Cyberpunk Politics for the Novice Puppeteer [Working Title]

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  1. The following have yet to have a fully crafted world/setting, but I wanted to write my basic idea down beforehand and see if there was any interest already.

    Congratulations, Graduating Class of 2408!
    You have successfully completed all of your courses in the Vern Institute of Social Management and are now to be assigned to your Council and to a brand new Scion! We hope your career will be long and profitable, as you of course know the price of failure!
    That message was the last thing you saw before you left the dorm you had occupied for the last twenty years yesterday. As your Student's terminal was replaced by it's fancier Councilman's cousin, the garish colors were strangely ingrained into your conscious along with the gentile threat it spoke of so flippantly. Today would be the start of a new life, one of machinations and shadowy dealings as you and your fellow would strive to achieve perfection together, gathering connections, funds, intelligence and political clout over the Republic and, through it, the whole of humanity at length. The eight of you would be the masterminds behind your Scion's flawless yet empty veneer, and it would be your voices that would be heard through his speeches.

    You would not be a politician as, after all, who would truly want to, in this day and age?
    Hello everyone!

    As can be guessed up there, I will soon be seeking eight willing participants to go on a wild ride with me as I take you through episodic trial that will shape the story as a whole, how NPCs will react to events and, of course, your characters as they will attempt to pretty much groom what amount to a brain-dead vegetable outfitted with state of the art control chips and a flashy smile into the world's (or at least the totally-not-ominous Republic) next leader. There will be rivals, subtle-or-not-so-subtle machinations and plenty of shady things all around!

    This little plot bunny is to (hopefully) be coming near you in the following weeks/month, but until then, feel free to ask anything you may want to about it.​
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  2. This sounds coolio, I'm interested
  3. This look like this would take some time to find enough interest, so I do hope your interest will stay and would be happy to answer any question about this that you may have. :)
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  4. Well, consider yourself down with at least one person. :3
  5. Excellent! As said before, I'm available for plot-related questioning! :D
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  6. What genres would this fall under? X3
  7. Let's see... Cyberpunk with a little bit of Drama.
  8. Mhm, the controlled politician be mostly robot, for maximum control and performance. Also, the Republic is kinda hell for the poor :(.
  9. Ah. XO Who will our characters be?
  10. We'll be making the eight masterminds behind one of the five politicians that will be running for election.