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  1. What if every program, every AI, every Vocaloid. Even every virus. What if they were no different from the humans that created them. They work, they talk, they fall in love. They laugh, and they cry, and they get mad. They live their lives. All the while we are blissfully unaware of what goes on inside the realm of technology... What if you were one of them?...

    So yeah, you take on the role of a computer program of some kind. There is no real "Sign Up" just be sure to give an idea of what they look like, whether it be via pic or description, and what they do. Their "Job" so to say. You can play as two characters, but please use different color text to indicate who is who.
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  2. You could have at least tagged me! O_O
  3. I really wanna do this, you should have called me in it when you put it up. u_u; I'm in, kay?
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  4. sorry I put it on the int check actually XD
  5. I'm jumping in! Can I play existing programs?
  6. Sure, just make it your own.
  7. I'll play Hotspot Shield and a made up painting software called MagiClick. is that okay? I'm posting.
  8. absolutely. I have no problem with it.
  9. done! hope that was ok.
  10. Yes it was. I will post, but i regret to inform you... Its late. I need to get some sleep, so it will be my last post for tonight. I shall leave you in charge after my post. It shouldn't be too hard.
  11. Woah! Okay then, good night!
  12. umm hi...I dont know if this thread is dead or not but I really like the idea of "living" computer programs. I was thinking of being a "refugee" from a server that was taken down by a virus attack. I would be some sort of military type character/mercenary looking for work. Please get back to me if that is ok because I dont want to make a character that will not fit in well.
  13. It's not dead! Please do join! Hotspot will help that kind of program :D
  14. ok cool! thanks ^^

    alright the character is up
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  15. This looks interesting. I'm jumping in, but if my character isn't working feel free to ask me to leave.
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