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  1. What are some ways you have cursed...without actually cursing. Let's instead of filling the thread with the correct way to curse lets be tasmanian devils and use symbols ^(%&#*$

    Mine is instead of saying Mother F*^&%#@

    I say Manufacturing Flowcharts

  2. Instead of saying F@$#

    I say 'frag' (taken from old Deaths Head comics I used to read) or simply 'eff' I know I could just type f but yeah!
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  3. F@%#$...

    What the $)(%)#...
    What the glubbin'...

    Son of a b#*$%(!
    Son of a biiiiiiiiiiiiiibibibiibibibibibibii.....

    Sweet *$(%(, etc.
    Christmas Llamas.
    Yes. Christmas Llamas.
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  4. I've been letting 'fiddlesticks' slip a lot lately.
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  5. I tend to replace $#!* with smegma... I don't know if that's any better. XD
    "dude, I got all this smegma over my boots. Gross!"
    "eww, there was some disgusting smegma on the table and I got some on my elbows!"
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  6. Oh dear lord that mental image.
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  7. I like son of a biscuit monkey.
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  8. Rackum Frackum Growr.
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  9. I say "Fluff!" for F!@#! and "Fluffmonkeys" also. I tend to spout gibberish when I'm not outright cursing. Lots and lots of gibberish...
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  10. I usually cuss up a storm, but when I do have to be more civil, I will say things like:

    Good night!

    God bless America!

    For the love of Pete! [or Mike, depending on which flows better at the time]

    Son of a mother!

    Diddy Kong Racing! [I despise that game, so it's an expletive to me.]

    Sweet Christmas!

    And the ever popular, Shazbot!
  11. So you go with What the Phaque (Seal in french)

    But that is too similar, so you literally say What the Seal!
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  12. My older brother taught me to say "God Bless America" when I want to say "Godd&@%it"
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  13. I say 'Sonoma beach' sometimes instead of son of a b!@#%. I think it sounds funny more than anything else.
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  14. I always say "Aww, s**t" but when there's children around it changes to "Oh shoes."

    That's the only one I ever say, so I don't have other euphemisms I use. :/
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  15. When I was younger I used to use "what the buns?" a lot in school because I knew I couldn't curse.

    That has pretty much gone away now though.
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  16. that cracked me up XD I am such a child


  17. XD ahhh, that IS SOOO Taz!! <333

  18. For "f*&$" I always wind up saying "Frick", or "Frig."

    And for "oh sh&*" I always go, "aw bubbles."

    For some reason, folks who've heard me yell bubbles out loud think it's pretty funny. XD
  19. I don't know what Taz is :/
  20. The real life baby Tasmanian devils for the sake of cuteness that yawn at the end is adorable.

    and then the Taz your post embodied XD

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