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    -Five Nights at Freddy's

    Amid the pleasant summer breeze and the harmonious swaying of short grass blades, the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar in the middle of a currently empty central park is conducted along with the peaceful tone throughout the mixture of grass, lone trees, stone pathways, and various park-benches that scatter the open expanse. A brilliant morning sun blesses the landscape with its first volley of light.

    Sitting among one of the many park-benches is a young man whom is just beyond the boundary between childhood and adulthood. Clearly and recently washed, with his dark hair positioned exactly the way he prefers it, with his bangs producing the signature "X" shape that crosses just above the bridge of his nose. He dresses casually with a white top and blue jeans for this morning. A newspaper lies open and tilted at an angle with the top of the paper resting against the backrest of the park-bench, as if the young man had been reading it for a short time, then suddenly decided to start strumming at the guitar that he happened to bring along with him this morning, as he is feeling unusually rhythmic on this day. He can't quite explain why he feels the way he does at the moment, but as far as he knows, he just felt like strumming and singing today...

    Well I'm taking my time,
    I'm just movin' along...
    You'll forget about me after I've been gone.~

    He merrily recites Boston lyrics along with the proper series of chords from the song titled "Long Time", until a voice sounds from within...

    Heh... Get a load of this, Thoren.

    Abruptly, a feminine voice manifests within the young man's mind, and he instinctively looks to his left, where the newspaper lays slanted, until it suddenly shifts in position to reveal a decently young black cat with a set of blue eyes that are a few shades darker than Thoren's. The feline directs the paper's movement so that Thoren could catch it easily. "What's up, Ash?" he asks out loud, for now putting aside the guitar and holding the paper out in front of him.

    Without a second thought, the cat takes up a position at Thoren's lap, and places a paw among the point of interest at the center of the paper's current page. Thankfully, he himself had laid eyes upon just before she could point it out.

    He takes a moment to read over the advertised job opening, and for a moment, glares at it. "They can't be serious... 'injury/dismemberment'? No one in their right mind would apply!" he thinks out-loud, which causes a purr of agreement from his companion.

    I hear you. Still... I wonder if anyone actually would apply. I'd say your typical teenager would be up for something like this. They and their foolishness...

    "Hmm... now that you put it that way," Thoren begins to ponder in his typical thinking position, "It does raise some concern... I wonder if we should--"

    --Check it out? Maybe. I've considered it, anyway... But I don't see a reason to worry, since no one is forcing us to be involved, Ashpelt points out, then taking the opportunity to nuzzle Thoren's stomach, besides... it's nice to have a some peacetime, you know?

    Just after she says this, as if on cue, Thoren's cellphone starts to ring, and as a force of habit, he extracts it from his jeans pocket after giving Ashpelt's head an affectionate rub.

    Who is it? the cat asks.

    "...It's the F.E.A.R. Coordinator."

  2. The light humming of electric light, the buzzing of a fan, and the occasional flipping of pages are the only noises that sound within the small room. It surely was a nice day outside, but the girl that inhabits the room wouldn't know, what with the lack of windows. She, a young woman of about 18, hadn't been outside for a good few weeks; not since she was put off duty. She was still employed, but the higher-ups hadn't had any jobs for her to do; thus, she was stuck in a room, left to her own devices. Her attention focuses on reading some book about something or other, when the sound of footsteps approaching breaks whatever concentration she has. A man, about 10 years the girl's senior, walks in, carrying a page from a newspaper.

    “Silvia, we've found a job for you.” He says, holding the newspaper out to the girl, a section of it circled. “It's just a regular job, though, nothing too exciting.”

    “Watch cameras? That's all?” The young woman asks, before reading further. “Wait a second. 'Not responsible for injury/dismemberment'? You said this was a regular job, right?”

    “That's mostly what you'll be doing. Place a few phone calls to the police if anything happens, maybe.” The man answers, rather unsure himself. “I guess a place that makes money is place that makes money; criminals probably don't care what kind of place they rob; it's a real shame. Anyway, we figured something like this is more suited to you than the other jobs currently available.”

    “I guess with something like this, I'd be good enough.” Silvia puts the newspaper down as the man walks out. “Thank you, brother. I'll call in a bit.”

