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  1. Hello, all~ c:
    I'm in need of a productive outlet of the creative sort, so I've decided to try a shop.
    I'll draw chibis, avatars, your characters, banners... Really, just ask and I'll probably do it.

    I do have to ask, though, let me do it on my own time. I panic when I feel rushed. Panic attacks are no fun.

    To get a feel of how much my art is worth, I want to start on a pick-your-price basis.
    Basically, you tell me what you want drawn, I draw it, you pay based on what you feel you owe.
    Please be fair with this.

    Here's the order form (open)

    Name: (Your name)
    Order: (What you want)
    Details: (Give as much as you possibly can)


    These are some old works from another site, but work best for examples. Lately I've been drawing things in the style of my avatar. Specify what you'd like better in your order.
    The style in these examples takes much longer.
    Thank you~ <3
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  2. This seems cool Kaz!
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  3. I'm posting here to show off the cute Avatar Kaz made for me <333 Thanks again
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  4. From one artist to another... You draw the cutest characters. I think I might have to get you to draw something for me. n.n/
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  5. I absolutely adore your art style. Would you be willing to customize an avatar/logo for my YouTube channel? I'll pay you, of course. ^_^ Thanks in advance.

    Name: Nica

    Order: A representation of myself, drawn in your style.

    Details: The pose? I was hoping it could be rather laid-back and chill. For example, the avatar standing with both hands in the pockets of a sweater and one foot kicked up against the wall or something? A mischievous smirk or anything similar for the expression? Fairly large in size, please. Otherwise it will be blurry on videos. I'm willing to pay anywhere from $10-20 USD, because I know I'm asking a lot.

    Photos for reference:
    My Ugly Face (open)


    My Hair Style (open)


    Clothing (open)


    Accessories (open)

    But it should be ALL sliver and it's a necklace
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  6. "My Ugly Face"

    Nah, I'd date you.
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  7. Hahaha. Thanks. ^_^
  8. Alrighty, no problem~ c: Some more details I need, though: What size should it be, exactly? Like, is there a template size for Youtube logos? And which style would you like it in, the style of my avatar, or the style in the examples?

    Also, you've a lovely face, there's no need to be mean to it.
  9. Well, I'm going to be using it for intros and at the ending, so I'd say about...width (4") x Length/Height (6") because that way I can scale it down if need be and won't have to worry about it being too small. The style? I like your avatar style the most. It's super adorable!

    Haha, thank you very much. :P

    Also, because I know I'm asking a lot of you....I'd like to pay you $35.00 USD. Is that enough?
    Which payment method do you prefer?
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  10. That sounds great, thank you~ ^^ As for payment method, I use PayPal if that's alright. I don't really know of any others.

    I should have it done within 2 weeks. I know how things can get blurry when you have to resize them, so I'll make sure it's pretty big to avoid that issue.
  11. No problem.
    Send me a PM with your PayPal information, so I have it available when the picture is done.

    Thank you so much! I'm very grateful. :D
  12. Hey Kaz.. Do you have any possible interests in an art trade?
  13. n.- Of course.
  14. Hmm, perhaps when I don't have any commissions to work on~ o.o I've got two of those to finish, now, but I'll get back to you on that when I have some free time, if you'd like. c:
  15. Thats just perfectly fine with me.
  16. I just would like to remind everyone. I was Kaz's first -WINK-
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  17. This looks fantastic!

    I used to do artwork for a game style RP I was apart of for the longest time... I have plenty of experience in that field, and I have to say, you appear to do wonderful work! I'm thoroughly impressed! =3

    <3 Lyli
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  18. I absolutely love it! c:

    I have been looking for someone to draw a character of mine for some time now.
    I'd like it in the style of your avatar, please! c:

    Name: bloodbitten
    Order: I want my character to look happy, holding a bloody kitchen knife in her hand with blood covering her clothing and splattered on her face.
    Details: This is what Kurai looks like. c:
    Since you can't see her legs, just have them as white tights.


    If you can't do this and/or refuse, I'm totally fine with that. xD
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  19. No problem at all~ I've got to finish a couple of other commissions first, though. c: I've been sick for the past few days and it's put a bit of a damper on my progress...
  20. That's fine!
    I can wait. :3