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  1. Lea Michele brushed her long dark hair out of her face, as she sat at the table in the coffee shop, and she quickly sent a text to her friend Chris. We still meeting up in an hour? -Lea xx

    Almost instantly after she had sent the message, a reply came back from her flamboyant friend, Yeah we are - see you then babes. - Chris xx which made her giggle.
  2. Rose was walking by the coffee shop on her way to work. She decided to stop in and grab something to drink. When she first walked in she didn't even notice the celeb sitting at a table by herself. Once she had gotten her coffee she turned and noticed Lea Michele. I have to get an autograph she thought. So Rose walked over and said,"Hi i'm Rose."
  3. Lea looked up and smiled warmly. "Hi there, Rose - I'm Lea." She smiled. "Can I do something for you?"
  4. "Um yes i'm a huge fan. Can i have your autograph?" she asked nervously holding out a piece of paper and a pen.
  5. Lea smiled warmly and nodded, as she took the paper and pen. "Sure, what's your name?" She looked up at the girl, who was really gorgeous....
  6. "My name is Rose." she said excitedly. I can't believe this she thought. Lea is much prettier in person.
  7. Lea smiled, and looked at the paper as she wrote,

    To a very gorgeous girl called Rose,
    ~~Lea Michele.

    She handed it back to Rose with a warm smile.
  8. Rose blushed at the autograph. "Thanks. I really appreciate that." she said smilingly.
  9. "Well, it's true. You are really gorgeous." Lea smiled. "Do you want to join me for some coffee? I have some free time now for a while."
  10. Rose had to be dreaming. She nodded and sat down. "I must be dreaming." she said accidentally.
  11. Lea giggled. "No, you're not dreaming. Want a cappucino, latte, or what?" She picked up the coffee menu.
  12. "A cremé brulee latte would be lovely. Thanks." Rose said.
  13. Lea ordered the drink, and she sat back in her seat. "So, you watch Glee? What's your favourite episode?"
  14. It didn't take long for Rose to answer. "I love the whole first season. It was incredible!" she said enthusiastically.
  15. "Honestly, I can't watch that season again without cringing. I was so bad in that season!" She laughed. "I preferred the third season."
  16. "No you were amazing. Well in any season you are always my favorite character." Rose said blushing a little when she told Lea this.
  17. "Your blush is really cute." Lea suddenly blurted out, her cheeks going red when she realised what she had said. She pulled a pen out of her pocket, and she wrote her number on a napkin before she pushed it to Rose across the table. "I have to go soon, but here's my number. Maybe we could meet up again?"
  18. Rose couldn't believe the compliment she was just given. No one had ever said something like that to her. She was speechless. Rose took the piece of paper that was pushed across the table. "Umm yeah sure! That sounds great." she said putting the paper in her purse.
  19. "Umm yeah sure! That sounds great." Lea smiled widely at that, and she gathered her bag up. "Ok, so call me maybe?" She smiled at Rose as she stood up, getting ready to go and meet Chris for their Glee interview with some magazine.
  20. "I most definitely will." Rose said grabbing her drink and leaving. She couldn't believe her luck. I have to tell someone she thought.