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  1. The custom titles are slightly leaning to the right... this annoys me so much, please someone fix this. ITS UNEVEN!!!!!!!!
  2. Well, you see... the age group star is there to the left because the previous position left an evil gap space that angered MY OCD demons. I suppose that is slightly pushing some titles over.

    So, I think for now I will stroke my chin and laugh evilly as other OCD people are slowly driven insane. 8D
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  3. Y-You monster...... T_T
    I've had this title ever since i joined and now i have to change it. :(
  4. Checking out various people's user titles to see if this really was the case made me also notice that the roleplay resume button is a bit askew to the left. Neat.
  5. @Diana;
    I was just experiencing a similar issue while styling a draft post last night; if instead of just floating the star, also change the width of the centered content to compensate for the star's space, and use margin: 0 auto to keep it centered relative to the containing element.

    This will leave a bit more padding than you might want for one side while letting a long title potentially scrunch up against the star, but it would be centered properly relative to the name and bars.

    Not sure what's going on with the button, though. o.O
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  6. Or I could torture people! 8D
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  8. You know, as OCD as I am, this surprisingly does not bother me all that much.
  9. yea but you don't have a short enough title to see the large difference like mine.
  10. I'm calling the police!!! >:O
  11. What are you talking about?
    There's nothing wrong her...

    Wait... I see it!
    And now it cannot be unseen!

    Is it possible that we could move the star underneath?
    Something along the lines of this?


    That way we don't need to worry it messing with the centering of stuff?
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  12. No, I like the torment option much better!
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  13. ...Evil.. pure evil.
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