    The girl's gaze sweeps the room as she contemplates the job. It couldn't be that bad, could it? She would be working night shift, so she wouldn't have to endure the chaos of watching over an open pizzeria. She'd even get paid, something her old jobs didn't include. Making up her mind, she makes sure the door is closed, walks over to the closet and changes clothes to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. No use dirtying nice clothing, and she wants to make a good impression if she has to go in person after calling. What better impression than normal?

    Picking the newspaper back up, she crosses the room, heading for her phone. Picking it up, she dials the number seen on the “Help Wanted” section and waits as the phone rings.
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  3. I can't believe we're doing this...

    A complaining growl comes from the cat as she treads alongside her two-legged friend. With being so accustom to sharing a psychic connection with the human, both she and Thoren are capable of making their usual sounds while sending and receiving telepathic signals between one another, which brings the semi-illusion that the two are actually "talking" to each other, and somehow the human can understand every single mew and purr that the cat makes as if he himself could speak a cat's language. At first, they wanted to keep this little bit between them a secret, but at the same time, they're both highly amused by the strange looks that people give them whenever they witness the two having a "verbal" conversation.

    "I wouldn't worry about it. It'll be a quick job, I promise you. Lately, F.E.A.R. has been coming up with nothing but a string of milk-runs. We'll be in and out before you know it."

    Why are we even doing this at all?

    "Come on, don't be like that... Don't tell me you've forgotten already. We're members of the First Encounter Assault Recon, which means it's our job to assess the nature of any and all possible and unknown threats. You should know more than anyone by now that nearly all rumors have some merit to them. We can't just round this off as some old wives' tale," Thoren explains. During his explanation, they manage to reach Freddy Fazbear's Pizza at the edge of town, and are about to come upon the building's main entrance.

    I know all that! It's just... Ashpelt pauses, and takes a moment to stop; forcing Thoren to come to halt as well. ...What if it's not just a milk-run this time? What if you get hurt? Or... what if..

    "Ash... are you afraid?" Thoren kneels further down to the cat's level, to which she can't seem to produce any reply at the moment. With a sigh, he caresses the top of her head with his palm. "No matter what's in there, I'm not going to let anything get to you. Of course, well... You don't have to join me on this op if you don't--"

    --No! I'm not going home! Ashpelt spits, with a sudden rush of emotion that still manages to surprise Thoren to this day. In response, he smiles at her sudden resolve.

    "Alright then... shall we head in?" he opens the door to the pizzeria. Such causing need for Ashpelt to swallow down as much of her initial fears as possible...

    And just then, as soon as they enter the building filled with the entertained shrieks and cheers of several small children in the large central dining area, there also brings several reasons to be absolutely afraid of this entire establishment--besides the increasingly creepy appearances of the three animatronics that sing and play their instruments onstage.

    Immediately, Thoren feels a very strong paranormal presence within the enclosing walls; and, with such a large exposure to the young man, Ashpelt as well has developed a keen sensitivity to all things supernatural, to where she can easily recognize normal and abnormal spiritual conditions in the environment. Though the nature of this feeling is a surprising mixture of things. A typical haunting of any one place contains one spirit whom has been cursed in some way, and almost always results in that same spirit lingering and indulging in vengeance to any poor victim that happened to wander within their vicinity.

    This building is entirely different, with multiple spirits lingering at one time: all with mixed emotions. Some are indeed very angry, while others are merely sad and/or regretful. An eerie mixture that Thoren does not encounter very often; but, in the midst of it all, his thoughts are cut off by the sudden sight of a man dressed in a semi-formal white polo shirt and black slacks that beckons to Thoren.

    "Stay out of sight as much as possible." Thoren suggests to his furred friend, and she mews her confirmation of his orders before suddenly sticking to as much visual cover as possible.

    "Nice... you even have a guitar," the Manager observes Thoren for a moment as if he were studying the boy. Of course, the guitar case slung to his back is one of the first features that the elder adult notices, "You'll fit right in! Come with me, we'll talk in the Security Office."


    "Welcome to your soon-to-be workplace," the Manager speaks with an air of enthusiasm that Thoren tries his best to keep up with.

