Custodes Terra

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  1. 'The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.' The time for a change has arrived.

    The sun comes down, giving way to the night, and like any other night, the people around the world continues their life as usual, unaware of the change that was about to come.

    A man in a dark trench coat enters in the disco, identifies its target and, in the middle of the crowd, put's a bulled into the head of the guilty with a suppressed revolver, leaving no sound and no shell. Between the loud music and the alcohol, it takes several minutes to the people in the place to actually realize that man was dead.

    The businessman, who sexually abuses of his secretary, lays in his chair as he gets pleased when three men with gas masks and military equipment break into his office though the window. They execute him even before he can put his pants back on and then leave again back the way they had came from.

    A car roughly brake in front of a limousine, blocking it from going any further. From inside the car four heavily armed men appeared, all of them wearing gas masks, and then, they reduced the expensive limousine into a strainer. Leaving no more than a couple of hundred shells, and the dead bodies of the politician and the driver.

    The judge, who is assaulted in his own house and gets hanged on the ceiling. Only papers of his corruption lay on the ground, under the lifeless body of the hanged men.

    The priest gets attacked by an unknown number of assailants in his way home. Then he gets killed by asphyxia and crucified in his own lawn, paying for his crimes and the ones he caused. Only God left to judge him.

    The president of a country on the other side of the world, who lays safe at his own home while the people of his own country dies and kills for his fault every day. A smoke screen is deployed all around the house, and even before anybody can react property, the guards got killed with precision and the president kidnapped.

    And finally, a small group of armed men in masks bursts into the local college, and after a few minutes handling the computing center, they simplye leave.

    Then, the morning comes up, and with it the first Tv news of the day. But this time it were different.

    A man of strong features stands in the middle of a poorly illuminated room. Next to him there is another man tied to a chair. Fat, bold, sweaty and bloody, wearing only his underpants and asking for mercy under a sock shoved into his mouth.

    "A lustful deputy, power hungry, dances in a disco after being released by the jury for stealing hundreds of millions from the state's coffer." Said the suited men, slowly walking from one side of the angle of the camera to another. "A glutton businessmen, so filled of himself that was even able to render useless tons of medicament just for his own profit." With each sentence, the Asiatic looking man got stronger in voice and presence. "A greedy politician, not satisfied with taking away millions of dollars away from the contributors, refuses to resign in order to be able to take even more." Said him as he got close to the tied man. "The sloth, of the judge, who in a position to make the change, refuses to do so for comfort. And the wrath of the mindless priest, inculcating to men and women with hatred and racism." Said the man as he took a gun of his jacket. "The envy of the executive, who fires his own employees to afford a bigger house. And the worst..." Said him pointing at the head of the tied man. "The pride of the president, who sends his own people to die and kill in the name of a word, standing impassible as his own country falls into the abyss of doom."

    Then the mysterious man fired his gun. The sound bounced all around the walls, making it even more louder than it was supposed to be, and finally putting an end to the poor bastard who was tied.

    "This will happen everyday, all around the world. Until the guilty are brought to justice and face a sentence worthy of their sins. Until every stolen penny returns to the pocket of the worker. Until every politician and enterprise becomes humble and aware of the situation of the less graceful. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning of a new world." Stated the man. And then, the image went blank, showing only a small logo of a dagger crossing a letter A from top to bottom and two words under it; Custodes Terra.

  2. “Constance,” a soft voice whispered in the darkness. “Rosalie,” another called out to her. A spotlight flashed on momentarily blinding the woman who it shined down on. She was beautiful, remarkably stunning. Her auburn hair hung in soft curls falling on pale shoulders the overhead light illuminating the light blonde highlights. Her big blue eyes widened as she heard a rougher voice calling out to her, “Marina-a-a-a.” The woman stood shakily spinning to lunch into the unknown abyss. The laughter of men surrounded her. “Come out and fight me like a real man!” She yelled though her voice sounded small and terrified like a child telling monsters to stay under the bed. More laughter could be heard. “Marina.” “Emily.” “Rebecca.” “Constance.” “Courtney.” “Faye.” “Rosalie.” The woman spun round and round until finally she collapsed on the hard wooden floor sobbing as she pressed her small hands against her ears trying to block out the men who called her by names that were not her own.

    Somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean high in the air a woman awoke her brown eyes opening wide shifting all around assessing where she was and who was around. Sighing deeply she relaxed back into her seat bringing her French tipped nails to run through her long chestnut hair. Pressing the assistance button above her head the woman sighed deeply. Finally she was heading home. After 6 months in Florence, Italy parading around day and night. Finally after all that time she’d gotten what she’d been after. Proof that Arnaldo Felizara was selling, trading, and buying weapon codes. After all her hard work he now had to face his crimes and surely he would pay dearly for it. “Mrs. Applegate?” a perky blond flight attendant came over to her with an over zealous smile plastered on her face. “A bottle of water please,” The woman said smiling kindly though it didn’t reach her eyes.

    When the attendant returned she was thanked and left quickly out of site. Glancing at her watch the woman noticed it was slightly after five in the morning. She’d be arriving at the airport shortly. New York, New York. Her home. The one place in the world where she could be herself and not have to worry about her cover being shot to hell getting her killed. She loved her job working at the CIA. Her division primarily dealt with long-term assignments dealing with criminals from around the world threatening not only the United States but other powerful countries as well. She’d been living a lie for the majority of the past eight years. Had there even been a scattered year spent there though? Every assignment she took the woman completed with the target captured and charged. She loved the excitement and the danger, loved knowing she could entrap the men who were at the top pushing them down to the lowest notch. However lately she’d been thinking that perhaps it would be time to retire soon. She’d had a great career. Perhaps she could finally stop and have a life. There was no point making friends other than the few she had through work. Normal people’s lives continued without her while she was making the world a safer place. When would it be her time to settle down? Have a family perhaps?

    Shaking these thoughts from her mind she buckled her seatbelt once more as the captain announced their decent from the sky. Twenty minutes later the woman breathed a deep sigh of overwhelming relief as she stepped from the plane with her small carry-on. The first thing she did was go to the Starbucks and buys a Frappuccino. She took the first drink and leaned against a wall with crisp white paint. She’d missed Frappuccino and chilidogs which would be her next stop after she finished savoring her drink. Looking around she took another drink watching a father and mother each holding a little child. Smiling softly she sighed deeply turning away. Her view this time was of a young man, handsome probably in his mid-twenties, who was picking up his luggage at the claim area. ‘See’ she told herself ‘You are not the only one who has no one waiting for them. . .’

