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    Many, if not all, of these are romance-oriented, so yeah. Keep in mind that I'm already in another roleplay currently, so I might be slow.

    Rules for Roleplaying with Me

    •Must write in third person.

    •Must be able to write more than one line, and have relatively correct spelling and grammar. (Open Office is free and has a built-in spellchecker.)

    •We can discuss things in PM, but I'd prefer to do the actual roleplay in a thread.

    Onto the ideas. By the way, I can play both male and female, but my males won't be too masculine. Unless otherwise stated, I can be either role.

    Untitled Idea 1 (I'm thinking of something innocuous-sounding like “Sweet [Either Character's Name]”.) (FxM/F)

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    A was a normal high school student with a crush on a girl named B. B is a normal looking girl, but what A doesn't know is that B's the criminal who's been in the recent papers.

    Perfect Sense (F/MxF/M) (ModFan) [Closed]

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    A dreams of living in other worlds better than their own “boring” world. One day, B enters A's school, and happens to look like someone from one of A's fantasies. After a confrontation, B is revealed to be from a world like the ones A dreams of. However, is B's world truly better than A's?

    Blind Faith (Not sure about this title) (MxF) (I'd prefer to be the female.)(Fantasy/Romance) [Closed]

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    Prince A, after the death of his father, is reluctantly forced by his mother to find a princess to marry. At a meeting for a prospective arranged marriage, A meets B, a priestess accompanying the princess. The princess is unwilling to go along with the marriage, and asks B to pretend to elope with A. Following her princess's orders, B tells A of the plan, which he goes along with. What starts out as obligation may just as well lead to an unexpected love. *

    (*If it's okay with you, I'd like to have my character be somewhat "Yandere", or at least be obsessive)

    I'm also open to others' ideas, but I don't do certain roleplays.

    List of RP Types I Don't Do
    • Furry/Animal
    • Historical
    • Mature
    • Fandom

    Thank you for looking.

    My previous (and outdated) thread, with more ideas and pairings: Here (Please post in this thread and not that one, though)
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  2. Hey there!
    I liked the Blind Faith Idea! I laughed mentally imagining my character dealing with an obsessed wife.
    I can do another RP at the moment.
  3. Hey, and thanks for the interest. It is a pretty funny thought, isn't it?

    Whenever you can, feel free to PM me or reply to this thread.
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