    "Yeah, thank you..." he pauses to observe his surroundings. Not much for an office, but it's decent in size to hold at least five or seven people without being too squeezed-in. The room has an overall black color among the walls and desk in the front side of the room, with only two exits from where Thoren sits: one open door to either side of him. No windows open up to the outside world, but on the walls adjacent to the desk, there is one window on each side wall that ends before the door frame. In order of proximity, the two doors precede the windows. Each door has its own respective panel of two square-shaped buttons, arranged so that one button is on top of the other. The top glowing-red button labelled "DOOR", and below it, a gray button labelled "LIGHT".

    "I know, it doesn't look like much... but hey, it's not bad for a starter job, right?" the Manager's clean-shaven face curls lightly into a smile at his question, "But... let's cut to the chase, shall we?" and just like that, an air of seriousness fills the room along with the man's sudden change in expression.

    "So... you're Thoren." the Manager confirms.

    "That's me." the boy doubles, crossing his arms.

    "Any last name?"

    "It's just Thoren, sir..."

    "I see... then just call me John," John shrugs, "A certain someone called in before you showed up. He said that I should be expecting your arrival... and I'm supposed to reserve a Night Watch position for you. Now, it's a given that I'm inclined to comply with individuals that have the credentials such as that of an Assault Recon Coordinator--that's only natural in our society. But, what I want to know, is what in God's name can a kid like you offer this restaurant, or Fazbear Entertainment for that matter?" he asks in an almost exaggerated manner of disbelief.

    "I can ensure the safety of both you and your customers." Thoren flatly replies, and easily shares the serious nature of his to-be-employer as he looks him square in the eye. The notion is initially very hard for John to believe, but at the same time, there's no way that the leader of an elite unit would make such a poor judgment call...

    "Fine... but you better know what you're doing, boy," John makes up his mind, as he locks his fingers together and places himself in a pondering position for a moment. "Oh, and uh... sorry about the outburst. I'm sure you'll do what you can. Good day, Thoren."

    Despite the initial negativity, Thoren manages a smile as he exits via the left-side door. "Thank you for understanding, John. I won't let you down," and with that, he takes his leave... and the figure of a small black cat walks across the front of the door, which brings John a hint of confusion... Was it sitting there this whole time?


    Soon after the short but lop-sided interview with Thoren, John brings his attention to a suddenly ringing phone in the Security Office, which he habitually approaches and takes the call.

    "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. How can I help you today?" he confirms that the caller has reached the pizzeria successfully.
  4. Thankfully, someone soon picks up with a standard business greeting.

    “Hello. I've called to apply to be the security guard for the night shift. Is the job still open?” Silvia says in an “enthusiastic” yet serious tone of voice, like she'd heard her brother use when talking to higher-ups; she doesn't want to sound too grave or too carefree. She straightens up so she can sound more convincing, something she picked up after finding it was difficult to keep a steady tone when her posture didn't match up.
  5. For only a split second, the call's recipient seemed to hesitate. Not only is he extremely surprised that a second caller has reached him regarding the job today, it's incredible that anyone at all is willing enough to accept the job! It's a shame that she has not a single clue as to what lies ahead of her, should he allow her to go through with this... he could always tell her that the position is already filled, but then there's that off-chance that she'll be legitimately curious as to who took the job. On the other hand, he doesn't necessarily need to pay Thoren either, since his organization probably pays him well enough as it is, and he'll probably just pull a whole crap-ton of stunts that are so against Fazbear Entertainment protocol that he'd be fired on the spot if anyone found out... and he really wouldn't be losing much if he got fired. His motives are outside of making money... perhaps this girl will be one of his motives.

    She may very well benefit in more than one way... Any chance of true danger are reduced, and she gets paid. Maybe she'll be safer this way...

    He makes his decision, "Oh.. but of course!" his tone seems to waver some, "We're more than happy with any help you can provide us with. But, I'm afraid it'll take a bit more than just a phone call to get you started. Are you free for an in-person interview?"
  6. “Of course. I'll be there in a bit. Good day for now.” Silvia hangs up the phone and returns to her usual disposition. Slipping on a pair of sneakers and walking out into the main room of the house, she finds her brother talking on the phone to an unknown caller. Not bothering asking who it is, her path leads out of the small home and onto the street. It isn't that far away, as she'd seen it while taking a walk on a previous day.

