Cursed Blood ~ A Horror/Supernatural Genre Rp

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  1. So, this is a modern fantasy/horror/paranormal type roleplay. I want there to be murders, mystery, and possibly romance. I was thinking that it will be only a limit of people so the story won't get side-tracked. There will be five of the cursed, five children of Perun; which are magical creatures that commit the murders and are trying to release Perun, and four hunters who are the strangers. Basically, they're trying to solve the mystery while delving deeper and deeper into the mist of the trouble. I want an equal number of female and male characters who are unique in their own way. There will also be roles to fit for the limited amount of people.

    I wanted to post the plot to see if anyone is interested in this roleplay. More information will be uploaded on the real thread if there are enough people interested.


    Every town has a legend. Every legend has an ounce of truth, something that originated that said legend. Maybe your town was founded by pioneers, or maybe it was built upon forced labor. Whether the case is, every town has a history. The town of Lockshire is one of these famed historical sites. However, not all legends are good.

    тнє ѕтσяу

    Long ago when the first settlers founded this land, they were unprepared for what their eyes had laid upon. There were... beings, creatures of dreams and myths. Creatures of unimaginable beauty and power. The settlers were in awe and fear. To keep peace and the land prosperous, they paid tribute to the deity, Perun, god of thunder and lightning, the overseer of Earth. For sacrifices, Perun offered the humans peace, protection, and harvest. Each decade, they would offer a form of sacrifice, anything to appease the god. For centuries, the town of Lockshire lived long and worshiped the god. They lived in peace with creatures of magic, the children of Perun. However, time has a way of changing tradition.

    The people began to feel that it was unfair and unjust that they served under the god. They began to think that Perun was taking advantage. Not blind to their hearts and thoughts, Perun felt challenged and decided that humans should know their place. For their disobedience, he plagued the land with pestilence and death. He declared that he would no longer accept offerings of the harvest or human belongings; but the blood that flowed through their children's veins. That was it. The humans could not hand their children to a god. It was time for them to take a stand. Five of the villagers, known for their arcane arts, decided to trick the god. When it was time for the offering, the villagers sealed Perun in an oak tree. As his soul was being bounded to the tree, the god rested his eyes upon his captors and cursed them.

    "I swear to you, I will be unleashed. For as long as the sun and moon rest in the sky, your blood will be cursed. The very powers you use to imprison me, the same gifts will release me."

    тнє ѕтσяу ¢σηтιηυєѕ...
    You remember your parents telling you this story, something to interest your small yet hungry mind. You also remember moving by the Grand Oak that stood tall and bare, even in the spring. Its long high branches stretching towards the sky, its trunk wide as a house, and its roots thick and buried deep in the earth. Everytime you walk on by, something tickled the back of your neck. A chill would wrap around your spine. That wasn't all that was odd about you though. You was always the one to fall flat on your face over nothing, to talk to things that others couldn't see. You could always see those shadows that followed you. You were the one to wake up in the morning with cuts and bruises all over your body. You were the child that crave violence. You were the child that was ostracized. Other children teased you, bullied you, or was too afraid to go near you. Parents gave you a side ways glare. Your parents sent you away. Someplace far. Which was it again? An asylum? The detention center? Or was it that fancy boarding school?

    When you left, you swore that you would never return. That place was strange. Or maybe it was just you. The town was left behind and you went on with your life. Of course you had to find a way to control these weird sensations, the voices, the constant shivering. However, you wanted to live a normal life and you was succeeding. That was until your cure began to fail. Everything came back three times as bad. And for some reason, some odd compulsion, you came back. The town of Lockshire called for you and you answered.

    Murders, odd phenomena has been occurring in the town. Unfortunately, all this has attracted some not so friendly publicity. Strangers are in your town. And their eyes... are on you.

    It's good to be back home, isn't it? Welcome to Lockshire.

  2. This sounds interesting to me, I could use something a little more fast-paced than romance right now. I have a question, though: what exactly are the five children of Perun? Do they look like humans, or are they straight-up creatures, like dragons or whatever? Or something else?
  3. They're like the most ancient creatures of lore. They wear human skin to keep themselves from being detected. So basically, they have a human form and true form.
  4. Ah, excellent, I already have several possible characters in mind then. X3
  5. Awesome! I was thinking that maybe the Children of Perun could be related to elements; such as fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. In this, the rper could pick a creature that can fit in the category. But thanks for the interest. I hope more will think it's cool. If I can get a little more, I can make the actual thread so people can post their characters. >.>
  6. Hmmm, sounds like a neat idea to me. I'm looking forward to this. :3
  7. OOO I like it, count me in. :P
  8. Woo! Thanks for the interest! If we can get one more person to show interest then I'll put up the real thread and info. :3