    “Baby!” a shrill nasally female voice screamed throwing herself at the man the woman had been watching. ‘Apparently I am. . .’ the woman thought in disgust as she turned away, picked up her bag and was on her way out the door when a voice coming from the television caught her attention. “A lusty deputy, power hungry, . . . “ The woman watched in horror as the scene played out a sickening feeling freezing her to the spot. Instead of the morning news someone was sending a message loud and clear. Taking crime into their own hands it appeared promising a repeat every day until all the guilty were punished. “A new world . .” The woman repeated.

    A chill ran down her spine as the logo came across the screen. Turning on her heels the woman hurriedly hailed a cab and gave them an address. She wouldn’t be returning to her empty home. She was going to work. More people would be killed and guilty or not no family should be put through what these mad men were doing. There would be a way to stop them . . . even if it meant going into the lion’s den as a lamb.

  3. "Transmission is over... Now." said a rather young man with glasses in front of a computer, sitting in front of a table just a few steps back of the camera. "We made it! The code worked! The signal broadcast... Well, all around the globe!" Exclaimed the young men. "Indeed, comrade. We succeed in our task. But be aware that this is only the beginning. What is to come... They will never expect it." Said the Asian man as he left the shady place. On the outside, the deep orange beams of the afternoon entered into the palace and reflected into the white walls, pearl colored by the years of sun light and weather. Sand stockpiled, not only around the palace but also around the village lying on its feet.

    As he walked trough the huge place, he got saluted many times by men dressed in military equipment, staff from the housekeeping service and even the chef reverenced him as he passed near the kitchen. "Dimitri... Do you feel it? It can be... Almost smelled in the air, isn't t?" Said the Asiatic looking man to the other man who walked close to him. A out of the scale man, huge like a fridge, dressed with a dark suit and shady glasses. "Mph..." Muttered Dimitri. "Look. Look around, bodyguard." Said the Asiatic man as they got to a porch from where it could be seen the village. "Look at all this humble people... It reminds me to my homeland... But, do you know why are they poor and humble? They don't choose to be like this; the abusive economy and the thirst of power of a few drives thousands of millions of people to live in misery, unable to get a chance to get out of here. That's not fair, isn't it?" Asked him. "Yet you live in a palace, Kouta." Replied Dimitri in his strong Russian accent. Kouta chuckled and nodded. "Yes, I do. I didn't bought it, neither killed anyone to get it. But I see your point." Said him. "Come on, we have a lot of work to do."

    Both of them walked into the palace again, getting to work again for there was no more rest for those who threatened the world behind the shadows every day. "Sir. We triumphed today." Said a man as Kouta and his bodyguard entered into a room with many computers, cables, racks with servers and maps all over the walls. "Yes, we did. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, my friend." Replied Kouta as he got to a table and began to read some of the papers on it. "W... What should we do now?" Said the man. "It's time to put those server on line. We caused terror among the corrupt users of a broken system. Now is time to cause terror into the system itself." Said Kouta with a grin.

    In matter of hours, thousands of Gigabytes of classified information were stolen and made public. Records of economic extortion made by big enterprises and by even politic parties. Big fishes from the oil tycoon world were proved to actually have used the armies of countries all around the world to their own profit and protection. Companies of the diamond industry, who actually gave weapons to the local warlords of the 3rd world country their mines were in order to enslave people to work in those mines. About a hundred people were proven guilty of horrific charges not only against the society but against the humanity. And to think that most of those people will believe they are safe behind their millions of dollars....

    The signal bounced all over a thousand computers before it got lost in a bunch of 0 and 1, unable to be traced back. And once the information was made public and replicated in over a dozen of the most important servers and internet service providers, the signal simply shut down, leaving as a last file a picture of the Custodes Terra logo.
  4. The city passed slowly as the woman stared out of it her mind in a whirl. ‘Great,’ she thought rolling her eyes glancing towards the cabbie in the front seat, ‘I get the only cab driver in New York that isn’t going to drive the speed limit at least.’ Sighing deeply she said loudly, “There’s an extra $20 in this fare if you step on it please,” She said flashing him a dazzling smile as he glanced astonished in the rear view mirror as she spoke. His response was apparent as the cab instantly sped forth on its designated path towards CIA headquarters.

    Satisfied with this response the woman lets her gaze drift again. She was thinking back to anything she’d ever heard. Raking her brain for any trace of Custodes Terra. Latin she believed meaning custody of land . . . However she’d have to double-check her translation when she arrived at the office. The words however rang in her head. The organization must have been tight-lipped and hardly moving before recently. Had the CIA missed what was coming in the whispers of the wind or was the organization that silent about what they were planning?

    The newsfeed had said that five were killed for their crimes in one night, separate places and she assumed different ways. The sixth criminal had been killed during the feed. A daring move that chilled the woman to her bones. This plan had taken time to set up, perfect in every detail however nothing that appears perfect truly is. There is always a flaw, big or small, it would be the downfall of this organization just as it had been to every other target she’d encountered. She felt the slightly dirty cab screech to a stop in front of a large white building.

    Slipping a $50 to the driver the woman exited the car gracefully with her small bag and walked up the high stone steps. Willard Industries was placed high in the right corner of the building in bulky royal blue light up letters. It was the cover organization for the CIA though that was classified information worth your own life. Willard Industries specialized in event planning and headhunters however this could change at a moments notice if the need be. Walking through the revolving door she quickly made her way past the receptionists nodding to a few agents pretending to be waiting on appointments just in case.

    Going to the elevator the woman stepped into the elevator and faced the back wall. “*82An53,” the woman said as she pressed floor 6, 9 and 4 at the same time. The elevator instantly dinged twice and began moving down to the lower levels. “Negative five. Welcome back Claire Montgomery,” The computerized elevator said as the back wall came open revealing the CIA head quarters. It was bustling like a hive of bees that were behind making their honey for the day. “I said for you to track down anything related to Custodes Terra,” an elderly man in a tweed suit ordered his booming voice carrying around the room. Walking down the stairs unnoticed with all the commotion Claire took a few turns left and one right coming to a grand computer room. It had screens lining the entire side of one wall and more keys than Claire could ever figure out. “What’s the haps?” Claire asked a tall man in his mid 20s with scruffy brown hair who was tapping away on one area of the screen. “You haven’t heard? Custodes Terra?” The man said exasperated not looking at her, “Any agent who doesn’t know by now should be fired. Where have you been the moon?”

    “Italy actually,” Claire said with an amused smile on her lips as she waited for her welcome back. The man inhaled a sharp breath, spun around and swept her into a tight hug. “Claire!” He exclaimed his voice mixed with relief and excitement. “Told you I’d return safely Jonathon,” She told him as he set her down. Jonathon had only been working with the CIA Intelligence department for 3 years however it’d been quickly seen that he was a whiz amongst whizzes at any computer. “Sir,” Another nerd called out to him in exasperation, “leaks have occurred in some big economic tanks bouncing like a super bouncy ball.”