    After an uneventful walk, she reaches her destination. Before entering, she assumes the attitude she had used while on the phone earlier. She flinched a bit when she entered, but remained calm. She usually didn't mind kids, but the ones she was often around managed to behave themselves. Luckily, if she got the job, it'd be night shift, and all she had to do was watch cameras. Looking around, her gaze is drawn to a nearby employee, and she walks up to them.

    “Hello. I'm here about the job. If you could direct me to the manager...” Her voice trails off.
  7. Elsewhere...

    BANG, BANG! A series of two incredibly loud noises rings out in a relatively empty area, with he being the only patron at the moment that attends his own personal shooting session at the local indoor range. With his set of mufflers at his ears, Thoren safely proceeds in honing his accuracy with his absolute favorite sidearm: the H&K USP .45 caliber pistol with a black finish, and without any attachments. He fires the said weapon down-range toward a black silhouette style target, and with each set of two rounds being fired off at a time, he targets specific areas on the target, whether they be the forehead, heart, or extremities. Eventually, he fires off his last two bullets that the current magazine could provide, the slide of the pistol locks back, and he puts his reflexes to the test. In a moment, his heartbeat raises in frequency, and his perception temporarily changes as if the world around him as begun to slow down. In just a second, he releases the exhausted magazine, and replaces it with a second set of 12 rounds specifically designed for target practice.


    Both as a means of getting away from Thoren's noise that he's inevitably making, and to find time to think to herself, Ashpelt finds herself wandering about nearby the pizzeria in which they both attended to not too long ago. As of now, she traverses the various surrounding rooftops, and hunting for the occasional stray mouse whenever she felt the need for a small snack. All the while, this section of town is surprisingly empty, what with most patrons around here visiting Freddy Fazbear's as the main attraction. Which is why the sight of a lone young girl catches the feline's eye, and naturally feels the need to investigate. Utilizing a nearby alleyway in which a set of fire-escape stairs takes her downward, she nimbly climbs down and uses various maneuvering tactics similar to how humans would overcome certain obstacles--she even adopted the humans' "parkour roll" technique to break falls from certain heights; the move being adapted to be more suitable for a cat's way of movement.

    From the moment she hit the ground, she began to stalk, as if she were hunting prey in the wild. She makes sure to place sufficient visual obstacles between herself and the strange girl. And, to her absolute shock, her destination is none other than the pizzeria... Ashpelt's eyes widen, and in the instant that the human opens up the door, the cat resolves to follow her inside with a perfect set of timing to slip through the entrance before it could completely close.

    She initially considers establishing a psychic connection with the girl, but in this state, it would be very intrusive, and very difficult. A connection relies on the consent of both parties. However, this does not mean that she has no potential influence on any one living thing. Typical ghosts of the more aggressive types are more than capable of interacting with mortals without any direct psychic connection, for instance: a person suddenly feeling like a certain decision is the best one, without any clear explanation as to why they believe it is right. It is a similar situation that Ashpelt now tries to induce while taking a decisive hiding place among the crowd near the very back of the room. From there, she drowns out all noise, and focuses only on herself and her target... with any luck, her spiritual essence should point the girl in the right direction to face the man that beckons her in the distance.
  8. Not, getting an answer, Silvia turns away to try to find someone more helpful. Strangely, she feels like something's directing her toward something. Turning her head in the direction, she sees someone who appears to be beckoning to her. With a slight bit of confused hesitation at first, she walks toward him.
  9. The man in question is none other than the Manager whom had offered the imminent interview that is to take place soon enough. He offers her a smile that is both casual and formal as he ends in his beckoning motion at the sight of her approach. Though it is slightly forced in this case, knowing what typically ensues during the night in this very building.

