CX Style Fighting Introduction [Ignition-to-Spitfire and Akuma]

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  1. Howdy there guys, I appreciate the community that Iwaku provides. The support and cultivation for roleplaying on this site as well as the creativity and contributions provided by all the members are astounding and for it I am greatly appreciative. Now more likely than not, I'm not very well known amongst my fellow peoples; a fact which is entirely a result of my laziness and lack of reaching out. At any rate I trust that based on how receptive the people here are, that fact will be a mute point. Anyway I say all this to announce that I'd like to make a contribution to Iwaku. Before this I was and currently still am a member of another forum known as the Chaos X Organization. The forum focuses mainly on creating a character, whose appearance may be based on an entirely original concept or based on your favorite anime character, and then creating a moveset of abilities for said OC and battling it out against other members. The concepts for abilities in my forum are based on set templates which in turn focuses the style of fighting into a sort of strict style. Because of this the fights require a great deal of description and thought. In my opinion this style has made it incredibly fun and also provides a chance to put one's intellect and creativity to the test. In that respect I don't exactly want to use a 100% of that style simply based on the fact that it might stifle the creative juices going on around here, but I digress. Now I haven't necessarily been very descriptive in regards to the exact details of how one would go about fighting in this manner due to the fact that my brother, Akuma, and I are willing to demonstrate through a spar. We'll be using this thread to basically show you what a fight would look like in this style in hopes that maybe it would catch on amongst you guys. If you like it awesome I'd love to have more people on board. Both Akuma and I will try our best to be as available as possible in order to give you ins and outs and the do's and dont's. If your not interested in the style that's fine as well and at the very least we hope that you enjoy the fight, we promise to make it as flashy as possible. Now as we get things started we're going to set some notes just so we can demonstrate adequately:

    1) We ask that no one else post on the thread until were finish, just so that way we can show how its done.
    2) We're going label each post based on the categorical system it is assigned along with a short description. Basically this the template for how one should set up each post. The actual template will be provided after the fight.
    3)If there are any questions, PM us about them. The thread will be open once we finish the fight, but feel free to ask any minor questions or concerns during.
    4) We hope you enjoy the demonstration and also we hope that the style catches on.
  2. Sup goiys! Akuma here some of you may know me and most of you do not, but for those who know me this is just another way of role playing. I mean probably alot of you know how to roleplay like this and some of you dont but hey you learn something new everyday. And yes that is my brother my other annoying older half, dont tell him i said that. But im not going to write such a long introduction to this since he has practically explained most of it to you already, Oh yeah and he is much more skilled than me so this shouldn't last long. But in these up coming post we are going to do are intro's and describe a setting were the fight would go on, I will be using my main character which i also used his name to create my profile on here. So any questions let us know and well answer em right away.
  3. Yep yep. As my scrub of a little brother said, we'll be firing things up here in these next posts. I'll be posting my 'intro', basically a paragraph in regards to the appearance of the character I'll be using as well as his basic abilities. Not too different as to how everyone else does it. As Akuma said, he'll be handling the settings after I post my intro below:

