Cursed Souls: The Hades Exam

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    Two identical looking kids, a boy and a girl at the age of 14, walked into the exam room to sign up. Everyone stared as they walked in, they were at the center of attention but payed no mind as people snickered and glared at them. In the waiting room, there were people who had already signed up. They would walk around covertly to choose who their target would be and what they would do to them. Others would try to make alliances and form groups to survive longer using underhanded methods.

    As you can see, many people from all around have gathered to take the exams, but only so many could pass. It is a matter of life and death, some have already been killed even before the exam have started while others end up killing themselves, as the others die from normal causes or just give up.

    Walking up to the woman at the register the boy spoke, "We're here to sign up." The woman looked at the two from the top to the bottom and smiled.

    "Do you have a guardian with you?" She asked as sweetly as possible to the two who looked like children to her, obviously not believing that their parents would let them sign up to something so dangerous.

    "No" Rei spoke flatly, standing beside her brother.

    "We don't have a guardian, is there a problem old lady?" Zero said, standing in front of Rei protectively.

    "O-O-Old LADY?!" She exclaimed offended by his words. "I'll have you know, that I am in my 20's and little kids like you should respect their peers and just go back home to your parents" Zero then glared at her as she glared back at him with a triumphant look on her face.

    "I'll have you know, that-"

    "There is no age criteria to register for the exams" Rei finished for him. The lady at the registration looked at them in disbelief and let out a sigh, realizing that people were staring at her arguing with two kids.

    "Fine!" She gave up and yelled like a child, making Rei lift his eyebrow at her. The lady coughed in attempt to cover it up and handed them the registration form. Taking the form, Rei and Zero read through it and filled it out. "What kind of parents would even let their child join the Hades Exam? Are they stupid or something?" She mumbled to herself.

    The two twins looked up at her and said simultaneously, "Dead parents," and she looked at them with a shocked expression, but shut her mouth afterwards. As they finished filling it out, Rei handed the form to the lady and she put it in the pile where the rest of the registration forms went.

    "You can go sit where everyone else is and wait for the exams to start, which might be in a day or two until the registrations closes" She explained, emphasizing a day or two to see if they would be able to handle it or quit before the exams even started.

    "Sure thing old lady" Zero said, walking away to the waiting area, leaving the lady to stomp her feet and yell out in frustration to him. Rei only nodded and followed behind her brother silently as they both observed their fellow examinees and sat down in the far corner of the room.
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  2. "Well what do you know the Kyreliuss twins meh looks like this exam got intresting." Goldix said sitting far from the twins he was an assassin hunter and hated assassins with the exception of those two they had gone through a demonic pact and he wanted to be one to pass this exam.
  3. The chains on Seika's ankles made some rattling sounds as she walked towards the counter to register.The rattling wasn't that loud and it moved in beat with her steps.The people made way for her as they saw her walk in;her posture was perfect and her hair gracefully swayed behind her in every step.She was truly a mistress,and potentially a perfect princess if her parents were in that sort of royalty.

    Some people knew who she was and what massive murder she caused just two years ago and started murmuring to each other."It's the cursed beauty" one said."Don't come near her" "She's shockingly dangerous...literally" they continued on,giving her some dirty looks.But Seika paid no attention to it.She kept her perfect posture and cold expression.

    The lady who seemed like she was in the middle of a mini-rage over something stopped and looked up at Seika and quickly straightened up,bowing her head and tried not to make eye contact.The lady seems like she knew about Seika's power as well."Y-you're here to register as well,young highness?" the lady stampered,slight fear noticeable in her voice as she slowly lifted her gaze up to Seika."Yes,yes I am" she simply answered,looking at the lady with a soft smile.With shaky hands,the lady handed the form to her,who took it and quickly filled it out.The lady snatched the form out of Seika's hand when she finished."Thank you" Seika bowed,some of her golden hair rolling down her shoulder when she leaned forward.Turning around,she walked to an empty unoccupied seat far from the rest and sat down,crossing her legs and closing her eyes.She knew the people would probably feel more comfortable when they know that she's not looking around at or near them.
  4. (hope yall don't mind first person :P)
    I sigh as I walk through the door, glancing around. I didn't know much about the exams, aside from the fact that it was a life-or-death kind of thing, and EVERYONE had to take it. Stupid rules. I walked up to the lady, sizing her up with my amber eyes. My silver hair fell to my elbows, and I pushed my bangs out of my eyes. Man they were always doing that, how annoying. I wordlessly took the registration from the lady, knowing from looking at her that she was distraught over a few things. With a quick glance around I could see why. Twins, and a girl. How pathetic, being distraught over such things. I handed back the registration sheet, and found my way to the empty seats around Seika, sitting myself a comfortable distance away from her, but definitely closer to her than anyone else in the room. My black coat seemed to shimmer a little, blending in with the shadows behind me. The collar on it covered my mouth and face around it, and it was obvious I wanted it that way from the way I kept adjusting it. My gaze fell on Seika calculatingly, not necessarily judging her, but sizing her up as I had done with the registration lady.
  5. (Not it all ^^ although it might be confusing)

