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  1. He gets ready, winding up the pitch it's about time to throw a game changer. Smirking his arm fly's forward, timing it he lets go of the ball just at the right interval. The round object rotates as it moves onward at high speeds.

    Wow it's been a while since I last checked in. I noticed there where some updates, the forums way different now, or slightly anyway.
  2. Oh my god!

    I love football!
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  3. I feel we all learned something today.
  4. Real football right? Not the American shit.
  5. #salty
  6. Yeah, Dervish is Canadian.

    So he was probably talking about Canadian football.
  7. Hockey?
  8. Yes.

    The American shit.

    Only not.

    Or is it?


  9. Murderball.
  10. no

    If you must know, it's another type of gridiron football, much like the American variant, but with different playing field and team sizes.
  11. This thread is Bump go profit profit.

    *sobs in to hot chocolate*
  13. I like this thread.
  14. That would make this thread a real knuckle puck.

    Clearly, this is more about croquet.
  15. Indeed.
  16. That prospect terrifies me.
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