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  1. The sun was high in the air as ragtime music echoed throughout the area. The circus sat in a vacant lot on the outskirts of the city, where backroads were a common roadway and where neighbors were miles in between each other. The massive clowns head door smiled as people entered inside, besides the fact that there were minimal people parked in the lot, there was some other, small, underlying feeling; not happiness or excitement, it was something else, but the feeling was so insignificant that most people dismissed it without a second thought.
    A man stood inside a multicolored booth at the entrance and accepted admission tickets with a smile and a nod, welcoming in everyone that had passed him by. He was bent and old, grey hair covering his balding head, and his bifocal glasses hung at the end of his nose, his name tag read "Hello, my name is: JIM".
  2. Upon arrival, expecting mother Ashley Yang was a little anxious to see what the circus held for her. She had received a flyer at least a week ago upon arriving home from a Doctor's appointment. She had told her husband Jasper that she was going to be away for a few days. At first, he was not okay with it, but then he wanted to give her some space, so he let her go on her vacation. Although it seemed weird for a pregnant woman to be going off onto a vacation by herself, Ashley thought it was a good idea because she really did need space as she got tired of being stuck at home all the time and wanted to get out. Although she was still irritated that she couldn't fit into her pants, Ashley was still satisfied that she was still able to wear most of her favorite types of clothing, namely dresses, stockings and cardigans. Today, she wore a Summer Dress, Black Cardigan, Black Stockings and Ankle High Boots that made her feel a bit more comfortable. Normally, she would wear heels, but ever since she got pregnant, she hasn't found them very comfortable. Not like they were safe for her to wear anyway. After being admitted in and passing the Clown who greeted her, she felt her baby girl start kicking while she walked a bit deeper into the Circus to see what she could find to entertain herself. To calm her baby down, she cradled her belly. Normally it worked. Since she was out in public, it wasn't like she was going to talk to her baby...because that would just seem awkward, so she had to lay off on that...At least until she's by herself...Which may not be for a while. Perhaps she would find a friend or two that could keep her company? No, not yet. Well, can't really eat too much sugar, since its bad for her and the baby. What could she possibly eat that won't be a hazard to her and the baby? She did keep on a strict diet as well. Oh what to do, she wondered. She couldn't exactly ride a Rollercoaster or go on very many of the rides. Throw Darts, maybe? She wasn't exactly there for the Cotton Candy or the Prizes, she just wanted to have a relaxing day...Maybe she should have gone to Hawaii, but she did get an invite...Oh what to do...what to do...what to do. Hmmm, guess throwing darts will be a good start. Ashley then walked over to the place that had dart throwing to see how many balloons she could pop. However, she was afraid of sharp objects, but only if they were pointing towards her belly. Otherwise, she didn't care too much. Ashley smiled as the darts were handed to her.
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  3. Dio eyed his sleeping mother as he slowly slipped his hand into her purse, her mouth was slightly open and she was sprawled on the sofa like some kind of sacrifice. He glanced and did a double check of how many bottles she'd drank. 'yeaaahh.. down for the count!' he thinks with a grin as he removes five dollars from her purse and releases a moth in the process, he watches the bug spiral towards the light of the window with disgust. It was all he could do to stop himself crying out in repulsion, he grits his teeth and edges out the room. He knows that no matter how heavy a sleeper is, the front door opening will wake her up. Instead he creeps back into his room, clutching the dollar tightly. He walks into his room and quietly shuts the door, rummaging through his wardrobe as quietly as he can he pulls out a pair of baggy jeans that are ripped at the knees and a clean pair of boxer shorts. He also pulls out a gray funnel shirt with holes in the elbows and a pair of sneekers that have seen better days. He removes his off white tank top and briefs before putting his fresher clothes on, not wanting to run the risk of a shower in case it wakes up his mother. He runs his hands through his messy hair quickly, vision a little off due to his long fringe. He carefully removes the pillow from his bed and pulls out the invite and the ticket to the circus. He carefully puts them in his jean pocket before opening his bedroom window. He gazes down at the drop, he takes a deep breath and swings his legs over the still. He slowly lowers himself down and grips the windowsill with his hands as he hangs from it. He casts a gaze over his shoulder and at the floor, narrowing his eyes he lowers himself down as much as he can before letting go. Though the drop isn't that much from the small two story house, pain flairs through his body when he impacts with the ground, and he clenches his eyes shut for some moments until he's calmed down. Had the drop being higher and he landed slightly different, he might have seriously hurt himself. Dio took this as a sign that luck was with him, he quickly checks to make sure he has the tickets before grinning weakly. He runs like a bat out of hell away from the house- only now he has a limp.

