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  1. August 5, 1990

    It was supposed to be a day we'll never forget, a day to recognize all the trials and hardships we went through for the past 3 years. A momentous event. A day of celebration and triumph. Joyous. Unforgettable...

    And yet--

    The Curse of the Yellow Moon
    - August 02, 1995

    Arato. A rural village in the southern part of the Aomori prefecture of Northeastern Japan. As of October 1994, Arato had a population of 5,000 making it one of the least populated places in the prefecture. The village's industry is heavily dependent on agriculture thanks to its mountainous landscape and mild climate all year round.

    Like the rest of the Mutsu provice (now known as Tohoku), Arato has a rich spiritual history. It is believed that it is one of the last places taken from the indigenous Ainu who were regarded as primitive and mysterious. Shintoism is the primary religion practiced in Arato but as of the 1990, Buddhism and Catholicism have also found their way into Arato.

    Source: mikipedia.org

    Shigeru adjusted his glasses after he finished reading over the article he printed before slipping the paper into his file organizer on the section labeled "Articles". He reached for his half-empty mug of strong black coffee, chugging down the bitter caffeine to the last drop and letting out a satisfied sigh. He picked up another sheet of paper which had a musty newspaper clippings glued into it but before he could start reading it, he felt a tap on his shoulder. The young man's face lit up and he turned his head to see who it was, his enthusiasm dropping when he realized who it was.

    "Excuse me sir, would you like more coffee?" asked one of the waitresses to which Shigeru responded with a smile and a nod.

    After the woman filled his mug with piping hot coffee and left, Shigeru raked a hand through his unruly blond locks before letting out a groan. "Two days... It's been two days now but I haven't seen any one of them. Did they get the message in time?" he mused in his head. His gray pupils then traveled down to look at the newspaper clippings he was holding.

    by Yuriko Tagawa
    Asahi Shimbun
    Arato, Aomori - A shocking tragedy has put the sleepy rural town of Arato on the map this August 5, 1990 when 103 graduating students from Arato High School suddenly collapsed and died during the awarding ceremony.

    "At first I thought it was some prank or stunt being pulled by the graduating alumni! It wasn't until 20 or 30 minutes later when I realized that it was no prank. They were really dead!" stated one of the adult chaperones who attended this grim graduation ceremony. The police have been silent on their investigation of the matter but according to Hiro Sakaguchi, Police Chief of Arato PD's crime division, a gas leak under the school's auditorium is one of the angles they are looking at. According to eyewitness accounts, the students' faces were all contorted in an impossible manner but the authorities refuse to publicize any details about the autopsy report nor are they allowing the media to take any pictures of the victims' remains.

    As tragic as it is, there are a few students who survived this horrifying event. They are--

    "Us..." muttered Shigeru to no one in particular before filing the document under "Newspaper Articles". Though Shigeru remembered that he was one of the students who survived that day, he had no recollection of what happened before the graduation ceremony. In fact, he remembered nothing about his life in Arato High School. He remembered all the lessons and academics he learned during his time there but everything else was a blur. Shigeru gripped his forehead when he felt a migraine coming along. His search for answers regarding that day didn't come very far but perhaps the people he was with on that day are the key to recovering those lost memories.

    With a sigh he stared out of the cafe window, hoping... praying that it wasn't too late.
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  2. Across the café and a few business buildings down, stood a popular hair salon. Inside was a man with a brilliant smile, Akira Shinigami, standing behind a upper-class women sitting in a chair as her dead ends were cut and her new choice of hairstyle was made. His eyes twinkled as he told a funny story and she laughed lightly.

    Everything would have been fine if her gossiping eyes didn't catch on a single piece of paper with neat printed writing on it sitting behind some of his tools, out of sight. The customer was reaching out for it before she could help herself causing Akira's eyes to drift to what she held.
    "Is this yours?" She asks slowly, holding it out for him to see or do with as he pleases. Three simple words of familiarity caught his eye causing his smile to dim for a second before it became forced and he extended his hand for the note, pulling his scissors away as not to make a mistake.