    Rei and Zero sat quietly, watching as the three people had registered. The first person that came in after them, had looked at them as if he knew who they were unsurprisingly and they glared at him. It wasn't rare for people to know about their family of assassins, but most people believe that they died along with their family. When in truth, it was them who decided to assassinate their family. Although most people would say that their from the family, the only way to find out if they are from a true Kyreliuss family blood line are the symbols around their body they've had since birth. Despite being different genders, the twins look exactly the same. The only way people could really tell the difference is that their eye patch are located on the opposite eye, Rei has longer hair than her brother Zero, and Zero is slightly taller than Rei by an inch. Simultaneously, they brought up their hands to fix their black eye patch located on the opposite side of their golden eye to cover their red cursed eye.

    "I hope the exams begin soon, I'm getting really bored" Zero exclaimed boredly with his eye closed. Rei grunted at her brother's boredom and nodded her head in agreement.
  6. "agreed Kyurliuss." Goldix said saying to zero having his own suspicions about the twins but when they do fight he knew their attacks would do nothing to him.
  7. Zero's eye flew open and the two instantly turned their head to face the person who spoke to them. It was the guy who looked at them when he first came in and they were right. He really did know who they were. Zero looked at him and glared threateningly as if to warn him not to attack them or else they wouldn't hesitate to kill him. "I see you know about our family. Who are you?" Zero asked, curious as to who would recognize them on the spot unlike most people.
  8. "Goldix Hart i know you from a simple little connection." Goldix told Zero and then laughed. "Don't think i don't know about ahzeroth oh wait the demon you encountered." Goldix told the twins as he shows them his throbing cursed left arm.
  9. A door opened and light flooded the room. Kaliss Mar stood up feeling the chain collar around her neck. She heard the familiar footsteps crossing the threshold and getting ever closer. She smiled as the face which she had longed for finally came into view.
    "I have missed you mistress."
    A hand brushed against her cheek and she rubbed into it like a cat.
    "I have as well dear Kaliss. For many is that time of year again." Her eyes began to burn with a passion for bloodlust.

    "You have need for me to lead the Disqualification Squad?" The mysterious figure nodded. "Indeed. We have plenty of applicants this year. Some of whom look extremely promising. The rest just are fodder."
    Kaliss nodded.
    "When do i start?"
    "Not till tomorrow sometime. We need them to gather strength and numbers. All the better to dampen their spirits when they start dying off." The figure laughed.
    "As you decree mistress. I shall await your command."
  10. Zero and Rei looked at Goldix, surprised that he had a curse on him, but continued to keep a straight face as they were taught to never show their emotions to their enemies. Getting up, Zero approached Goldix and said, "What's your point? I don't care if you encountered the same demon, because he must of offered a deal to thousands of people and helped them to only leave them with a curse" Zero spat.

    "Zero... Enough" Rei said quietly for only her brother to hear, warning him about his temper.

    "But he-"

    "No, your causing a scene" Rei explained to him, making him look around to see people staring. He then looked at Rei apologetically and nodded.

    "Fine, let's go" Zero grumbled at her, walking farther away from Goldix, only to turn slightly to glare at him before they both sat near the two girls who had registered right after Goldix. "I don't like the fact that he acts like he's old friends of some sort" Zero spoke to Rei. "Let's stay away from him."

    "Agreed" Rei answered in agreement with her brother.

    After the conversation, they both went silent and looked at the two people they sat next to. One of which they've recognized from when they worked as assassins for their family and had a few request to assassinate her, but their family turned it down. The other girl, she was a complete stranger. Not wanting them to think they were staring, Rei and Zero, looked away at the same time in sync and looked at the clock, listening to it tick as the minute hand moved agonizingly slow to them.
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  11. I glanced at the twins as they sat next to me, not showing any emotion and not saying anything either. I knew I wasn't very well known for my looks, since most people referred to me as 'the demon hunter'. Pretty dang vague, but it suited me.
  12. "By the way you two don't use your elements if we do fight you will learn a harsh thing if you do." Goldix told them especially zero wanting him to know they would not like him.
  13. A messenger entered the chamber and rushed up to the pair. Kaliss had rested her head on the females lap and opened her eyes to spot the person who had entered.
    "Instructor Yzena, some of the participants in the waiting room are pssibly getting heated. Can we ask you to possibly do a pre-intervention and make sure they don't fight until tomorrow?"
    Yzena sighed and stood, her body facing the messenger.