    He reaches the circus and looks around in awe at all the sights and sounds, the fact that there's only a few people so far only makes it more enjoyable for him. He smiles happily for the first time in a long time and walks- or rather limps over to the entrance and gazes at the smiling clown in awe. Dio gives his ticket to the old man known as Jim and happily walks inside. He saunters through, hands in pockets wondering what he should see first. Things like this take him back to his childhood, to the days when even little Dio dared harbour a dream. He always wanted to be a magician or acrobat. He makes a note to see the acrobats when they're next on and walks over to the hot dog venue, after ordering himself a forbidden delight he bites into it with relish. He walks away and feels spoilt for choice over all the things he can do. He looks around quickly and sets to explore everything he can, sample all the food then go on the rides. He nods to himself and set's off towards the petting zoo, pausing only when a stuffed cuddly crocodile toy catches his eye. In Dio's mind he thinks back to Mori- the stuff cuddly lion he made when he was little behind his mother's back with her sewing items. 'Mori could do with a friend!' he thinks to himself, walking over the area. After inquiring about it, he finds out that he has to knock over the moving target with one of the guns provided. Dio grins and decides to try it, from his experience of throwing things around his room he's a pretty good aim. After a few tries, Dio walks away grinning like a cat with the croc under his arm.'the day ain't even started yet and it's already the best!' he thinks.
  4. Genevieve held tightly to her brothers arm. She was so glad that he agreed to put his school work on hold to go with her; though nothing about her brother's body language or expression said that he actually wanted to be there. Lafayette paused nervously once they came within sight of the humongous clowns head. "Genevieve.... you didn't say anything about clowns.... you know how I feel about them." The boy's nervousness was clear in his voice. Genevieve turned, a slight pout on her lips. "Brother, you promised, besides you know they are just people in costumes." She tugged him forward. "What did you think when I said 'Circus'?" Lafayette sighed and followed his sister reluctantly. Once they reached the entrance Genevieve separated from her brother and handed over their tickets with a large smile. "Thank you! Have a good day!" She called to the ticket taker as she and Lafayette entered the circus grounds.

    Lafayette calmed once they had past through the clowns mouth and allowed Genevieve to lead him through the circus. She ended up dragging him to most of the games, all of which he ended up losing to her, and then to the food stalls. Since he was not a big fan of sweets he ended up with an iced tea and a small pretzle while his sister purchased a sno cone and a large bag of kettle corn. He watched with a clear frown when she tossed a handful to a group of birds which had been pecking around for food.
    "They're not going to leave us alone now that you've fed them." Genevieve flushed and frowned. "We're supposed to be having fun brother, can't you just relax?" Her blue eyes pleaded for respite and Lafayette nodded. "Fine." He said with a labored sigh.
  5. @Minamoto Thunder
    The booth worker smiled with slightly yellowed teeth and handed Ashley the darts.
    " 'ere you go ma'am, careful, they're sharp!" he warned, before saying under his breath to her, "Don't want ye to pop like one of them balloons." he chuckled to himself before stepping to the side for her to throw. Out of all the prizes that the participant could win, the major prize was a small stuffed snake. It was a surprisingly well made plush, and every time Ashley would look at the prizes or the small little stuffed snake animal, her baby would kick against her stomach.

