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  1. I know I know, typical of me, but I have a few, very specific plot ideas that I want to get a chance to roleplay.

    I'm interested in a pretty active partner, and as long as you don't write one-liners, I'm satisfied. I want to have a bit more to work with than a single sentence.

    The stories that I mention in this post are only developed so that they have plenty of room for extra characters, companions, parents, other family members, best friends, NPCs of any in-/significance to the plot, as well as pets and whatever is needed. There's no confirmed character other than the main characters we will be playing, character A and B.

    Well, here goes:

    Love on the Handball Court (fxf) (open)

    • There will be a character A and B, and your character will be character A.
    • This is an fxf sports roleplay, and there'll be a lot of competitive events and such that'll make the characters angry with each other and give them difficult times.
    • The plot won't have sex right away, and I don't want it to be too descriptive when they finally do it.
    • Character A will be feminine of nature, whereas character B will be more boyish and taller.
    • Both girls will be battling for the top for both themselves and their team.
    • The girls will be on different teams.
    • Character A(your character) will be submissive(uke).
    • The characters will be 18-19 years of age.
    The story goes such:
    In a local tournament, two school teams has made their way to the finals. The two girl teams both have an ace each, two strong players on the offensive. During the tournament, they'll bump into each other, and as they tumble to the ground harshly, character B will shield character A with her body, leaving them with a second of eye contact. Neither girl can let this go as the battle ends in a draw and with character B injured, no one wins and a new final battle is scheduled a month ahead to settle who will go where to qualify for the Prefectural Tournaments.

    The Green Gemstone(mxm) (open)

    • There will be a character A and B just like before, but this time, your character will be character B.
    • This roleplay will be fantasy-themed, in a past setting around medieval time, containing magic, magical creatures and magical weapons.
    • Character A and B will be two knights belonging to different kingdoms.
    • They will be around the age of 20-25.
    • There'll be battles and probably gory themes(in terms of slaying, but not that explicit, mostly descriptions of how it looks when beasts are slain and such)
    • Character B(your character) will be dominant(seme).
    • Also for this plot, it will take a long while for the characters to have sex, as I do not work with DubCon or rape.
    The story:
    In an age where war is on the menu every day, and kingdoms are suffering from not only the traps set to them by other kingdoms, but also the invasion of the Dragon Riders, elf-like creatures with overhuman strength. Even if they do not have state of the art weapons, their winged beasts serve to make them stronger. Kingdoms are searching for one single thing, the same thing that the Dragon Riders cut down villages to findout the location of: The Sacred Jewel. It is a rumored green gemstone with the power to turn one immortal, give good harvests and create gold. Only skilled magicians are said to be able to use its power, and reckless means can be fatal. But it is very desired in an age where kingdoms have their entire existence at risk.
    Two young soldiers have been sent out by the kings of the two largest kingdoms, who are also in battle, to find the gemstone. The warriors have been trained in magic to be able to seal the increasing, powerful magic that lies within the gem. The trip will be dangerous, and will the brave soldiers survive this quest? What will happen once they cross ways? Character A, a newly educated soldier who has been forced from a tight family situation into war, doesn't know what will happen. All he has with him is his incredible, natural talent for wielding magic as both a weapon and for better purposes.
    Character B, the boy almost born into a lineage of honorable knights, sees this chance as a means of getting himself closer to the throne.

    I don't want to be lonely!(fxf) (open)

    • This time, your character is character A again, and once again there'll only be mentions of an A and a B.
    • The characters will switch between who is dominant(seme) and who is submissive(uke), so I'll need a flexible partner.
    • The story is a completely normal, cheesy High School setting, with characters between 15-18 years of age.
    • The characters we will be playing are introvert persons, and doesn't interact with other people much. Other than this, they can be as you would like them to.
    • Sex will not come early in this roleplay either, as I want the emotional development between these characters to develop before they even start dating each other.
    The story:
    Transferred to a new school, moved to a larger house, and she has even gotten herself a pet cat that she had wanted for five years! One would think that character B would be in the seventh heaven, but the case is not such. Since childhood, character B has had a hard time around other people, developing a social anxiety. She gets good grades, but can barely stand in front of her class. She gets bullied by the others for her appearance, being called all bad versions of "lesbian" there is out there. The school was a new start for her, and a chance for her parents to "forget" that their daughter isn't what they'd wish she was. It doesn't take long for character B to realize that she is in the wrong school, but it all changes the day she encounters character A. Character A shows her a new side to social anxiety, and they become the strangest of friends.

    The Bet That Turned Everything Over (mxm) (open)

    • Your character will be character A in this story.
    • This will be another High School setting, characters age 15-18.
    • Character A will be the submissive(uke) in this story.
    • It'll involve a lot of jealousy, and denial from Character A.
    • Character B will get interested in character A when he sees character A trying to get it on with his girlfriend, even if he doesn't seem to like her that much.
    The story:
    Character B is any kind of normal guy. He has many friends, and the sweetest girlfriend one could imagine. But he did not think that he had a person who hated him so much for his fortune. Character A is not involved in any of this, until he one day is asked something unreasonable by his friend, who wants him to take away character B's girlfriend so that his friend could get together with her. Character A protests against this, but his friend claims that he doesn't want character B to know that it's him who's doing it. Reluctantly, character A has to agree because of his manipulative friend, and he starts to try and get her to break up with character B. What he doesn't know is that he will soon be noticed by character B, but what is this? He doesn't exactly seem angry about it... and why would he have such a strangely loud heartbeat when character B would talk to him directly?
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  2. Totally interested!
    Maybe in the first or third ideas?
  3. The first one is my absolute favorite! Should I send you a pm so we can discuss it?
  4. You shall!
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