    Akira's hand grasped it before he was pulling it towards him. He crumpled the letter, making sure it was out of her sight just before stuffing it into his suit pants pocket firmly without another glance.
    "It would seem so Madam." He replies in a pleasant tone, as if talking about the weather. He hoped she would drop the matter soon but it didn't seem she had any entension to do so after reading the same few words he did.
    "It said Arato High School, did you go there?"
    "Once upon a time, why do you ask?" Akira continues to cut her hair the way she wanted.
    "Well that paper said it was the fifth anniversary of the Yellow Moon Graduation... That means you were there, that year I mean..." He paused as he thought of a reply. Instead, he simply smiles politely and gives her another vague answer.
    "I suppose so... How much do you want off the bottom?"

    After that, he was thankful enough that the conversation never went back to his forgotten high school. It was a place he had no remembrance of so there wasn't much to tell anyways... Even as his thoughts were plagued with the false memories he imagined up himself from the stories he heard since... His gut told him he'd be going back sooner than he expected, even if it was against his will. That school would haunt his every living breath until he revealed the truth, with or without the aide of the other survivors.
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  3. At the local shrine, Xira was sweeping dirt off the stone walkway humming a cheerful tune. Though, inside of her mind was filled with worry after receiving a letter in the mail yesterday. The young woman stopped sweeping and placed her chin on top of her hands while in deep thought. "Almost five years now and I still don't remember anything..." She gently grasped the necklace hanging around her neck then let it dangle once more before walking back to the shrine and nearly fell over a few times.

    The miko recently has been having terrifying nightmares with blackened silhouettes and one voice always calling her name. Her mother and grandmother believed there doings of dark spirits and started having her do cleansing rituals everyday and night, since the nightmares started. Sadly, the cleansing wasn't helping with the repetitive nightmares, but she tricked them into believing the rituals were actually helping her sleep better. Xira didn't want them to lose focus from their duties around the shrine.

    The amber eyed female propped the broom beside the shrine entrance then took out the folded up letter and read it again. "I should go find Shigeru, instead of letting my mind fester over the anniversary." She said quietly to herself, before placing the letter back into her haori. "Mother! Grandmother! I'm going into town, I promise to be back later!" The optimistic woman yelled, not waiting for an answer back and leaving the high shrine grounds towards the rural town.
  4. At his house Shuji was at his desk looking through some pictures of his younger self. Every picture of him after "that" day left his appearance blurred in the more recent photos. "I still don't get it..." While in self-pity Shuji felt an ache in his side. It was that darn wound again, it still hasn't completely healed... Shuji slouched a bit in his office chair then sat straight up, remembering how unhealthy that was.

    "Right, it's not just me, the others are suffering as well..." Shuji turned his attention to his work, deciding to skip out on writing for that day. He suddenly began to wonder about the high school, more specifically about the voice he heard when he visited by. He felt some sort of attachment toward it, as if he knew the voice, but how could he? He couldn't really recall his school life in Arato, heck he couldn't even tell if the voice was male or female. Still, there was no use in getting stressed out over it.

    Shuji stood up and stretched, soon remembering the letter. "Yeah, "Mr. Glasses" wanted us all to meet up..." Shuji said intending on the use of irony. "All because you had to go and die huh, Sei? May as well... perhaps this'll lead to "Shuji Okada's dramatically exclusive scoop of the coming century!" Temp..." He puts on his jacket and subconsciously tucks his own glasses into his left pocket. Shuji quietly knocks on his mother's door "Hey, are you awake?" She replies with snoring. "Of course not." He then writes a note that he's going out for the day and leaves.
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  5. Mei stood at the entrance to the town, breathing slowly and silently. It was still relatively early, and the day hadn't quite warmed up yet. It was on days like these when she regretted her choice of clothing. The delicate fabric proved no match for the piercing winds, and she shivered uncontrollably for a second when a stronger gust swept past. She had brought her katana with her, and it had drawn some strange looks from the people on the bus journey here. She was certainly fortunate that her license was still in date. Regardless, she had had to get off two stops early because she had started feeling uncomfortable from all the staring. It's not that she wasn't used to being the odd one out, but this was certainly more malevolent than when she was in school.