    “Dammit!” Jonathon cursed as he hurriedly looked at the screens that were mostly flashing highlighted bits of information. “Go geek out, I’ll see you in a while,” Claire said as she excited the room knowing her words were lost on him. Sighing deeply she made her way to her departmental heads office to see what she could do to help alleviate some of the situation. Pulling a clip from her bag Claire pulled her long hair into a bun holding it in place with the clip. She’d just returned from a 6-month operation. No way was her bosses going to let her join in on the fun easily so Claire made herself a bit more comfortable getting ready for the fight she was about to walk into with her head held high.
  5. Kouta lay sitting on his chair, looking trough the window of his office. A place well lit by the light of the afternoon, with shelves all around the walls, filled with books of all kinds. The ground, covered with carpets, the ceiling, with three ceiling lights made of bronze and a big table made of mahogany, where the only things that decorated the room. Dimitri opened the door to the room and entered all of sudden, without knocking or saying anything.

    "How many times do I have to tell you to knock first?" Said Kouta without taking away his sight off the window and the beautiful landscape of the sun setting behind the sand lines drawn by the desert. "Mphf..." Mumbled Dimitri. "It's called courtesy." Said Kouta. "The preparations for the next phase are almost done." Said Dimitri, showing no emotions at all in his voice. Just plain, heavy accented words.

    "We punished the guilty, showed them that those who we punished weren't the only ones. We gave them the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson, to realize that the sin must be paid. Now they will prosecute those who we revealed as causative of harm to many, and the law will award them to a sentence worth of his crimes." Said Kouta as he got up and walked out of his office. "You know they will not, right?" Said Dimitri as he followed the Asian man. "Yes, I know." Said Kouta showing fake sadness. "They will hide like rats. Pay their way out of their misdeed... That's another lesson the governments all around the world will learn today: If the justice is quick enough to put on trial a thief who had stolen in order to feed his kids, it should be even more quick to put in jail someone who is the cause of thousands of deaths." Stated Kouta.

    They both walked across the palace, all decorated as dull and plain as Kouta's office was. In the end, that was a command center, not a place to spend someone's vacations. Once outside the palace, Kouta and Dimitri meet with a group of soldiers, all dressed up in high tech military equipment; State of the art weaponry, high end gizmos and many other things that weren't even available to the army itself. "Commander! We are all ready." Said the captain of the group as he saluted Kouta. "The helicopter?" Asked him. "Yes. ready to leave at your orders. Your equipment is on board and waiting for you." Said the captain looking at a V-22 'Osprey' ready to fly. "Excellent, captain." Replied Kouta.

    "I don't see the point of this operation, Kouta." Said Dimitri as the captain of the team went back with the rest of the men. "Dimitri, think like a regular man. A normal person who wakes up every morning, goes to work and comes back home at night. For them this is just a movie." Explained him. "They need to realize the threat is real. They need to realize the actual threat is not us, but the men sitting behind a desk on the top floor of an unnecessary skyscraper." Said Kouta, being really expressive as usual. "The threat is the hypocrite who is in charge, the liar who is elected and thinks he can do whatever he pleases." Said him as he walked towards the helicopter.

    "The day the regular people, the worker, realizes about this and fight against it.... That day, Dimitri, we won't be necessary anymore, for we don't fight for power. We fight for the true freedom of the humanity." Said him, rising a little bit his voice so the rest of the people in there could hear it. If Kouta was a great leader wasn't because of his past in the Japanese Special forces or because his ease of speech, but because he knew what to say and when to say it.
  6. A loud sigh could be heard from behind an office door. “I’m telling you even if we can find out who is running Custodes Terra,” a stern female said in an exasperated voice. Claire could just imagine her department head sitting at her desk rubbing her temples trying to think how to get an agent into the mysterious organization that seemed to have popped up out of the blue. “This isn’t like any other operation. We have only found out the minimum information about the organization. There’s got to be a way in . . . but we haven’t been able to find any probable way in,” the woman said disturbed by this information.

    Claire sighed deeply and knocked on the door. “What?!” came a deep male voice clearly annoyed by the interruption. Putting on a smile Claire opened the door and walked into the large office where her superiors were. “Mrs. Montgomery,” Director Hawler said with a nod looking away quickly from Claire’s eyes. He’d never seemed to like Claire that much though she had no clue why. “Director,” she said with a nod back to him before turning her attention to her departmental head. “Claire!” the older woman said happily getting up from her desk momentarily forgetting about their current troubles.

    “Miriam,” Claire said enthusiastically as soon as she closed the door firmly behind her. The two women met in front of her desk and hugged tightly. Pulling back slightly Claire looked at the woman who had recruited her eight years ago and had helped her mentor for the first year. Miriam had been like a mother in a way to Claire and even though 5 years ago she’d been promoted to run the department the two still stayed close. However in front of other agents Claire was just another agent Miriam was in charge of.

    The director cleared his throat bringing them out of their reunion. Miriam muttered something however Claire couldn’t hear and went back to her seat and said sternly, “You weren’t supposed to report back until next month after your mandatory rest.” “The broadcast caught my attention at the airport. I thought I could lend my assistance here instead,” Claire said firmly her brown eyes staring into her superior’s unflinchingly. “The situation will be handled. Rules are set in place for a reason,” The director said confidently though when Claire turned her gaze on him his eyes were filled with uncertainty.

    “I mean no disrespect however it appears the CIA has been thrown into madness in one day. Custodes Terra killed 6 people, broadcasted a message worldwide and promised more blood. That’s too organized and preciese to have been thrown together. My guess is that they’ve been formed for quite some time waiting until everything was perfect before striking. However the Central Intelligence Agency has no file on such a dangerous group,” Claire said her eyes narrowing daring him to say she was wrong.

    He cleared his throat and said, “These terrorists will not be hidden for long. Once we find a hole to get a operative in they will crumble just like any other.” “Good,” Claire said standing up with her bag in hand, “I’ll get to work finding useful information so it’ll be easier to get through the hole.” “Now wait just a minute,” The director said angrily. “Yes?” Claire asked pausing with her hand near the doorknob glancing over to him. “You just got back from a mission. There is no way you’d be chosen to infiltrate in the very least. You have to take your month off just like every other long term operative in this department besides there are other agents who can do this job as well,” He said turning his gaze to the window as if this was the end of the discussion. Claire walked back over to him and said icily, “Really? 6 men are dead. One of which was killed on television. You think that any of the operatives that are eligible to take this mission are ready for it?”

