Cursed Man x Human Girl (or a mythical being)

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  1. A man (my character), who happens to be cursed, is looking for something or someone to help him. He wants to be rid of this curse that he's had for centuries. This curse is something he's tried to get rid of all on his own but now he needs some help. There's one problem with this situation though, he cannot be around this person at night for various reasons...
    Yes, this plot is going to contain a little bit of romance, it's part of breaking the curse.

    My rules:
    • No one liners. I refuse to RP with you if you're just going to do one liners. A paragraph or two will be fine.
    • Help contribute to the RP. Meaning, please don't be afraid to bring an idea up.
    • Post at least a few times a day please.
    • Give me a heads up if you won't be on at a certain time or day.
    • Don't be rude. I can come back at you with a terrible attitude and I won't hold my words back.
    • Don't force an action on a character.
    • If you're a drama fanatic (meaning someone who likes to break characters up without a good reason) please don't respond to this.
  2. I thought some girl would have snatched this up already.
  3. One did, yes lol
  4. Seems like it would be interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.