    As a result of having to walk for quite a way in the cold morning's breath, she was herself thoroughly chilled, and she wanted to get inside quickly, before she caught some kind of fever. She knew she wasn't really going to, but she hated temperature extremes. As she stepped across the invisible boundary between Arato and the rest of the world, she felt a certain nostalgia. She didn't stop walking, but she looked down and thought about it briefly. It was as if her primary senses and the instinctive part of her brain knew this place well, like the back of their metaphorical hands, however her own conscience had no memories of it beyond knowing that she was here for a couple of years to attend school.

    Without thinking, she turned and entered a café, just like if she had been walking in the district of Tokyo she had lived in for the past 5 years, and knew every café and every corner shop of. She took a seat by the window, not aware of the presence of an old classmate not far away. She looked out across the street, noticing a hairdresser's, a small grocery store, and off in the distance, a well-kept shrine. While she wasn't particularly religious herself, she did still respect the kami, so she decided she would pay a visit later. As it turned out, the day after she received the letter from Shigeru, she had been assigned her final project by the university staff, and it happened to tie in perfectly with her visit to Arato. If she could analyse the phenomenon, specifically the part involving the human's perception of it, she knew she'd be able to pass with flying colours, and get her Ph.D by the end of the year.
  6. Takaiya Kurosawa sits on the edge of his bed, fully dressed. He wears a simple long white shirt and pants, he'll be wearing some simple shoes when he goes out. He gazes down at his slumbering boyfriend before carefully slipping a small note under his own pillow and standing up. He creeps out the room and picks up his small rucksack with his things in it, he takes one last look around the room and breathes deeply. “..don't want.. to do this..” he whispers before walking out the house.

    As he walks, he reflects what he's written last in his journal.

    It's amusing and frightening that the past has a way of catching up with one, I can honestly say that I hoped this day would never come. I tried to get on with my life, I really did. I took my memory loss of what happened to be a sign that I'm better off not remembering. That's not to say that I didn't feel the pull of that place, even more so at night.. and then there were the nightmares, the voice.. someone who wants to see me.. I tried to block it as much as a could, I tried.. after the death of an old classmate the pull became stronger and a sense of dread fills my heart, I'm afraid.. so afraid. But I would have once again tried to push it away from my mind.. had I not obtained a letter two days ago and a newspaper clipping of that time, that time that I cannot remember. Which I touched the news article I was over come with a sense of such sorrow and disgust that I feared I was going mad, I have not touched it since.

    Now I am on my way to see Shigeru san, and others who might be there. But I cannot help but think, what if I arrive and I'm alone? What will I do then, when I have nowhere left to hide?

    When he arrives at the café, he sighs and shudders. The pull's stronger in the town.. He slowly walks into the café, looking around before sitting on a vacant seat. He looks at the other people and wonders if they're his old classmates, it's being a long time since he's being face to face with them.
  7. The sound of the cafe door's chime roused Shigeru out of his gloomy disposition and he looked up to see who had walked in. It was a girl with long raven hair clad in rather regal clothing and carrying what looked like a sheathed katana in her hand. From the looks of it, the girl was not a local as she stuck like a sore thumb compared to the other patrons of the cafe. As expected, one of the waitresses walked up to the young woman to reprimand her about carrying a deadly weapon into their shop. While everyone else in the cafe was either astonished or puzzled of the newcomer, Shigeru felt a different sensation as he stared into her face. He could feel something buzzing within the recesses of his head, triggered by the sight of the noble young lady.

    I found them in the clearing over there! They're dazed but I think they're alright.