    Claire shook her head and sighed, “I am the only agent with enough experience to handle Custodes Terra. The other agents who could handle this are on other missions. Either it’s me or it’s someone who will most likely get into trouble within a week.” Smiling brightly once more Claire walked over to the door, “But of course the choice is yours Director Hawler. When you make your mind up give me a call until then I’ll do as I’m told and get started on my month of rest.” “Be safe,” Miriam said softly with a small smile on her face knowing that Claire would leave the agency however she wouldn’t be going to rest.
  7. It took a few hours, but the helicopter finally made it to the objective. "Green light in five." Said the voice of the pilot over the comms. "You've heard it, ladies! Get ready!" Yelled the captain getting his men ready and frosty. Kouta walked in front of them, showing only strengths and power in his corporal language. "Get your cameras on, gentlemen. This show is going to be streamed live." Said him pointing at his helmet, where there was a really tiny optical cameras, able to stream anything in real time and with high quality guaranteed . "Link established... Sir? Sir, can you hear me?" Said a voice over the comms, but only the one Kouta had. "Yes, loud and clear. Cameras are on, set the signal and get ready to stream." Ordered Kouta. "Yes... yes, I receive all your signals." Replied the voice.

    The loading bay of the big helio began to open, and everybody got on position. "Remember! No English!" Yelled Kouta over the noise of the helicopter. The other men nodded and got their minds and equipment ready. "Ten seconds!" Said the pilot. "Central: Up in five!" Ordered Kouta. "Three, two, one..." And then a green light lit on the bay of the chopper. The Captain deployed a thick rope off the helicopter and yelled in perfect Japanese as he moved his hand ordering all the men to rappel down. Including Kouta, who with the helmet on was cleverly disguised as the rest of the soldiers.

    The same instant they began to go out, the cameras began to record the video, and without storing it anywhere, it was live streamed directly to a hundred different video stream services. The team made it to the rooftop of a skyscraper, hard to be sure where, tho, since the blanket of the night offered them the cover they needed to stay undercover the required time to do their movement.

    The group went into the building, showing to everyone on line their every movement, how they quietly sneaked into what it looked like a dull office building. Several times they ran into the security guards, but even if it seemed like taken directly from a movie, their uniforms and equipment turned almost invisible, allowing them to take down the guards without having to kill them. To be literal, they didn't became 'invisible' in the most strict meaning of the word, but more like vanished due to the capabilities of the clothing to alter the wavelength of the light spectrum around the user, generating the illusion of almost complete invisibility.

    The live stream went viral in matter of seconds, and in less than a minute millions of people where looking at it all around the world. And unable to stop it, some of the webs had to temporally close their services in order to stop the video. But let's be honest, humanity is curious to a point it may be even gross, so many of the services didn't stopped the streaming. Just what Kouta knew, and wanted. The Captain of the group muttered some more orders in Japanese and the whole team approached to a pretty big room with a huge table in the middle and lots of fancy dressed people sitting around it and calmly talking while drinking whine and eating really expensive food.

    The invisible men easily took care of the guards in the glass doors and got into the room unnoticed. "Hey, Hey! And what about this... Freedom fighter on the TV?" Asked a fat man sitting in one of the comfortable and expensive chairs. "That asshole? Don't worry about him, I got some friends in the F.B.I who are taking care of him right now." Said another one filled with confidence. "Surprise, motherfucker." Muttered Kouta as he slammed the head of the man against the table.

    All of the men on Kouta's team exited of their camouflage, including Kouta, who took his helmet out, making everyone dead silent. "So, how are you doing, big guys?" Said Kouta as he walked around the table as his men secured the room and made sure nobody made any dumb movements. "Y... You... You have no right to be here!" Yelled one of the men. "I don't? Well, then tell me why is that? What are you doing here... With all this fancy food and wine?" Said Kouta grabbing some of the food and smelling it. "W... We are discussing private business." Replied the man. "Pssssss..... See, there is were you are wrong.... Said Kouta. "Tell me, tell the world what are you arguing here." Ordered him as he put his helmet over the table, just in front of the man. The man noticed the small camera, and seemed reluctant to talk.

    "Hey, we can be here all night. I bet nobody knows about this little meeting, am I right?" Said him looking closely to another man. Everybody stood silent because, as Kouta had said, they all knew nobody knew of this meeting. "So, I'll ask again. What in the Earth could you be discussing here, in such a distended ambiance." Said Kouta still walking around the table, notably making all the suited men nervous. "N.... None of your business!" Said another man. "Oh yeah? Well, if that's so..." Muttered him as he took out his gun and walked next to that men. "Let's see..." Muttered Kouta as he put a silencer on the gun. Then, without saying anything else he shoot the man in a leg, causing pain screams and tons of blood all over the carpet. "Alright! Alright! I'll tell you! But don't hurt us!" Said one of the other men.

    "Ahhhh.... Old style violence... The only thing humanity responds to." Muttered him, but making sure that was heard. "W... We.... We are voting the A.P.E.L."Said the man. "So... And What is that, wise men?" Said Kouta in a weir tone, mixing dead serious with a mocking tone. "It's... I'ts... The Anti Piracy Enforcement Law..." Said the man. "Oh... That sounds interesting... It's like... To let the governments and companies monitor all the internet traffic? I mean, like spying on us?" Asked him. "N.. No..." But Kouta interrupted the man. "Tsss, ts, ts, ts.... Don't lie to me, sir. I know when people lies, and I can tell you are lying." Said Kouta, but this time everybody stood quiet.

    "So, what we have here is a bunch of suited men, having a pretty nice party and voting for a law that affects all the computer users all around the world..." Said Kouta walking around the table again. "Then I must guess all the people is well represented in this meeting. You. Yes, you over there: Tell me, who are you and who do you work for." Ordered him. "And remember, don't lie to me."

    And so, one by one began to tell who they were and who they worked for. in the end it turned out that everybody was from some big company related to the industry of the cinema, the music, or the government. "Mmm.... I think I began to understand." Said Kouta. "And I don't like it. I don't like what I see. Because what I see is a bunch of greasy fat people, thirst of power and wealth, who not being satisfied by living at the expense of the others, they want more, and more.... And how do you achieve that? Cutting the liberties of the people. The same people once trusted you." Said Kouta. Then he just pressed one small button on his helmet to cut the stream of his camera and ordered the same with a signal to the rest of the men. "Now the sinners pay."

