduced to drastically small numbers, humans nonetheless banded together and created enormous settlements in the shells of some major cities that came to be known as "conurbations". These C.B.s, for short, were home to the remnants of an ingenious race that pioneered many miracles of science. Medicine, transportation, technology, and even weaponry advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, as the human race strove to rebuild. As the climate drastically changed around them, turning the Pacific Ocean into an inhospitable and treacherous desert, many C.B.s fell to ruin and failed. People started to leave and move out beyond the safety and comfort of city life, trying to tame the wastelands that lie before them.

The year is now 2177.

Six C.B.s still remain, scattered across the globe, and many smaller settlements thrive without access to the modern marvels held within. Each surviving C.B. was given a designation after a planet. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto stand as testaments to human progress, though the danger is much greater than it may appear at first.

Outside of the C.B. that comprises the former Baltimore area, Neptune C.B., are five distinct groups of survivors, all bearing their own skills, cultures, and unique traits. Inside of Neptune C.B., a war looms. Those still living within must deal with a corrupt police force and a unique challenge as a megalomaniac seeks to upload his consciousness into a massive supercomputer and corrupt the entire mainframe of one of the last vestiges of humanity. From the inside, not much can be done. The populace is beaten into submission by a well-armed and ruthless force that was hand selected by the very man they fear most.

The only hope lies in the wastes. Should the troubles in Neptune C.B. spread globally, it could very well spell extinction for the people who resist, and perhaps even for those loyal to the madman. So, the diverse groups that dwell outside in their shanty towns and assorted settlements must now take up arms as a group to thwart the biggest threat that mankind has ever known. If they can't stop him at the source, they will have to travel far and wide to ensure that the remaining C.B.s can defend themselves against a living, malevolent virus.

There's already an OOC if you want to take a peek at more in-depth information regarding this world and the plot. I'm hoping to find players or people who have questions! So please, ask away!​
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