    */* A sudden gust of wind would disperse on the field and from it a man would emerge.The male bearing the moniker Hakushi Genki would enter the arena with a casual and warm demeanor. His locks would be spiked messily upon his cranium, ceasing at the neck. His hair bare two separate colorations: the frontal portion, which would be spiked upwards at the center and draped downwards slightly at the sides and over his forehead would be of a white tincture. Behind this would the rest of his rigidly spiked hair which would stop just at his nape; these would be of a teal coloration. His oculars having a dark blueish tincture to them. His skin having an olive tanned tone; the male being well built but thin in terms of musculature. Genki's attire consisted of a black sleeved gray hoodie with both of the sleeves collected at his elbows. The hoodie would bear the insignia of the Chaos X organization, that being a cursive "X" on the back of it; below it resided his motto “No Music, No Life”. Moving down to his lower portion, the male would be wearing a pair of black fatigue that were loose fitting to allow for unrestricted movement. Atop his head and over his ears would reside a pair of predominantly dark blue headphones with a white stripe spanning from each end of the headphone to the other. Across his torso, stretching from his left shoulder down to his right above his right hip would be a dark blue holster which held Genki's weapon along his back. Plastered upon the male's face would be a happy-go-lucky and cheerful grin. Genki was a prolific Fuuton user thus granting him access to the abundance of oxygen on the terrain explaining his entrance. This was accompanied with his main suit of energy known */*Concerto*/* which granted him manipulation over sound and all its properties. To complete his arsenal he had his blade holstered upon his back, should the fight progress far enough he might have the chance to reveal it. With all that accounted for he would greet his opponent. */*
  4. /+\ The air thickened as the earth began to crack open and a flurry and a uprising of fire comes from the ground and makes a path from the ground, A figure walking out of this fire and chuckling a bit. The man was atleast 5 “11 and His hair that of a vermilion hue, the hair is spiked a bit but a part of it is hanging down over his left eye. He wears a black hoodie underneath a black Parka without a hood, the hoodie had the words Fire Prince written across it in a Fancy Cursive lettering, His pants that of black cargo’s and his black acg boots. Around his neck hanging by small black chains was two knuckle dusters engraved with the words Kagutsuchi on one and on the other Pride which would come in handy in his later battle. On each knuckle duster, above and below, Was a streak of fire. He had entered the area very violently per-say but that was just because of his energy [!]Kokushoku Kaji[!] Which enabled him to access very immense source of Katon or in other words fire. But the way he entered was forcing the fire through the earth and scolding his way through which then allowed him to step from his own flame. His cold Dark red Eyes staring down his opponent, He let a long needed sigh escape from his mouth he kneeled down to the floor smiling. His attire fluttering a bit in the wind that came by, he spoke and said “ What a lovely day this is”. /+\

    Settings: im going to go easy on the settings as not to confuse anyone [​IMG] the plain grasslands and infact the mountains are in the arena. We will start at the bottom of the closest mountain. The land should range pretty far for a normal grassland.
  5. Sounds good and here goes the first attack.

    */* Keeping things pretty simple, Genki would be the one to kick off the match, literally. Adjusting his posture, he would bring his left leg upwards and across his form diagonally performing a strong upwards kick, putting a strong rotation into it. Utilizing his natural influences, those being his mastery of Fuuton or Wind Release, he'd utilize his natural manipulation over the air within his area to spawn a quick offensive. By throwing his weight into the kick along with the rotation, he was able to create an intense spiral within the surrounding air. This of course would generate a small cyclone, about 6ft in height with its width expansive at the top as it thinned down to a fine point at the bottom. The vortex was composed of violently churning air that tore through ground, kicking up bits of debris as it travelled towards his opponent with the intent to shred him apart viciously should he not handle it appropriately, of course the damage would be substantial but not fatal for the sake of the exercise. The spiral released fresh sources of oxygen into the air as it pressed forward as well as making a backlash of wind that splashed over Genki's figure, rustling his attire loosely. It was a pretty simple first move and since it was a demo, he wasn't going for anything too flashy just yet. Freeing up his stance, he returned his foot back firmly to the ground and began to bounce on his toes his hands reclining freely at his sides. He would remain at the ready, his grin ever present as he looked forward to Akuma's response. It was his go. */*
  6. /+\ A smile still placed on his face his hands slowly sliding into his pockets, Akuma slid his right foot back letting his left foot lead his way. As he did this his attire began to flutter as his energies began to fluster throughout his body, The grass and rock below his foot then sparking sending his foot forward at rocketing speeds. But he uses his well placed left foot to pivot himself causing his body to rotate and send off a horizontal slash of crimson burning flame at the tornado, but his move wasn't done there with the momentum he lifted himself up into the air going into a back flip type movement causing another jet of fire to start from his leading right foot still. The fire arch came down Vertically know going straight behind the horizontal mark of flame, The two arch's came to together to form something he likes to call [!] Searing math! [!] he named it that for one reason that was his searing hate for math. The move collided with the tornado and the tornado sucked it right up like he expected it to, But as it did so the fire began to suck the fresh oxygen from the tornado causing it to die out quicker and quicker as the flames grew. But now it was Akuma's turn to go on the offense, His body had suddenly moved at immense speeds towards the tornado. The tornado had split open by the fire that he had mixed in, his body bounding through the fire and his right foot leading straight into Genki's face. The boot had come with great speed and power so it would only send Genki flying back a few feet to a skidding halt, but with great power even a block would cause you to skid back some. /+\