    About twenty minutes later the cops arrived to the scene, but Kouta and his men were long gone, leaving only a trial of dead sinners behind them.
  8. Claire walked swiftly weaving through the inner halls of the underground agency headquarters her feet taking a familiar path. Some that she passed welcomed her back or congratulated her on another job well done. She smiled, thanked them and nodded continuing on her own way. She’d never been one for small talk. Some in fact thought she was stuck up though they held no grudges against her. She’d overheard a younger agent saying that with an infallible success rate like Claire had she had every right to be stuck up. Claire had found this overwhelmingly amusing. She didn’t consider herself to be stuck up merely selective of whom she associated with.

    Reaching an elevator she stepped in and as the doors closed she dropped her bag and knelt down to the floor. As the elevator started moving up to the parking garage she pulled out a contact case and took out her brown contacts. Sealing the case once more she tossed it into the bag and pulled the hair band from her long brown hair running her fingers through the soft strands. She would have to stop and get the chestnut coloring treated out. Kicking off her tennis shoes the woman slipped on a dark blue jean skirt over her hip huggers and pulled them down folding them neatly and placing them in her bag.

    Glancing up she checked to make sure she still had two floors to go before the doors would open. Smiling she pulled her t-shirt over her head and changed into a deep violet V-neck spaghetti strap shirt. Placing a black jacket over this Claire pulled out a pair of strappy black heels from her small bag and slipped them on just as the elevator dinged. “Still got it,” Claire said with a satisfied smile putting on her shoes just as the door opened. Feeling a bit more like herself she picked up her bag from the floor and walked confidently passed vehicles of all sorts until she reached her own.

    Running her hand lightly along her midnight black 1967 Pontiac GTO Claire smiled having missed her most cherished possession. The car had been the very first impractical thing Claire had ever bought. She’d found it in a junkyard, the frame severely damaged and most of the insides gutted, however Claire knew the classic muscle car had potential. It’d cost more to refurbish than she’d ever be able to sell it for, insurance would be ridiculous and the possibility of the vehicle getting damaged by other people’s stupidity and recklessness would drive Claire insane. However . . . she just had to have it.

    Sliding into the leather driver’s seat she felt the car come to life under her as she turned the key in the ignition. As she pulled out of the parking spot soft jazz played from the radio. Vacation. One month. The idea was not plausible. She usually struggled with the down time. Claire hated it but relished it at the same time. When she was off she was restless. Always she had to be on the go. She’d go from one spot in the city to another staying in the public’s eye. Art galleries, café’s, and museums and parks during the days; during the nights she preferred one club in particular The Alley Cat.

    The only time she went to her empty apartment was to shower and sleep. The emptiness taunted her. Reminded her of everything she’d given up for this job. The only up side to the down time, the only thing that made counting down the lonely days until she could go back to work, was that people called her by her real name. Claire Montgomery. The simplest sound in the world. So many names she’d gone by in the past eight years she found herself wishing for the simplicity of a normal life often.

    A horn honked behind her signaling the light had turned to green. “I hear you loud and clear,” Claire muttered refocusing on her driving. 15 minutes later Claire pulled smoothly into a parking spot at her favorite Internet café. Grabbing her laptop bag from the back seat floorboard unzipping the outer pocket. Pulling out her real wallet she checked to make sure everything was still in place. She’d never been the type of girl to carry a purse when she was just out on her own. Smiling she turned off her car and walked into the building with a slight swish of her hips.

    She loved the vibe of this café. It was energetic, vibrant even. So much confusing commotion everywhere you looked though there was a balance to the chaos. The bright neon colors swirling into darker hues splashed along the walls, furniture, and even the floors. Immediately she was submerged in the sounds of roaring rivalries from gamers overpowering the simpler sounds of typists drumming on their keys in symphony-like rhythm. While walking up to the counter her hand was grabbed gently spinning her in a circle. Claire tensed fighting her natural instinct to kick off the ground, flipping herself over the unknown assailant and pinning him to the ground.

    “The angel who comes and goes on the winds has returned to our humble home,” a deep voice whispered in her ear as her back met his strong chest. Claire felt a smile grace her lips her breath catching in her throat as he spun her into the arms of another man. This man’s voice was lighter, more flamboyant as he said, “What luck we have tonight for the winds are in our favor dear brother for our angel has returned.” Wiggling out of this man’s grip she put her back against the counter top turning to face two identical men. Late 20’s, strong bone structures, light brown eyes, and identical smirks. Their only difference was their clothes and hairstyles. One of the twins wore a casual suit the undershirt an Easter blue with slick black hair cut short while the other was dressed more in skater fashion from his black hair hanging around his ears right down to his DC shoes.

    “I think you’ve got me mixed up with another girl,” Claire said with a playful grin, “It’s been a long while since I’ve been anything close to an angel.” Both men let out booming laughs and said in perfect harmony, “We have a costume you could try on for size. It’ll be fun to pretend for just a while.” Drumming her fingers on the counter she laughed softly, “Every time I come here you two try to get me into some ridiculous slutty cosplay.” They laughed and pulled her into a tight hug letting the subject drop for the moment.

    “Good to see you Claire my dear,” One of them said as they waved to a waitress to bring over a few sodas. “Randell,” Claire said looking at the one with short hair and then to his brother, “Riley. How have my two favorite demon’s been?”

    “Good good,” they said passing Claire a soda the waitress had brought over. Claire had been coming here for so long she knew the two men who owned the joint well enough where the term friends could be used very loosely. They didn’t ask questions about where she went whenever she disappeared and didn’t expect her to be around for anything important. She’d asked once why they welcomed her back every time with open arms. They said simply because she amused them. She didn’t understand it but either way she was thankful.

    Randell and Riley each put their arm around Claire and began to lead her around their place showing her new screens they’d put in and other advances. However as she passed a few screens instantly changed simultaneously to the same feed. The gamers who had been in a heated WOW battle all groaned and stood up shouting that someone would pay. Claire slipped easily from the grasps of the twins and pushed the gamers back away from the screen as she crouched down directly in front of one. Claire heard a group of men talking about the broadcast from this morning. One of them boasting about knowing whom the group was and that his friends in the FBI were going to take care of them.

    Just then his head was slammed into the table and the same voice from this morning said “Surprise, motherfucker.” The men around the table were silent for a moment in stunned surprise. One of them seemed to find their voice though after a brief exchange between the leader of the group and him he noticed the camera and stopped talking. Claire watched as the leader pulled out a gun and shot one of the men in the leg. Though no sound from the gun was made the man screamed in agony and blood spewed on the carpet around them. Another, having been convinced this man meant business, begged the leader not to hurt the others.