    "You must be the young lady who phoned earlier... Welcome to Freddy's! The name's John," he offers a hand to shake in his short introduction.
  10. “Indeed I am, thank you, John. My name's Silvia. Silvia Fabbri.” The girl says, gripping the man's hand with a bit more strength than would be expected. She quickly retracts her hand as soon as she gets the chance. She normally didn't use so much pressure, but she'd sensed something was amiss, and was trying to reassure him that she could handle it. Her knowledge of the establishment is limited to what she'd learned during the ever increasing amount of seconds that she was there, but surely there can't be anything much to know. Retrieving a card from her pocket, she holds it up. “Here's my ID, by the way.”
  11. "Huh. That's quite a handshake!" he praises her actions, mostly to offer her at least some comfort, "I can tell already that you'll do a fine job in this place," he maintains his smile in her direction, and especially acknowledges her preparation of both her assets and mindset as he accepts her offered card. "Ah, yes of course. I'll review it while we have a little chat." he gestures to the nearest doorway which leads to a relatively long hallway. "Come on, we'll talk more while I give you a little tour of your workplace."
  12. “Thank you, and of course.” Silvia nods. She steps toward the hallway enough that if she wishes, she could stick her head out and it'd be considered in. Of course, she doesn't, but it's a possibility. Waiting for the manager to go first, she speaks again. “Unfortunately, I don't have anyone who could recommend me. My previous work experience has been with people who have familial or personal connections with my family. At any rate, I'd rather you go on ahead of me, if possible.”
  13. Aside from the fact that this hallway, along with many of the other internal features of the pizzeria, has much physical evidence of being a very old building, the posters that dot the walls to her sides may leave her with an unsettling feeling as the Manager leads her down the semi-long hallway. Said posters depict various images of none other than the three main animatronics that are seen onstage in the much larger main section of the building: the purple rabbit, the yellow chicken with a white bib which reads "LET'S EAT!!!", and of course, the brown bear, Freddy Fazbear himself.

    "I wouldn't worry about any recommendations," John shrugs as they make it halfway down the corridor that's lit only by a tubular fluorescent light that's fixed in the ceiling, "I mean, this is only a starter job, you know?" he tries to ease any pressure she may feel. Then, after some few paces later, he leads her through a doorway at the end of the hall which lacks any door. To her left would be a short wooden shelf that is very lacking in any contents. Above the shelf is yet another poster, but this one is easily the most text-based poster in this entire pizzeria.


    At last, on the right side of the room is one of the two entrances to Silvia's future workstation, in which John takes one of the two chairs in the room as his seat.

    "Welcome to the Office."
  14. “Mhm.”

    The hallway, which might have unsettled some, only left Silvia mildly discomforted by the amount of posters. They sure were proud of their business, to have that many even in, presumably, employee-only areas. Once reaching the destination, she remains standing, not intent on staying for long after the interview.

    “I see...” She trails off, her tone back to normal. A second after, she nearly jumps, seemingly startled, and returns to the enthusiastic voice, while gesturing towards the entrance on the right. “I-I mean, what else is attached to this office?.”
  15. With his exposure to many characters throughout his life, John didn't quite let that sudden difference in Silvia's behavior get past him; though he does not quite find reason to condemn what appears to be her base personality. In fact, he doesn't even insist that she takes her seat... maybe she'll be one of few people to actually put up with Thoren and his clear shortcomings, but he won't quite bring him up just yet. Thankfully, he won't have to just yet, as he addresses her question regarding the office. What's more, he most definitely gets the idea that she does not wish to stick around long, which is understandable in such a busy society as the modern age can be... the first thing he refers her to is the door panel that is made up of the two simple square buttons.

    "This office is really a very basic part of the building that you have complete access to at all times when on duty. With that in mind, we've made the setup as simple as possible. The labels on these buttons are really self-explanatory, but I'll show you anyway," he starts with his tour of the Office, and proceeds to operate the left-side door, which is opposite of Silvia's current side of the office. First, he demonstrates the use of the red button on the panel with the label "DOOR" just beneath it. "Just with a push of a button," he says while pressing the red button. It makes an audible "click", and as soon as the button changes from red to green--indicating its active state--a thick slab of steel rushes downward from a slot in the ceiling above, with a strip of black and yellow caution lines at the bottom of the door as it effectively seals the Office's left side, "and there you have it. The Security Office's ultimate line of defense! And of course, you have your door light," he continues on to demonstrate the function of the door light, by pressing the gray button beneath the now-green button labelled "LIGHT", causing the button to light up as the same color as the actual light itself, and with the more dim lighting of the back of the building, the bright, blue-tinted fluorescent light is very noticeable, even through the Office's left-side window. "And that's all there really is to it, at least with the doors..." he then deactivates the two buttons, and so terminating the light and lifting the thick steel door once again.

