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Aun was such a beautiful place, with it's lush green forests, clean air and the smell of magic sizzling in the air. Yet it was too overwhelming with it's compassion and peace. These days there really was not much threat from the magi humans, as they really were few and far between. Most people lived their simple, happy, normal lives and went on with their business.

Changing from the most feared race to the race that they made and looked most down upon was a punch to the gut for Sasha. Then there was the fact that it was because of her father. With fresh emotions and no idea how to deal with them, Sasha had decided to run, and she did not stop running until she found herself lost in a forest that she did not know. For the past two years she learned her forest and stayed quiet in her nomadic existence, alone. Sasha rarely changed into her wolf forms because they were a constant reminder of her father's betrayal. It was still hard for her to stomach, because she would give anything to feel what it would be like to have someone at her side for that many years. She decided that she would never know, because her people now were so primal at times.

Sasha walked quietly through her little part of the forest and wished that things could be different for her. She wished that she had a chance, but she could wish all that she wanted to because it would never happen that way. Her father made her a creature filled with such emotion and insecurity and it was no wonder that the emotions were stripped from the human magi. They would never be able to survive through what they did. Sasha couldn't survive with her memories.

Shaking her head, Sasha tried to shake away the thoughts of her past and the emotions that came with them. As she sighed, she felt a prickle of magic shiver up her spine. Turning, ready for a fight, she saw nothing. Yet the feeling in her spine was still there and it was spreading. It spread like wildfire through her body and burned. Sasha collapsed onto the ground screaming holding herself as her body shook and burned. Everything started swirling in her vision for a few moments as she felt that she was being sucked through a straw.

Sasha felt her body slam into the ground so hard that she could not gather enough air in her lungs to scream or cry out from the pain or shock of it. Her eyes watered as she stayed immobile on the ground. When Sasha was finally able to get enough air for a solid breath she froze.

Something was wrong.


Shae found he'd been getting bored lately. Well, not bored, as such, but he found himself in a rut. Go to a party, dance his brains out, drink a case and a half of someone else's beer, fuck someone senseless, wake up, wash, rinse, repeat. He was sort of fuzzy, as a matter of fact, on exactly where he'd heard that the werewolves had a portal from the Old World in the Canadian "moose grass," as they put it. For that matter, deciding to go was a bit fuzzy too. That said, he'd come.

Thus he found himself leaning against a tree playing Solitaire with illusory cards. There was nobody to fuck with out here in the middle of nowhere, and he was beginning to get bored. In fact, he was just about to leave for the nearest city when a girl fell out of the portal, shivering and disoriented. Or was the right term "woman?" That had always got by him.

Moment of musing done, he pushed off the tree and walked towards her in his typical unconcerned gait, stopping when he was right next to her and bent over her, studying her for just a moment; memorizing every detail he could see. A pretty one, she was. He reached into the empty cargo pocket of his fatigue pants and produced a small glass of whiskey. "'Ere now, lass," he said cheerily, offering the glass to her. "Yeh look laike ye could use a drink ta steady yer nerves."
Sasha was looking around he head was turning from side to side rapidly. Her heart was threatening to beat out of her chest this area smelled wrong there was something just awful about this place.

Suddenly noting that she was a naked heap on the ground Sasha went to move as some man who reeked of something fermented approached her with something worse smelling then him.

"Who the hell are you?!" Sasha was almost screaming at him her voice was more frantic than angry, her breaths were coming in short gasps and her body was starting to shake violently. Her emotions were running high and she had no idea where the hell she was. Her eyes never left his and the longer she had to wait the more angry she got.
Shae grinned, set the whiskey down on a flat rock by Sasha, and took a step back.

"Shae's me name, lass," he said with a grin and a bow. "Pleased ta be makin' yer acquaintance, an' at yer service. Oi donna' suppose ye'd laike ta tell me yers? Even trade, laike?"

Straightening from his bow so fast his hair flipped, he stepped forward again, extending his hand to Sasha. "Speakin' a' yer service, lass, would ye laike a hand ta yer feet? T' ground cannae help bu' be cold."
Sasha stared at him uncertainly, she had never heard an accent quite like his. He seemed nice enough but was it really enough? At this point in time Sasha didn't really have much of a choice, he was all that was around, at least he wasn't that bad to look at.

"Sasha" She really didn't know what to say to him but Shae really did seem like the talkative type. Maybe she would luck out and he would chat the time away so she could figure out where she was.