    The brief flashback caused Shigeru's head to spin for a few seconds but more importantly he recalled something. This young woman with the katana, he had met her before... and he knew her name! Without a second thought, he approached the waitress confronting the blade wielding girl and gave an apologetic bow. "I apologize on her behalf but I assure you that she means no harm to this fine establishment. The katana she has is strictly for... uhh... research purposes" fibbed Shigeru, stepping in between the two women before things got too out of hand. He had absolutely no idea why this girl carried a katana in broad daylight.

    While the waitress was distracted by his sudden interruption, he took the opportunity to introduce himself to the girl. "Shigeru Asou. It's nice to see you again Ruko-san." As soon as he said that, the door chime went off again and another person walked in to the establishment. This time, it was a man... or a woman perhaps? No, it was definitely a man and Shigeru know who he was as well! "Kurosawa-san?" called out Shigeru to the other, waving his way in hopes of getting his attention.
  8. Takaiya blinks when he hears his name being called, he glances up and notices a man waving at him. He blinks, confused at first and then his expression clears. “Asou- san?” he asks quietly as he slowly walks over. He glances at the girl with the katana and let's out a sigh, gazing up for a few moments. For some seconds Takaiya looks very stressed and takes a deep breath. “it's.. good to see you both again.” he says slowly.

    “have you seen anyone else yet?” he asks, trying not to look at the girl's blade. He knows her face, yet not her name. He can't help but feel intimidated by her, but saying that females have always had that effect on him. “I must admit, I wasn't expecting to hear from any of you.” the young man says quietly. “so I apologise for the delay, Asou-san.. I was rather shocked, and wasn't sure.. if I should come or not.” he looks away and bites his lip, ashamed of the way he feels. “I'm going to be honest.. I'm here because I have no choice, if I could I would have put everything behind me.”
  9. Barely half a minute had passed after Mei had sat down, placing her weapon on the table in front of her, when she was approached by another person. From their attire and their attitude, Mei guessed that they must be an employee of the establishment. She let the waitress finish, before moving to draw her license from her small bag, however, she was interrupted once more by another person. He said some words, and when the waitress had left, albeit scowling, he turned his attention to her. She again let this man finish, before responding.

    "So. You are the Shigeru who sent me this letter?" She released her grip on the license and instead drew a neatly folded piece of paper and placed it on the table. "You'll have to forgive me - I'm sure you already know that I never bothered learning anyone's name or face when I was here." She had barely finished speaking when a light chiming sound emitted itself from the entrance and another person walked in. The man named Shigeru had called out to the newcomer, who had now walked over. It looked nervous, perhaps because Kamura's obnoxious presence. After all, it was making an obvious effort not to look at the sword. It was obvious that it knew Shigeru, and it seemed to recognise Mei also - evidently this person was a classmate in the same situation. She move the blade onto the floor, putting it down lightly so as not to draw attention to herself with a loud and harsh noise. "And you are Kurosawa." She was a little distressed, though she didn't show it. She had been hoping that Shigeru would have revealed Kurosawa's gender, as it was, at least to her, ambiguous, however, he hadn't used an honorific that might hint towards gender.
  10. About fifteen minutes later, Xira had finally gotten into town after talking to few people heading to the shrine and helping a little boy find his ball along the way. ' Strange for a rubber ball to roll away and get stuck underneath a rock. I'm just glad he was happy to have it back.'She thought, while gently walking around the peaceful village in search of Shigeru and possibly anyone else that might have shown up.

    The young woman had stopped in front of the small grocery store after feeling a mild headache from the lack of sleep. "It would best for me to eat something before my headache gets worse." She had closed her eyes for a moment waiting pain to dull out some before opening her amber eyes and glancing at the café just across the street. Xira carefully walked over to the café, not wanting to bump into someone by accident as she crossed over.