    The questions the leader had to ask soon found the answers he wanted. The men were voting for the Anti Piracy Enforcement Law. Once the leader had been told about why they were here he wanted to know who all was here. So it began, a roll call of sorts. The man said that he understood, these men where wealthy who wanted more. Then all of a sudden the feed was cut, that was it though Claire knew the men would be found dead. The WOW screens came back up and the gamers started groaning at Claire who was frozen in her spot. “Claire dearie,” Said Riley in a uplifting voice, “You’re cute but not enough to stand between geeks and their games.” Randell gently lifted her up and as Claire looked around she noticed that mostly everyone had resumed what he or she were doing before the feed.

    “Sorry guys, just wanted a better view,” She said flashing them a dazzling smile. Most of the people here were teenagers or early 20’s. Most were typical geeks and gamers. They didn’t care about anything that didn’t directly affect their alternate world they found in gaming. As she let the twins lead her around some more her wheels began to turn. She’d concluded several things after watching the exchange. This man, the leader of this group set on killing everyone they thought had an agenda to fill their pockets fuller, was firm in his belief. He absolutely believed that what he was doing, these men he was killing deserved to die. He also was very articulate. He knew how to speak to people and he did so with intelligence. Whoever came face to face with this man would surely have to be on top of their own game in order not to stumble around him. The plan for this killing also seemed flawless. In silently, get the message out, kill the targets and then disappear without a trace. These broadcasts were meant to send a message to the public however they’d prove useful for her as well.
  9. "Good work, gentlemen. Good work." Said Kouta as the helicopter brought them back to the HQ. The travel back home was way longer than the one taking them to the objective since they had to stop to refuel in some abandoned airfield near Paros in Greece. But nothing they already had planed, so by the sunrise they aready had reached their destination. "Comrades, now rest. You all have earned it." Said Kouta as they walked out of the Osprey. There, already waiting for them was Dimitri, with the same plain expression as always.

    "Kouta, the preparations for the next...." But Kouta interrupted him. "I know, I know. I knew you wouldn't deceive me, Dimitri." Said him as he walked into the palace. "But let's give them a rest. Let's give the world a couple of days to assimilate us, to comprehend us... To react and to understand that the way things were are no longer sustainable." Said him as he walked to the armory of the palace with Dimitri and the rest of the men. "Anything else bothering you, my friend?" Asked Kouta as he stopped in front of a reinforced door.

    "David was killed in Kandahar a few hours ago." Said Dimitri. "What happened?" Asked Kouta. "The Russians. Something went wrong during the exchange and they killed everyone." Said Dimitri. "What about the package? Was he able to send it?" Asked Kouta, not showing any emotions about the death of one of his most closest men. "Yes. Sent and checked. The blueprints are now being studied." Answered Dimitri. "Good.... Good. Then his dead wasn't in vain." Said Kouta. "Now go, rest if you must. The beginning of a revolution is always exhausting, and sometimes, it must be paid with the blood of our own people." Said outa and then entered into the armory to get cleaned and changed.


    In the national TV and other many private channels all around the world, all the programming seemed to be always around the same issue: Custodes Terra. Who they were, what do they wanted, why now or why the way they were doing things. Every smart-ass around the globe had its own conspiracy theory about it, every man and woman who thought they were someone had to speak about it, even if they knew nothing about it. In some of the morning shows and also in the late night ones, some random reporter went to the streets to know what the 'regular people' thought about it, and the answers among them were really different from the ones the 'experts' and rich people gave.

    "I don't know... I... I guess it's bad to kill people... But this people were guilty, right? I mean, they like... Like stole from us, right? I guess someone had to punish them, and since our governments weren't doing anything, someone else had to do it.... Right?" Explained a young woman interviewed on the streets. "What I think about those Terra guys? Well, I think It was about time someone stepped forward and stand up against the guys 'up there'." Said an Afro-american tall guy moving his hands and standing pretty serious in front of the camera. "Thos' fancy people, stealin' from us, takin' away the food of our children. Makin' us pay more and more for things we don't even want. You wanna know what I think 'bout that Chinese guy? Giv'em hell kid!" Proclaimed a man with a cowboy hat, standing in front of what it looked like a farm.

    "This guy is a terrorist! That's what he is! He is killing innocent people!" Exclaimed a well dressed man, sitting in one of the comfortable chairs in the TV set. "Innocent? Those people where everything except innocent!" Replied another one, younger than the first one, siting on the other side of the set. "He is killing people! That psycho must be taken down and hanged for his crimes!" Exclaimed the dressed old man. "I'm not saying his methods are the right ones, all I'm saying is that man is opening our eyes, is telling us that the crimes must not go unpunished the way it's been for... For too long now." Replied the young man.
  10. “Stay,” Riley said his voice having an edge of pleading as Randell’s grip on her tightened. “Guys . .” Claire said taking a deep breath. Here they were once again hours after her reappearance in their lives. Partings were always difficult with Randell and Riley. They acted like children trying to hold on to a favorite toy that a parent was trying to throw away. Randell’s strong arms were wrapped around her waist as Riley held onto her hands as they stood in the twin’s office. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” She said reassuringly gently trying to pull her hands out of Riley’s first.

    “Not good enough,” Randell said with a pout. Claire took another deep breath keeping her calm. “Riley . . . Randell. . .” Claire said sternly, “Stop acting like children and let me go.” The men loosened their grip on her but didn’t let go completely. “You promise you are going to come back?” Riley asked staring into her eyes. “Tomorrow is never promised,” Claire said softly, “You know I won’t make a promise I may not be able to keep but I promise I’ll do my best to come back tomorrow.” The men exchanged a glance silently debating on whether or not to let her leave any time soon.

    “The odds are in your favor though,” She added with a bright smile already knowing if they didn’t release her she’d have to put aside reason and use her more persuasive charms. She hated stooping to that level with them but she needed to get to the salon before it closed. Claire was feeling like herself once more but there were still two things she needed to do before she’d really feel like she was Claire Montgomery again. Go to the salon to return her hair to its natural blond state and then go to the Alley Cat for a drink.

    Sighing the two released her slowly knowing by now she’d get away from them in the end. “Wise choice,” Claire said with a laugh as she kissed both of their cheeks quickly turning on her heels and walking to the door of their office. “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do,” Riley called out as the door closed behind her. “That doesn’t leave much not to do,” She muttered to herself with a sigh. Quickly she walked out of the café saying goodbye to some of the regulars.

    Once in her car she started it but then rested her head on the wheel. She loved the twins, they made her feel welcome and wanted. When she was with them she felt like she had a home. However on the down side she always felt drained when she left them. It was the same at the Alley Cat. While she was there she felt comfortable, at peace with herself, and just in the moment however once that moment passed and she was alone she felt as if she was exhausted. Just completely drained emotionally, mentally and physically.

