Cute or Sexy, however you want it, I'll go with it ouo

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  1. Just need to roleplay something romantic :'DD
    I do practically any kind of romance, kisses, makeouts or if something more if you want ;D
  2. Do you do fantasy?
  3. I do ouo
    My avatar is my character, she's an axe-user
  4. Oh, I kinda needed someone to play a male for me.
  5. Ohhh I see ono
    I have a male character, but he's kinda an in-progress character ^^"
  6. Its all fine ^ω^ I found this picture that I wanted to make an rp of...but I can't find the pic right now.
  7. Once you find it, can you show me? ouo
    I'm curious xD
  8. It looks amazing! <3 I love the shading and highlights techniques used, as well as the pose *^*
  9. It is pretty! I wanted to make an rp of that.
  10. Good luck finding your partner ouo)/
  11. Hello! Are you still looking for roleplays, by any chance?
  12. Do you have any vague plot ideas?
    Are you okay with same sex pairings?
  13. Yes I am still open ovo
    You can suggest the plot if you want and I'm okay with same sex pairing ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.