    The miko took a seat closest to the front of the café, unaware that Shigeru and two other survivors were in the food establishment as well.
  11. Shigeru was glad to see Mei and Takaiya still in one piece. After what happened to Seichiro, he feared that a fate similar to him would befall the other survivors. Neither of them looked like they were in bad shape though Takaiya looked a little stressed and restless. Mei acknowledged his presence and handed a familiar piece of paper to him. "Yes, that would be me" nodded the bespectacled male. The young woman then explained that her lack familiarity was of her own choosing. "I see. In any case, thank you for coming in such short notice Ruko-san" he smiled before turning his attention to Takaiya.

    "Likewise, Kurosawa-san and no... I'm afraid you and Ruko-san are the only ones I've seen so far" answered Shigeru to the other male's inquiry. Takaiya's uneasiness was palpable in his words and gestures. He was sure that his old classmate had been through a lot before he got here. "Yes... about that" muttered Shigeru, gesturing towards his table to invite the pair. "Obviously we have a lot of catching up to do. How about we discuss it over coffee?"

    Shigeru walked back to his table and took a seat, taking out several things from his bag which included several stapled documents and a bunch of polaroid photographs. After Mei and Takaiya settled down, Shigeru looked at the pair whilst shuffling the photographs in his hand. "Ruko-san. Kurosawa-san. Have you been experiencing anything weird lately?"
  12. Mei considered the question for a short time, while staring into the mug that was on the table before her. "Hmm... It's hard to say. You'll have to give some examples. Due to my field of research me and my colleagues are somewhat prone to inducing abnormal conditions in minds to try and manipulate memories." She held her sword with both hands, resting the weight on her lap, repeatedly sheathing and unsheathing a couple of inches of the blade as she often did when she had it in her hand. She had the kind of thing that meant your hands were always restless and had to be doing something. At one point she accidentally touched the blade as she unsheathed it, but the small amount of blood didn't bother her much. She simply licked the light wound a few times to keep the blood from going everywhere, like you might tell a child to do.
  13. When Shuji finally made it to the inner town, he suddenly realized how lost he was. He usually Never comes here unless it's for groceries. "This second part had directions leading here, but..." Shuji Leans against a mini market "it says the café.... None of these read [Ka-Fe]... Maybe I'm going at this wrong." Shuji holds his head, looking around. "Hmm maybe it's not written in hiragana...or kata..." Shuji looks around to notice a place written with a custom name instead. Could that be it? It looks more like a bar rather than a cafe, but what's the difference?

    Instead of crossing the street right away shuji puts his glasses on to clairify that there actually is coffee, and quickly rushes across the street and puts his glasses away. At least going into the place was justified, but he sort of doubted "Megane-San" actually being at the cafe "I feel like a creep, looking around like this... I'll... just sit out here for a while and leave in an hour" Shuji mutters to himself. He later sits on a bench, closes his eyes, and plugs his ears with a Walkman.
  14. Takaiya nods with a smile towards the girl- Ruko. “I am Kurosawa, yes.. though you might as well call me Takaiya.” he says gently. “there is a time and a place for formality.” he gazes at both of them. “and I don't think it's now.”

    Takaiya sucks in a breath when Shigeru mentions about them being the only ones who have come. “I'm sure.. the others are slowly making their way over, after all.. this must have come as a shock to them as well.” he carefully sits down on one of the seats. “I'm fine with just some water, I.. don't think I can stomach anything else.” he smiles in apology.