    Perhaps it was because she wasn’t used to being herself anymore. To be someone else came naturally after years of practice but she seemed to push herself over the edge trying to just be herself. Really she envied normal people. They took for granted every day of simplicity. Normal interaction with other normal people and normal jobs with normal hours. Shaking her head she pushed these thoughts aside. She was one of those normal people for a little while at least. She should enjoy her time while she had it. Starting up the car she pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the salon she always used when she came back from a mission.

    Three hours later the sun was setting and New York’s nightlife was just starting to buzz with activity. Claire walked confidently up the darkening streets heading towards The Alley Cat. As she walked her black heels clicked on the concrete sidewalks. She could feel eyes on her though she appeared not to notice. The men, most likely drug dealers, hiding in the alley ways looked her up from her black heels to her tight navy blue dress stopping right above her knees continuing up to her soft shoulders and around her neck where the dress tied.

    Claire ran a hand through her blond hair as she walked up past the lines waiting to get into the Alley Cat. The bouncer eyed her as she walked right up to him not even glancing at the line. “There’s a line,” he said putting his arm out to stop her from entering the club. “Yeah that’s right chika,” A Latino woman called out from the line followed by hyena like laughs. “You’re new,” Claire said with a shrug. “Tell Bruno to come out here for a second for a old friend,” She said flashing him a dazzling smile. He frowned but hesitantly nodded at another man who was standing by the door mostly in the shadows.

    The man took out a radio and sent the message. A few moments later a tall bald man with a black mustache came outside with a stone-like mask on his face. His eyes scanned the shadows and then the line of waiting partygoers before falling on Claire. Her eyes brightened in recognition and a smile cracked the stony mask like a jackhammer against concrete at a construction site. “Look what the cat drug in,” He said pulling Claire into a hug lifting her off the ground to spin her around. “Bruno!” Claire said with a small laugh hopping that he put her down quickly. She didn’t like not having control over any situation even if it was a familiar one.

    He sat her down gently though he took her hand and led her inside giving her a personal escort to the bar. Bruno had been the head of security since the club opened as far as Claire knew. He was well liked and took care of most problems the club had no matter how big or small. “How have you been?” She asked leaning in closely so he would hear her over the music. As he was about to answer a drunk girl who had obviously started very early stumbled into the bar slouching over. “We’ll catch up later,” he said giving her a wink as he took a deep breath walking over to the girl who was now giggling uncontrollably.
  11. Another night at the club.... A pretty live one, to be honest. Well, like most of the night at The Alley Cat, actually... Thought Terrence as he did his bartender job as usual. Was just a job for a couple of days a week, the most busy ones at the club, of course, but that helped him pay his studies. Serving some drinks to some really cute girls, he kept thinking for himself about his life. Not a great one, but he couldn't complain neither. He had pretty much everything covered, food, a place to live, job, studies, and even a weird luck which seemed to mock at him sometimes, and prove to be life saver some others. And I have to tell you, all that 'lucky at cards, unlucky in love' thing was proving to be true. At least in Terry's case.

    Being alone is not pleasant, thought him as he served another round to some crazy boys on the other side of the counter. Sure it's nice to be lucky in life, not that dumb 'Hey! I found 20 dollars on the ground' kind of luck, but something more cold and distant. And usually beating some friends playing poker was also nice, but of course, that was also thanks to his skill at it. "I can't see me loving nobody but you..." Muttered him as he kept working as usual; like a machine, doing every movement, and serving every drink he was asked for the same way he had been doing for the past few years. "... For all my life." Muttered him as he kept singing between teeth. "... So happy together."
  12. Claire sighed deeply hopping up on a bar stool gracefully looking around the club. Even at the early hour it was already getting packed. She wondered what the night would hold for her. Anything was possible at the Alley Cat. Seeing no one that she recognized Claire spun around to face the bar tapping her nails on them in tune with a song that came floating softly to her ears. “I can’t see me loving nobody but you . . . For all my life . . . So happy together. . . “ She tilted her head thinking she recognized the song however if she had it right then they were missing some lyrics.

    “When you’re with me, baby the skies will be blue for all my life,” she sang softly filling in the second part of the verse as she looked at the bartender who had sung the song. She recognized him even though he wasn’t near her at the moment. Terrance was his name. They’d chatted a bit but they weren’t very close. “Terrance,” Claire said with a friendly smile when he came closer taking other orders. She wondered if he’d remember that she liked Black Russians to start the night with or if she’d have to remind him. “How have you been?”
  13. "Hey! Clarie right?" Said him as he smiled when he saw her on the bar. "Sorry, I'm awful with names!" Said Terrence with a chuckle. "I've been doing fine." Said him as he grabbed a glass and put some ice on it. "Having some troubles, but ain't nobody have some of those?" Said him keeping the cheerful mood he was asked for. Then, Terrence put the old looking glass with the cracked ice on the counter and grabbed a bottle of vodka. "How about you?" Asked him, trying to keep his voice up with the loud music. Almost instinctively, he poured the vodka 'on the rocks', making the ice creak softly as he filled a small part of the glass with that drink. "It's been quite a long time since the last time I saw you here!" Terrence put the vodka away and grabbed another bottle with coffee liqueur in it. "Have you been traveling?" Asked him as the last ingredient was put on the drink and finally server to Clarie. "There you go." Said him with a wink.
  14. Claire’s eyes brightened as he greeted her remembering her name. “Yes yes!” She said enthusiastically listening to how he had been doing. Nodding her head understandingly she wondered what troubles he could be having though he seemed cheerful enough about it so hopefully it wasn’t too serious. He asked about how she’d been. She shrugged watching in fascination as Terrance made her drink. Making drinks had never worked for her, she’d always wanted to learn just never had the time. “Yes, it’s been many months since I was here,” Claire said taking a drink. “I had a few clients overseas that needed my attention,” she told him smoothly to explain her absence, “Though nothing beats being home. I’m glad you’re still around. Did I miss anything interesting while I was gone?”
  15. "Not much to be honest. If you forget about the usual fights and stuff, everything is quite regular over here." Said him as he grabbed a baize and cleaned the section of bar he had in front of him. A way to pretend he is doing something when he is actually chatting with Clarie. "Oh, yes! Remember that dancer we had? Maria was called? She got married!" Said him, explaining meaningless events since nothing thrilling usually happened to him. "Who would have predicted it?" Then he shrugged, since it was quite unusual seeing someone like a pole dancer get married.