    An uproar of laughter escaped from a small tent near where a gaggle of smaller kids ran into, above the tent entrance read 'Cackles the clown and his comedic band!' inside played a horribly off tune version of Poker Face, through the slit in the tent doorway, you could see at least five clowns playing bent and battered instruments.
  6. Ashley felt insulted. Was that really supposed to be a joke about her condition? Unless it was her sister or husband that made the joke, she wouldn't be laughing. Interestingly enough, she wasn't interested in getting any of the prizes. In fact, she came to the Darts Booth to test her accuracy. When she felt her baby kicking, she placed one hand on her stomach. Having four darts in her hands, she threw three of them like she would throwing knives and popped two out of three. With the last dart, she tossed it, but missed by a few inches. Two out of four, not bad, she thought. Although she didn't have a fear of snakes, she was uncomfortable with carrying it around with her, let alone she was uncomfortable around snakes. There was already her satchel. She just wanted to travel light. The baby was heavy enough as it was. Although she was offered a prize, she declined and slowly walked away. Since she was around a lot of people, it was a bad time to muse with the baby...In other words talk to her. Yes, she was expecting a daughter. Afterwards, she went to sit down on a nearby bench, needing to rest a couple of minutes because of backache and leg cramps. Yeah, maybe she should have gone to Hawaii, but it wasn't like her to turn down invitations, especially to such popular places. As she sat down, she looked down at her stomach resting her hand on it, also holding her back, as she was starting to feel a dull pain. Seriously? Contractions already? Maybe she should sit down for half an hour? Maybe a drink of water? When she looked into her Satchel, she drank out of a small water canteen she kept inside it. Aside from her wallet, phone and make up, she just had food in there that she cooked the previous day. It was just wrapped up in tin foil because she wanted to keep it fresh. However, she wasn't hungry...Not yet at least. Maybe she should have taken her husband...But then again, he had work. Not like he'd get to take a leave until its time for her to have the baby anyway. Plus, she wanted him to focus on his work. Feeling a strange vibe, Ashley began to wonder what the circus was like during the night.
  7. @PrinceofSpirals
    A small bird hopped its way closer towards the brother and sister, its head tilting this way and that way as it chirped almost questioningly at the two, as if asking for more food, the same applied to the other birds, one by one they inched closer and awaited more food to be thrown at them. Upon closer inspections to the sparrow like avians, they seemed odd. Doll like, white eyes, and sharp looking beaks and talons instead of the normal, cutesy features of a regular ground going bird. They continued to chirp loudly at the food givers before being scared off by someone walking by, who looked a bit puzzled as to where the mass of flapping came from. The person looked over to the two, her clothing showed that she was a circus employee, and her name tag read 'Cathy'
    "Have you guys seen our new petting zoo? We have all kinds of baby animals that were just shipped in!" she replied cheerily, despite her confused expression not too long ago, she continued on her walk before even hearing a reply, only stopping to talk to other people.
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, The Ringmaster would like to remind you that the grand show under the Big Top is in twenty minutes! Thank you!
    The loudspeaker squealed over the bubbling music, some people took notice and walked over to the large tent in order to get the good seats in time.

    @Minamoto Thunder
    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, The Ringmaster would like to remind you that the grand show under the Big Top is in twenty minutes! Thank you!
    The loudspeaker droned metallically. A lithe looking woman, no doubt one of the acrobats, sat next to Ashley and looked at her baby bump, a look of complete joy spread across her soft features.
    "How lon' ah you?" She drawled with a surprisingly thick cajun accent, her mud brown eyes looked up at the suspecting mothers eyes for only a moment before back to the baby, she smiled softly and reached out before stopping herself. "May ah? I jus love the litt'l 'uns. specially when dey kick!" she laughed.
  8. Although her backache had gone away, Ashley decided to rest a bit longer. Her excuse? The baby is heavy and she could barely walk to begin with. Seeming out of nowhere, a Female Cajun Acrobat came by and sat next to her. Ashley saw her out of the corner of her eye and noticed that she was staring at her belly. Despite the thick accent, Ashley was still able to understand what she was saying. "Thirty weeks, four days...Its a girl."

    Ashley started feeling awkward. The one thing she really didn't like during her pregnancy was the fact that people try to touch her belly, especially without asking, which does make her unhappy...Unless its her husband, Family or Close Friends. When the woman reached out to attempt and touch her belly, out of motherly instincts, she cradled her belly in a protective matter. "I'd...prefer it if you don't. I don't really like it when people touch me...Especially without asking." she stated.