    His face however tightens when Shigeru asks if anything strange has happened to them. He waits for Ruko to finish talking before taking a deep breath. “strange.. yes, you could say that.. I've being.. experiencing strange feelings lately, as well as having nightmares.” he laces his fingers together. “and.. something, or someone.. keeps trying to pull me back to that place, I keep hearing a voice.” he shuffles in his seat a little and suddenly looks tired. “the nightmares are..” he shakes his head. “I don't want to sleep any more, every time I do.. it's like I grow closer to that place in spirit.” he carefully takes out the rusted bell and stares at it. “and then..there's this.. I shouldn't keep with me, I have a..horrible feeling about it ringing, I can't describe it.. but it's like.. a primal feel.” he laughs weakly at himself. “but I'm being foolish because..” he waves the bell, but no sound comes out. “it doesn't seem to ring anymore..” he sighs. “when I hold this, I feel like I'm drowning.. but at the same time, I can't let it go..” he trails off into silence.
  15. Shigeru was caught off guard by Mei when she threw the question back at him. Shigeru didn't remember much about Mei but she seemed to be a very cold and logical person, albeit with her own brand of quirkiness. Said quirkiness was currently showing itself when he noticed Mei licking her nicked finger. What worried Shigeru was that Mei's scientific approach of things might not suit well with what he was about to tell her and Takaiya. "Well to put it simply; paranormal activity. Constant feeling of being watched, vivid nightmares, hearing disembodied voices... stuff like that. Have you been experiencing any of those recently?" explained Shigeru.

    Takaiya seemed to get what he was saying and began telling his experience - all of which complimenting the hypothesis in Shigeru's head. Takaiya looked more troubled than he was a moment ago after saying his piece. "That sounds terrible..." muttered Shigeru sympathetically. "I've also been experiencing something similar these past few days. Someone or something is calling me to return to Arato. Part of me wants to ignore it but I can't... Not after what happened to Seichiro." After mentioning their late classmate's name, Shigeru began laying down the photographs in his hand. Most of them looked like mass of blur over a random background or scenery. "When the police were investigating Seichiro's death, they found photographs that looked like these all over his room. One of his neighbors stated that they often saw Seichiro taking pictures of himself" continued Shigeru, his face looking grim as he placed the last photograph on the table. "I shot these a few days ago after hearing about Seichiro's passing. They are pictures of myself... Every one of them, blurred"

    Afterwards, the bespectacled blond reached for his bag and produced a disposable camera from it. "If it's okay with you two, I would like to try something. Is it okay if I took your photographs right now?"
  16. "Hmm. It's hard to say actually. I guess I have been having more headaches recently, but I've also been really busy, so I haven't noticed even real voices talking to me half the time. I had noticed the blurred image though. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror occasionally, or in the CCTV cameras in shop entrances. I just assumed i had become slightly short sighted but now that I think about it I can see perfectly well, unless I'm looking at my own reflection or image."
  17. Shigeru felt both happy and fearful when he learned that Mei too was experiencing the weird blurring of images. He was happy because he had initially thought he was going crazy when he saw his blurred photos but Mei's own experience validates that it wasn't just his mind making it up nor was it pure coincidence. Shigeru aimed the camera in his hand at Mei and Takaiya and then snapping a photograph twice, one with flash and another without. The instant camera printed out the images and surprisingly enough, Mei and Takaiya's faces were blurred in both pictures.

    "Now watch when I take a picture with this..." muttered Shigeru, rustling into his bag again and pulling out what looked like an antique folding camera. "This is a special camera created by one of my ancestors, Kunihiko Asou. It was passed down to my family but nobody really wants to use it due to its special function" explained Shigeru, opening the device up and unfurling the bellows and focusing the lens on Mei and Takaiya. Once he found the proper focus and their image cleared up on his side, he pressed the shutter release and snapped a picture. The vintage camera let out a rather loud sound as it took Mei and Takaiya's photograph and developed the image from within.

    Shigeru then opened a hatch from behind the camera and retrieved the film from within it. He pressed the negative against a white piece of paper to reveal what has been captured. In this photograph, Mei and Takaiya's face weren't blurred but something more horrific showed on film. Several wispy shapes that looked like ghostly hands loomed all around the pair.

    "What happened to Seichiro will happen to all of us if we don't do something..."
  18. The miko was fiddling with her locket again before a waitress had approached her table, "Miss, do you wish to order something?" she asked in a gentle tone. "May I have a green tea and a fried donut?" Xira questioned, before seeing her write down the order then went to retrieve what she had requested. 'I shouldn't get loss in my own thoughts in public...Though, I haven't seen Shigeru or anyone else for that matter.' She shook away those thoughts before looking outside the large café display window and noticing someone looking a little lost. "A tourist? No that person doesn't seem like one, but they did seem a bit confused. It would be rude not helping them."