    "Well, there's also that Custodes Terra thing? Have you heard about it?" Inquired him as he got close to her. "Those guys are really making noise with all that killing and terrorism." Terrence, as everyone, had his own opinion on the matter, and even if he didn't liked o talk too much about thing he didn't knew, those guys were the trending topic nowadays. "Actually, some weird guy appeared in the college I'm studying at, talking about how those guys were trying to make things different, and that the change was most required now and we were the ones who had to lead it.... I had the feeling he was trying to recruit us! What a weirdo, right?"
  16. Claire laughed softly as Terrance told her that the usual had happened. She noticed that he picked up a baize and started wiping down her section of the bar pretending to be doing this instead of chatting it up with her. “Wow,” Claire said when he told her about Maria. She was shocked really. Maria was a nice girl, very chatty and friendly. “If she can find love there’s got to be a chance for the rest of us, right?” Claire asked with a cheers of her glass in the air. She drank the rest and put the empty glass on the bar with a heavy sigh.

    Her thoughts would have spirled downward into her own personal conflictions however his next words stopped her thoughts. Terrance said something about Custodes Terra. He leaned closer and Claire followed suit holding her breath focusing in on his every word. He said that a guy had showed up at his college trying to recruit kids to their organization. Wow. A way into Custodes Terra was so easily found? She wondered what the catch was. Every opportunity or chance presented had a catch.

    “Yeah,” Claire said exhaling her breath smoothly. She wondered what Terrance though about Custodes Terra. She figured that some would want to join the group thinking that they were visionaries who had the right ideas while others, like herself, thought they were just as bad as the men they killed. “That’s really weird,” Claire said with a shrug as if it didn’t matter pulling back again asking curiously, “What are you studying again Terrance?”

    She traced the top of her glass with a finger keeping her vivid green eyes on his as if he was the most important person in the world at the moment. In a way he was. He knew who she was, not who she pretended to be for her job and that was after all why she’d came here. However he’d just become far more important to Claire.
  17. "Data analysis, advanced computer architectures and information technologies." Replied David, proud of it, but instantly realizing those words sure sounded foreign for Clarie. "Long story short: The IT guy." Said him joking, since what he did was way more than just fixing stuff that got broken or teaching some teenagers how to use the 'Excel'. In fact, he aimed to be a developer of new technologies, like a scientist of computer stuff. Looking at the other end of the bar for a second, he realized there were a few other customers waiting, and being for an entire minute cleaning the same part of the counter was being to be suspicious.

    "I should get back to work." Said him with a smile. "By the way... I.... Well, I end my shift in a couple of hours, and... Well, I was wondering..." His words came loud and clear but not even him was believing in them. "Never mind... It was nothing." Muttered Terrence.
  18. Claire nodded slowly as he told her what he was going to college for like she didn’t understand. He caught on and dumbed it down for her. “Sounds like you’d be the go to guy for the tech stuff,” She said with a laugh. Claire saw something in his eyes. A deeper desire, a bigger dream than she could comprehend. He had plans for his degree. That was intriguing to Claire and she found herself wanting to know more about the future he saw for himself. He looked down at the other end of the bar and Claire sighed figuring his chitchat time was up. Now she’d just have to wait until he came back or someone else she recognized to come over.

    However he smiled and started to mention that he got off work in a couple of hours but then he stopped. Faye could hardly believe that he sounded like he was about to ask her out. She’d never thought of it as a possibility for some reason. It wasn’t that he wasn’t her type . . . or rather he wasn’t cute. She didn’t really have a type to be honest. Claire had never really dated anyone as herself since starting at the CIA. She’d never thought about Terrance in that way because it never seemed like a possibility she supposed. Though now that he started the question she could think of three very good reasons to take him up on his almost offer. Bored-ness, the possibilities and Custodes Terra.

    “Could you get me another before you have to leave me?” Claire asked smiling sweetly though when he filled her glass she let her hand rest on his lightly. “And I’ll be here for a couple of hours at least if you want to finish that sentence of yours,” Claire told him confidently holding his gaze. “But for now I think you’d better return to your other customers before I get you in trouble,” She added though there was a disappointed edge to her voice as she looked away. Now what to do for the remainder of the night became her question.
  19. Terrence couldn't avoid to smile widely as he heard her words. Even if it wasn't a clear 'yes' he noticed she seemed fond with the idea of actually having a date with him. Or don't truth was he was quite bad with this kind of things. And so he returned to his work, making it slightly more cheerfully than he usually did. And as the time passed the bar seemed not to cease with the euphoria of the music and the eagerness of the people dancing all over the place.

    Round after round, the alcohol went into the bodies of the customers as fast as the guards kicked out the problematic punks on the club, leaving inside only the fun of the night. Terrence was about to finish his shift when his substitute walked in. Another guy from the college, Terrence never had seen him around the campus, tho. Not to bother about that now, there were more important things to do now.

    Walking into the club, now as a customer, Terrence looked for Clarie on that crowded place. Mmmm... She said she would be around here.... Guess it's just a matter of time before I found her, thought him as he began to look for her.
  20. Claire found herself getting bored at the bar all by her lonesome. Sighing deeply she slid off the bar stool drink in hand. It was a good night to make a comeback to the Alley Cat. The club was in full swing. People were everywhere drinking and dancing. Running a hand through her blond hair Claire made her way into the crowds. She drank her drink and swayed her hips to the music. It wasn’t long before a guy moved in thinking Claire would make for a easy night. He didn’t speak at first dancing in front of her.

    He wasn’t exactly what Claire was looking for tonight. He was Italian for one. She’d just left Italy and did not want a reminder of that. The second being she could tell his type from a mile a way. He was a prowler. One of those guys who came to clubs with one and only one thing on his mind. He wanted to get laid bluntly put. “Why don’t you let me buy you a drink?” he said running a finger down her bare arm. “I don’t think so,” Claire said with a smile, “But thanks for the dance.” She started to walk away when his arm caught hers right above the elbow firmly. “Let me buy you that drink,” he said pulling her back to him.

    Her breathing remained even as she looked into his eyes. She saw that they were tense but still playful. He wasn’t a bad guy, just a little grabby. “You don’t want to do that,” Claire said her eyes narrowing dangerously as she moved closer to him. “I suggest you remove your hand now and go find some other girl.” He was taken back by her tone and instantly released her arm. “Wise choice,” she said with a smile as he walked away.

    Bruno came over then with a little chuckle. “I never know how you do it but man do I wish I had your skill getting people to back off,” he said handing her a drink. Claire noticed a cut on his cheek as she took the drink from him, “It’s all in the eyes my dear. You okay?” He rolled his eyes making her laugh. The two walked around the club talking while Claire drank a few more. After a while Bruno had to go take care of another incident leaving Claire to dance alone. Closing her eyes Claire lost herself in the music. She ran her fingers through her hair and down her neck as her hips swayed in tune with the beat.