    However, since she asked before touching, Ashley figured that she'd be nice and let the woman feel her belly. "But since you asked first...Its fine."

    When the woman put her hand on the belly, the baby kicked where the woman's hand was. While using one hand to keep herself from leaning, her other was resting on her belly. She then tried to relax herself to keep the back pain and leg craps from coming back. Her boots were designed for comfort. She couldn't even imagine wearing heels, especially this far in her pregnancy.
  9. Aurora leaned her head back and rested her elbows against the risers for the arriving audience, not worrying about getting ready for her act just yet. Scanning the the line at the admission booth and throughout the audience, she saw no one intriguing to her taste.
    "What a fucking drag." She scoffed conceitedly.
    Aurora was really pining for someone attractive to 'mess' with after dark. As sexual as it sounds, it's not, just an innocent game of hide and go seek. She shut her eyes, recalling the horrified faces of her many playmates when she found them in their hiding places, and smiled nostalgically.
  10. Dio beams, noticing the small tend. He's always wanted to see clowns, and with a cute name like Cackles how can he resist taking a look? He saunters in, trying not to appear as enthusiastic as the small children that ran in earlier. He does have a small amount of pride in his body. He looks around and then grins slightly to himself as he watches the performance of the clowns with their instruments, which is way better then he imagines. Dio realises then that he really likes clowns, even their funny make-up and squeaky shoes are epic to him.

    Dio wonders if he ever joined the circus, what would he have being? Naturally it would depend on the outfit, and though he likes the clown's the outfit isn't flamboyant enough for his tastes. He thinks about this for a few moments, remembering as a small child sneaking a quick peek in his mother's photo album. He remembers an old photo of his great grandfather wearing a top hat, he remembers really liking the top hat and wanting one for years.. 'if I was gonna be something, I'd be something with a top hat!' he thinks, smiling softly to himself at a dream that will never be.
  11. "How peculiar...." Genevieve remarked as she knelled slowly to get a closer look at the birds. The birds took off, taking her by surprise and causing her to lose her balance and fall backwards onto her behind. Genevieve laughed softly, trying to hide her embarrassment as the employee walked toward them, then sauntered past. Lafayette bent down and held his hand out for her. She grabbed it thankfully and stood as he helped pull her up right. "Lets go to the petting zoo." Lafayette said coolly, though his eyes exposed a small shred of nervousness. "There's not that many people here, so there should be plenty of seats left by the time we arrive." Genevieve nodded happily and held tightly to her brothers hand as they walked together towards the petting zoo.

    Once they arrived Genevieve did not hesitate to enter the small petting zoo, her brother was more concerned about getting his clothing dirty. Lafayette, in his white dress shirt and finely tailored black pants, looked more like he was to attend some sort of states event then the small circus on the outskirts of town. Genevieve, on the other hand, was dressed simply in a light summer dress patterned with watercolor splashes of blue, purple and yellow.

    was very cautious as she petted, played and fed the animals which, once they saw the small package of animal food, flocked to her. There seemed to be something slightly off about these animals, like with the birds; it gave her a very unnerved feeling. She dispersed her food quickly as equally as she could to the animals before she walked to the portion of the fence where her brother had been leaning and absentmindedly tossing his own animal food to the animals that had not surrounded Genevieve.
  12. @Ana
    The tent flaps opened, and closed quickly as a man walked in and looked around with a pristine white smile on his features.
    "Aurora! it seems that your show isn't much of an attraction, don't worry, in due time this place will be flooded with much more people!" THe Ringmaster said as he wiped his brow with a handkerchief. He stepped up to the rope divider and smiled again while taking off his top hat and placing it over his heart.
    "I know that you are fairly new here, and I'm quite sorry that I can't seem to remember your date of employment, but fret not! I would like to invite you to be in our main show at night!" He did this speech every single time the circus was in town, it was like he resets after every show, and he did almost every single movement to the tee, just like last year.
    "Meet me on my office when you finish your act, and we can talk abut the business proposal!" he said as he, once more, fit his hat over his head and casually turned around before barking to the small crowd.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, kiddies and clowns all alike! I present to you the amazing acrobatic skills of Sleeping Beauty and her acrobatic troupe, The Fairytales!" His voice trumpeted like a brass section of an orchestra, bringing smiles and claps from the civilians. WIth a subtle turn of the head, he winked at Aurora before striding out of her tent.

