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  1. Hello guys. I have multiple slots open for this one as I usually do with my rps, but I wanted to try an idea I never have done before. I wanted to try something that may perhaps be a bit slice of lifey...I think...anywho. I wanted to try a roleplay in which the two characters meet and fall in love online. It's just something a bit different and sounded interesting. I have no idea as far as plot, and would love if you could help me out there. So here's a few things about my rules.

    1. MxF only
    2. I play female roles
    3. No incest, huge age splits (fantasy is another case), or harems for if things do go libertine.
    4. Cookies are good
    5. I prefer to rp over PM.
  2. Sounds like an interesting idea. :3 Should I PM you?
  3. Yes please :3
  4. I'm interested in this. Pm me :D
  5. Is this still a thing lewi dear :3
  6. Then i am interested, just add it to our list of stuff to talk about in pms :P
  7. Me rikey, please pm me about it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.