    " Tell the other instructors that we shall be there shortly. we shall remind them of the rulesets." The messenger bowed and ran off hurriedly.
    Kaliss gazed up at her mistress.
    " does this mean i get to go and meet them also?"
    Yzena nodded.
    "If any of them misbehave, you can give them a slight reminder of why we make them wait..ok? No killing or bloodhsed though..that fun comes later."
    Kaliss nodded eagerly as her mistress took her chain in her hand and led her towards the waiting room.
  14. Seika stayed silent in her seat,listening to the different conversations going on.She felt that there were some that sat near her,but she didn't mind.She was getting a bit bored with the waiting though—not like she was too eager and impatient and wanted to get the exams rolling either.She sighed and slowly opened her lips to say something."Do you know when we will be starting?" she said,pushing her hair behind her ears and opened her eyes,looking at the direction of where the twins were seated.Her soft voice made a cold feeling rush down the skins of most of those who knew her.
  15. Zero and Rei glanced at the girl that spoke, feeling like something cold was crawling up their skin, but kept their poker face on and Rei shook her head. "No, we don't know when it'll start. I hope it's soon though" Zero said to the girl, mumbling the last sentence. They both looked at the girl straight in the eyes and wondered what it was about her that people feared so much. She kind of reminded them of themselves. Even though they were only children, people feared them because of their abilities and that they came from an assassin family. Many including their own family members attempted countless times to kill them. Zero looked at the girl, his eyes showing understanding while Rei just sat with a blank expression on her face as usual. Although, truthfully, Zero knew that his sister felt the same way he did. After all, they shared the same past and this girl who was slightly older than them, had been through something similar.
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  16. "The games will start in good time, believe me." The voice drew the attention of the entire room. The woman entered, her figure and voice demanding attention and respect. Her golden hair flowed down to the middle of her back. Her silver eyes gazed at everyone as she entered the room. The aura her figure gave off was one of malice, deceit and ruthlessness. The meek figure behind her kept her eyes down and away from the rest.

    "I am one of the coordinators and judges for the Hades exams. i am here to ask that you refrain from engaging in battles, fights or any such acts until the games start as many of the faculty are nervous from your previous behaviors."
    She scanned the room, taking note of everyone.
    "If you do not comply, then regulations state that either we are permitted to exact such punishment as we see fit or disqualify you from the exams."

    She smiled at the contestants. "I hope you all understand the severity of not following these rules. To disregard them would be extremely foolhardy. Do you have any questions or concerns while i'm here?"
  17. The two looked turned to look at who had spoke and realized that it was one of the examinees. Putting their full attention on the judge that spoke, they listened to her intently as she explained what they should and should not do for the time being. As she spoke, Zero's eyes flared up with excitement as Rei calmly listened and noticed that a someone else was standing behind the examinee.

    Rei examined the chains that held her in place and wondered if it was another examinee, despite not looking the role. Rei began to eye her curiously, seeing her eyes look to the ground to avoid looking at anyone else.

    As Zero was focused on the examinee that spoke, he nodded his head in response to the question regarding them and Rei nudged him. "What?" Zero asked his sister in a low whisper. Rei pointed to the person standing behind the examinee that was speaking and Zero looked back at Rei in confusion.

    "Do you think she's an examinee?" Rei asked her brother for his opinion and confirmation. Zero looked in thought and shrugged.

    "Could be, but it doesn't matter since we'll find out once the exams start" Zero answered. Rei nodded and watched with curiosity, wondering why the person had a chain on her neck as if she was like some kind of animal.
  18. The woman continued.
    "If there's some of you that do not think they will be able to wait, then you can fight her."
    Kaliss saw that her mistress had gestured to her. So that's why i was brought along. I see now....
    "She will be a great warm-up for what is to come. If no-one accepts, then you all can wait here or ask the attendants to show you to your temprorary quarters till tomorrow."
    The woman flicked her hair back.
    "So? Is there any of you that simply cannot wait? If not, then we shall be leaving."
  19. Seika's attention shifted to the examiner as she made the announcement.She felt relief,knowing that it would start soon,but it didn't really show.Her gaze moved to the girl behind her and looked at her chains.She didn't feel much sympathy,nor did she spend time thinking why she has them.She had chains on her as well,so she assumed that she was in a similar situation as her.Putting that in her mind she brought her attention back to the judge.

    Then the woman gestured to the other girl.Is she being serious? she thought,now thinking that the girl with chains is some kind of slave to the judge.She then looked around the room to see if anyone was going to fight her.That would be some good entertainment for a while.
  20. Rei looked at her brother who was about to shot his hand up but instantly grabbed it and pulled it down before the examinee saw. She then gave him a look and he looked at her with dissapointment, but also understanding her reason for stopping him. If he had a fight right away, he wouldn't know if he would make it out injured or not. They shouldn't even fight without knowing about their enemies and what the other examiners were capable of. Not only that, the exams had not begun yet and they didn't want to attact unwanted attention towards them.

    Finally calming down, Zero dropped his hands and Rei let go when she knew for sure that her brother would not be rash. They then looked around the room to see if there would be any volunteers. Some people looked at the person in chains, underestimating her, while others looked unsure and worried about what might happen to them if they tried. The atmosphere surrounding the room became silent and tense and everyone looked around the room at each other to see who would be willing to fight.
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