    @Minamoto Thunder
    "Ooh ah felt de littl'n!" The woman said with a surprised look, no, a flash of hunger passed before her eyes. A loud announcement went out from the acrobatic tent and snapped her attention away from the baby bump, a small droplet of, drool? Yes She appeared to be salivating lightly and managed to wipe it away before saying with a disappointed tone, who knows, she could have overacting glands maybe?
    "Nah, Ah gotta go, nice bein' wit' your baby!" Her skinny frame moved like a bullet towards the acrobats tent, almost running into some people and doing a vault over a bench before disappearing inside. Ashley's baby however, settled in her stomach almost like a sigh of relief of having the odd woman leave their presence. Despite all of the odd performers, and subtle weirdness of the booth worker, it seemed like a normal circus. Moms pushed strollers of little kids while fathers had sons or daughters riding their shoulders and shrieking with laughter at the clowns on stilts or circus games. The Circus music was bouncy and fun and somewhere inside the main tent, an elephant trumpeted.

    The clowns began playing a wonky tune of 'here comes the bride' after a few minutes, the crowd laughed as a rather fat clown waddled out in a brides dress and a woman stepped out in a multicolored suit and tie. "Will you take this wife, erm' husband as long as you shall live?" Said a priest clown that stood on a pedestal before them, his caked on white makeup crumbling in places. "Yup!" Both of the clowns said, "Works for me! kiss yourselves and get outta here! I don't charge by the hour!" The priest said, getting a quick laugh from the crowd. There were only about ten people including Dio, and three stood up and left, mumbling about seats to the main event.
    "Okay, okay! Whattl you guys have our merry band play?" Asked the wide clown, back in his regular clown costume. He eyed Dio and smiled, "You there sir! Whats your favorite song? We wanna make it your least favorite song by the end of the day!"
  13. "God, that was awkward..." Ashley felt a little unsettled.

    After the acrobat lady left, Ashley felt her baby moving as if she was trying to relax herself after all the consistent kicking. "Yeah, maybe I should have gone to Hawaii."

    She sighed before standing up. By this time, she saw a bunch of clowns performing what seemed to a mock wedding. Suddenly, she started felling a little hungry, so she reached into her satchel and grabbed a tuna sandwich. After she ate it, she felt more satisfied, so now she felt just a bit more energized then before. After she ate, the baby calmed down. She ran her fingers down her hair before talking to her baby. "Hopefully Mommy won't have to run into any more weird people..." She then continued on to see what else she could do to entertain herself.

    As she continued to walk around, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Because she was in public, she didn't fret or double over because she didn't want anyone to worry about her. Instead, she just took a deep breath. After all, it was just another contraction, right? As long as they weren't too close together, she'd be fine.
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  14. Aurora rolled her eyes and chuckled at the ring master,"Of course, sir."
    She then bowed her heavily jeweled head in respect for him, her ultimate master, and made her way out into the middle of the ring's stage followed by her small group of background performers just as she routinely did every year; arrogant as ever.
  15. Dio watches the clown performance with amusement,grinning at the antics of the clowns. He laughs out loud when the chubby clown waddled out in the wedding dress, and the 'wedding' took place. Dio can't help but admire the clown's performance, they were very good at what they did of course.. but for Dio-who's never experienced anything like this before- they were nothing short of amazing! He vaguely hears the announcement about a main event and notices that three people decide to leave and find some seats, Dio debated about leaving and finding a seat himself.. but dismissed the idea quickly. Why rush a good day? He'd find a seat in the end, it didn't really matter where it it was. Dio smiles as the clown asks him about his favourite song and chuckles at the declaration about making it his least favourite by the day is out. Dio runs mentally through the songs he's heard. “my favourite is.. ACDC's Back in Black!”
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