Curses and Cures (AngelLass & Nix)

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  1. Autumn had finally decided to visit the small town of Azazir, that was deep in the south of the Kingdom of Kesis. The town was nestled in a little peninsula and surrounded on two sides by a thick forest. The leaves in the forest were just starting to change from their normal dark green to a vibrant array of colors, despite the lateness in the year. Birch and elm were thick in these woods, with brilliant fall flowers littering the ground. The forest was home to many rare creatures, several of which were hunted for their pelts or captured as exotic pets. But here, so far south of any major city, the animals were left in peace.

    Very little happened in this town. It was an important town only because of the rich harvest of fruits that the villagers gathered from the nearby forest, and for the market that was held once a month. Rarely, a group of hunters would visit, causing uproar and havoc, while they hunted the creatures of the forest. It was worse when soldiers came, they were often rude and bossy. The town was only a small cluster of twenty to thirty houses, all small. The largest buildings were the three roomed inn, the simple traders post, and the Mayor's house.

    The WildFire Inn, was in the exact middle of town, and was painted a lovely cream color, with rich green shutters, with the innkeeper's tiny wife, sweeping the stoop. It was the exact opposite of the building across the street. This building too, had the same warm cream color on the walls, but it had brown shutters, and an old door that creaked as it opened. That was the Mayor's home.

    It was growing dark, the sun just starting to drift behind the horizon. Children were being called in for their suppers, while the young men and women gathered at the inn. The older men were finishing their old tales in front of the trader's post, while older women gossiped just across the street from their husbands. The Traveler's Assistant, which everyone in town agreed had a very silly name, was bustling with mothers collecting supplies for the evening meal.

    In all it had been an excellent day for the market. Merchants had made many a fine deal, coins passing from hand to hand. There were weapon dealers, clothiers, several small stands of knick-knacks, an herbalist, one slightly crazy looking man who, oddly enough, was selling books, and one apothecary.

    The apothecary, had done very well, since potion making was quickly becoming a lost skill, yet the potions were still highly useful. Still, with only a bit of time before the market closed for the day, most of the vendors were beginning to pack away their wares, looking forward to warm food and cool drinks.