    Xira went outside of the café and gently tapped the brunette on the shoulder to try to get his attention. "Sir, are you lost?"
  19. Shuji feels a tap on his shoulder, good thing too as he was dozing off. He hears a slightly familiar voice "Sir are you lost?"

    Shuji takes out his headphones realizing that his Music Player is currently dead "Hmm? not really, I'm waiting for my friend. He's supposed to be in the café.. If that's a café, but I didn't see him when I looked" Come to think of it he hasn't consciously seen Shigeru since his sophomore year. Maybe he could check again, just in case, maybe he doesn't need his glasses anymore. That would explain why he couldn't spot him... "Either that or I'm just being blind" Shuji mutters to himself. "Anyways I'm fine, thank you" Shuji starts to get up but bumps into the lady. He can't explain why but his head begins to ache and his pulse increases.

    "Hey, wait!"

    "What? Oh sorry..."
    Shuji takes a deep breath and asks himself what just happened. He notices the woman looks baffled as well, probably not for the same reason. "What's with the getup? Are you a shrine maiden or something?" Shuji almost felt as if he were talking to someone he knew, this causes him to change his expression. "Of course you are, nobody wears a red hakama and a white haori and calls them self a clerk, it's disrespectful... Sorry for asking such a pointless question. [Bye bye]" Shuji turns his attention towards the café "I'll just wait for Shigeru-San in there instead, as long as I don't go to sleep while waiting..."
  20. Akira let out a sigh of relief as his last customer for the day left. He loved being a hair dresser but ever since those things have been happening, sometimes he'd get worn out quicker the more often it happened. Today was one of those days, most likely since any area around people seemed to have more of them. Plus, it didn't help that he could also see the auras of everything around him, people and spirits alike. Too many people around usually gave him a headache anyways but now... Akira really needed a tea of some sort, something that would relax him or mellow him out, whichever worked best.

    After signing out and saying goodbye to all his co-workers and boss, he headed across the street to the small but popular cafe without even realizing anything about his surrounding. Mainly due to the fact that he had put a 'block' up to elude every emotion he could. He took a look around vaguely before sitting in the corner away from everyone and waited for a waiter or waitress to come by to take his order.
    "Chamomile tea please," He tells the waitress when she approaches and asks what he wants with a business-like smile. As she walks away, Akira rubs the back of his neck with his hands to try to release some of the stress. His head was slightly down so not many could see his face and he had planned to keep it that way until he had gotten his tea. His plans were ruined when he heard bits and pieces of a particular conversation, one that perked his attention.

    "-Paranormal activity.
    Feeling of being watched, vivid nightmares, hearing disembodied voices..."

    It was not something someone said unless they had a point to make, or that they were experiencing it themselves.

    "-Camera... Special function..."

    "-Seichiro will happen to all of us..."

    It wasn't until he heard the next part that he decided to take his tea and walk over. Seichiro... He knew exactly who that was. He was one of them, the ones that survived. The closer Akira got, the more he knew he had to be apart of the conversation even if he wasn't already. Observing the group's faces closer, he began to recognize them as the classmates he had never forgotten. Akira smiled down at the group and waited until a few of them noticed him standing at the end of the table with his cup in hand or finished speaking.
    "Do you mind if I join you?" When he realizes that no one would probably recognize him due to his somewhat changed appearance, he gave a knowing smirk out of habit. "My name is Akira Shinigami, I went to school with all of you in the past. Though, I used to have blonde hair back then so you may not distinguish who I am..." Akira didn't remember himself being a delinquent but his appearance back then certainly stated he was, either that or it was to rebel against his strict parents which he thought was childish now.
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