Taking the hand Shae extended to her Sasha stood up, she knew she was blushing she just hoped it was not that bad. "I suppose that you are right. It was kind of cold." Sasha kept eye contact with him, damn his blue eyes were breathtaking, and kept herself from fidgeting so that maybe he wouldn't gawk at her nakedness.

"Shae, where am I?" Biting her lower lip Sasha was really uncertain and mildly afraid. The emotions were still a bit of a shock to her but after two years she was dealing a bit better with them.
"Sasha, is it?" Shae said, beaming. "A luvly name t' go wit' a beau'iful lass laike yersel'." And beautiful she was. Shae didn't gawk (Fae never gawked. It was undignified, and tended to be off-putting to the subject of one's attentions), but he most certainly did appreciate her.

"Yer nae inna Auld World n'more, if tha's what yer askin'. This 'ere's t' wilds o' Canada, not tha' 'at'll mean aught to ya." Shae stopped and smacked himself on the forehead dramatically, taking off his coat and handing it to her. "Ach, where's me manners? 'Ere, 'ave me coat until we c'n get ye some clothes a' yer own. I 'ear t' other wolves 'ave a cabin over yonder stocked fer t' new arrivals laike yersel'."

He hadn't actually forgotten, of course - he'd been quite enjoying the view. But holding out any longer really would have been rude. Besides, he had to lead the way, so he wouldn't be getting to watch her ass in any case.
"Thank you," Sasha said as she slipped on his offered jacket and closed it. Feeling a little better she pulled her hair over her shoulder and brushed it with her hands. "Do people come from Aun often? Did you?"

She shivered a little, my this Canada world was kind of cold, at least she had his jacket, or she would be shivering and have goosebumps. Well she did and she was but Shae couldn't see and that somehow made her feel better.

"Is there a way back?" Sasha wasn't sure why she asked him that as she wasn't sure she really wanted to go back. She flexed her hands as she really was baffled by it. Maybe she just wanted something familiar even if it came with betrayal and solitude. Surely none of the wolves there would be around her if they knew that she once was one of the people that laid the curse on them. She never did it herself but she didn't think that it would change their opinion. What would that say about the wolves here?

"You had something about a cabin?" She asked her voice a little softer and her mind swirling with her thoughts and questions that may never be answered.
"Dunno," Shae said with a shrug as he led Sasha in the direction of the cabin. "Was born in Eire meself. Fae portal's up Dublin way, so there's a lot of us out tha' way. Me fa sez 'is fa was outta the Auld Country, we could prob'ly ask 'im if we c'n find 'im. Ma dunno 'ow long 'er fam'ly been 'ere, but then, Selkies dun live s' long when 'ey keep t' the Sea."

He shrugged again. "Dunno 'bout a way back. Tales a' people dis'pearin' doon Bermuda way, but 'at could be nuffin. Why would ye wanna go back anyway? Oi hear tell the Auld World weren't much a happy place."

"Nuffabout 'at, yeah? We're 'ere!" He stopped and stepped aside, sweeping his arm to indicate a simple three-room log cabin. "No' much, yeah, but 'en, th' Fae portal drops ya inna back room at Dunnaly's Pub. Roight, in wiv' ye, an' get some clothes, then we'll 'ead fer Vancouver an' points elsewhere. Gotta bike up the trail'ead."
What the hell was he saying?! Sasha found him rather hard to keep up with, he kept talking about all these places and she had no idea where they were. She bit her lip as they walked into the cabin, she left him to go into the room marked for the women and find some clothes.

Her fingers moved swiftly over the choices of clothes for the girls. Smiling she figured no matter what world you were in somethings never changed. "I wonder how many have come here through the years." She was talking to herself as she pulled an off the shoulder, v-necked shirt decorated with two little bones decorating the trim on each side of of her chest. She began fingering through the pants, "I wonder if things will be better here." Idly talking to herself voicing the things she couldn't really ask anyone. She decided on a pair of skin tight black capri pants, placing two leather belts decorated with bullets crisscrossing around her hips, she made her way to the puddle of shoes. She picked a pair of knee high boots that were a dark red leather. She came out of the room with his jacket in her hands.

"Are there jackets here? There weren't any in the room and I didn't see any weapons" biting her lower lip she looked back up at him. "Or am I asking for too much?" She was just so unsure of what she should be doing and she didn't know how long Shae would let her rely on him.