Cyberpunk Megacorporation Template

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So, you have a Cyberpunk setting? Well, no Cyberpunk Setting is complete without a Megacorporation! Be it Blade Runner's Tyrell Corporation, or Shadowrun's Corporate Court, Cyberpunk settings are full of Corporations that rule the world, and even rule you. These companies have gained extraterritorality, and have gained limitless power. Governments are no match for their strength.

Let's get started, shall we?





What industries does it have a Monopoly on?: (Aerospace, computers, medical technology, etc.)

What City is it based in?:

What Cities does it have a presence in?:

How long has it been around?:

Known subsidiaries:

Known rivals:

Known Shareholders:

Company History:

And that should about wrap this up. I don't know how I did, but this should give you the basics of how to make a Megacorporation for a Cyberpunk setting.
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