    "Now, at the front desk of the room, you'll find a neat little tablet device... Why don't you pick it up, and try it out?" he prompts her in a friendly tone.
  16. “Okay.” Silvia's tone remains constant. She picks up the device carefully. Silently, she switches through the cameras in a cycle until going through all of them, starting back at the one the device had first shown. “I see. Is there anything else to know? Are there any more questions you have for me?” She recognizes her words as being oddly formal, but doesn't want to risk anything.
  17. The tablet provides the typical information with each camera that is switched to. What's more, it provides a mini-map to the lower right corner that marks the general location of each respective camera. The cameras with the most action on-screen are, of course, within view of the cameras 1A and 1B, where the Show Stage shows the animatronics singing and playing their instruments for the children, and the Dining Area shows the crowd of children and their parents, and the children actively cheering for their favorite characters... and a single set of small but bright pin-pricks in the middle of the crowd of children, similar to how a cat's eyes behave when light deflects from them at certain angles.

    Once she cycles through all of the camera views, John seems to have a subtly satisfied look to him. "Well, you seem to be of a modern sort with the way you handle that tablet so easily, and anyone can operate this whole office if they really wanted to. Because of that, I don't feel it's really necessary to question you much further. I can tell by looking at you that you'll do just fine, and I'll see to it that you start tonight! Though, before I let you go..." he pauses for a moment, and sighs. "There's.. one more thing. Tonight.. er... well.. just don't expect to be working alone tonight. You're not the first to sign up here... the second, in fact. But, the first one is more of a volunteer, and you might not see him further beyond tonight, so his name isn't all that important.

    "Still... just be aware that he may seem.. off. He's not a bad person, just... I don't know. You'll see once you meet him. Anyway, I'm sure I've chewed your ear off more than enough. So, I'll see you tonight?" he offers a hand for her to shake again.
  18. “I see. Well, that's interesting. And of course. See you, then.” She no longer feels the need to show her strength, and shakes his hand rather awkwardly, thrown off by this news. Well at least if something goes wrong, there's more people to handle it. Or at least, hopefully, given what John said.

    Silvia quickly exits the building and heads home.
  19. Ashpelt made sure to listen very closely to the entire conversation as a shadow among the pizzeria: one that is unceasing in its efforts in a sort of attempt at minor espionage. As a final effort in her ordeal, she makes sure to be the first to exit the building just as the conversation between the manager and potential employee is about to come to an end, as she now has more than enough information to leak to her partner... but there is still one thing that she feels like doing--more of a personal matter than anything else. A trial in claiming her assurance.

    With that, she uses an opportunity to slip away through the main entrance as another family enters the pizzeria to partake in the excitement that ensues only during the day time, and she awaits in an alleyway not far from Freddy's that is along the same path that she remembers Silvia taking in order to arrive; knowing that she will not have to wait long amongst the cold, hard surface beneath her for very long. In fact, her keen ears perk up upon discovering the sound of footsteps coming her way... and so she acts.

    In just a moment's time, the sleek black feline strolls casually out from the mouth of the alleyway and onto the sidewalk in front of the human girl in the hopes of catching her attention. She sits in a content manner with her tail lying flat and to the side, with the tip pointed upward at an angle. She looks up to try and meet the human's gaze with her own blue eyes, and offers a soft mew as a means of greeting her.
  20. But, of course, Silvia is stopped by a cat. Without thinking, she kneels down, hoping it might at least understand a bit if she did. It seemed a bit ridiculous to her, kneeling down to talk to a cat, surely a one sided conversation for both. Then again, she stopped to watch a deer after the last job she did...

    “What do you want? Are you hungry? If so, I don't have food, sorry.” She says, after thinking over whatever a cat could possibly want from her. She probably looks like a fool, attempting to communicate with an animal, but she ignores this thought. She continues to stare at the cat, which she now notices as black. 'It'll leave sooner or later,' she thinks to herself.
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