    Things get " heated " Quickly sometimes

    but the moves either enclosed in */* or [!] are normally moves used regularly or a special attack that your character can do very well...if im not mistaken
  7. That's right folks, anything captioned in the marks we use at the beginning and end of our posts usually mean that they are signature techniques unique to the character using them. Essentially anything that isn't within our basic repertoire. And ignoring my bro's pun, things can pick up rather quickly in these styles of fights so its good to have a plan in mind. For the most part these opening moves are pretty simple in nature and won't finish off your opponent right off the bat, unless of course they suck bootycheeks....but that's beside the point. Think of these moves as set-ups for later strategies and if used correctly they can control the flow of the battle.

    */* Not bad on Akuma's part, he didn't expect for the attack to work considering it was the first move but handling it in that manner was a smart way to remove any lingering threats. With that being said, Genki would be forced to handle the follow up attack which he had no problem doing considering taijutsu was his speciality. Being a Fuuton user, his mastery of the element allowed for an increase in oxygen intake thus making his bodily functions and reactions far above standard. That coupled with his training made handling the kick a pretty easy task. Using his last adjustment to his posture to remain active and on his toes, he was able to body flicker forward a small distance using his Fuuton enhanced movements. Reappearing a few feet in front of his previous position, his hands were already extended outward to grasp the incoming foot. Using the forward momentum, he collided with the physical strike head on. The impact was dulled considerably due to how quickly he advanced but still resulted in a strong gust of wind to brush past him and surge of dust and debris to blow up from the ground below as he slide back a bit. Showcasing his strength a bit he was able to adequately hold the kick at bay and defend himself. But that wasn't all. Disguised in his advance was a quick counter; using the forward momentum and sudden stop produced from his movements along with his control over the air in his vicinity, Genki was able to produce a strong gust of wind to move forward past his form and straight into Akuma. Since Akuma was airborne for one and due to the strength of the gust, his foe would be launched backwards a good distance in order to create some space between them. He would be sent sailing away from him harmlessly giving Genki enough time to once again adjust his posture, this time leaning forward his feet planted firmly in stride, both hands again reclined loosely at his sides. His hands opening and clenching as he readied himself for the next stages of the fight. */*
  8. Bootycheeks? really Bootycheeks i cant stop laughing

    /+\ As akuma was sent away he began to spin in a rotation until he landed on the ground, his hands still placed in his pockets. He let a sigh go, his body flicking a bit, he began to rush forward again removing his hands from his pockets. He was reaching closer and closer to Genki, he closed the space as fast as he could, He came into the rush with a quick left jab followed by a hard right hook. If the hook had connected the way he wanted it to, he would up been staggered back and been swept up by his low kick that he followed through with after the hook was done. But as genki was falling Akuma pushed himself up with his hands and brought down a axe kick to meet with Genki's body that was now just landing on the floor. This move was strong enough to atleast break a rib, since the ground beneath him would crackled with the immense strength he put off. But off the axe kick he would flip away from genki knowing that if it landed it would not be the end of him just yet. /+\

    as you can see some simple and yet complex fighting styles can be thrown into your attacks
  9. Lol we're having too much fun. Our focus is to demonstrate here after all.

    */* It seemed that they both had the same idea. Genki would be advancing himself, flickering hastily from his old position and meeting Akuma at the halfway point. He reappeared slightly crouched before popping up from the ground with a rising knee. He arrived just as his jab was extending outwards so the knee was devised to intercept the attack, hitting him in the forearm and sending it upwards throwing off his balance and attack pattern in the process. Using the upward momentum from the knee to send him skyward, Genki continued with the assault. Rotating his body midair, he brought the same leg used to perform knee over his head and downward harshly in the form of crescent heel drop aimed directly for the back Akuma's cranium. If it hit home his sparring partners head would be shot down abruptly, a strong gust of wind dispersing from the impact. The heel didn't floor him but was strong enough to cause his feet to crack the ground where he was standing. It was meant to be a hard hit but not something that Akuma couldn't handle. Remaining airborne after the kick, Genki remained in the posture he was in, his palms open as he freed up his stance in the air. He remained up there until he saw how he'd handle the attack, his clothes still rusting from the wind around him.*/*
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