Curse of the Evil Witch!

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  1. One day, you encounter an evil witch disguised as a common person. You manage to cross her in some way and she curses you!

    However, she feels benevolent enough to let you CHOOSE YOUR CURSE.

    Choose wisely, cause this is gonna fucking suck no matter what impacts your life FOREVER. :D


    Game: Choose between one of the two curses given to you. Next, give the next person two curses to choose from!



    Every step you take feels like you step on glass and metal shards. You cannot be desensitized to this feeling.
    You cannot communicate your thoughts through words, writing, or gestures. No one can ever understand you.
  2. Every step feels like stepping on glass and metal shards.

    Everything you eat or drink tastes absolutely horrible and makes you nauseous and sick.
    You become immunodeficient and have to live in a hospital clean room for the rest of your life. ​
  3. Everything I eat or drink tastes bad. That would finally kick me into gear to eating healthy.
    Though, this also highly dependent on how big and expansive said hospital room is. But I'm assuming for the sake of the question it's your typical hospital room.

    You suffer every death experienced by a character play by Sean Bean.


    You must be married to Joffrey.​
  4. Suffer every death! Why? Badass points > douchebag connections.

    You can never sleep, although you always feel immensely exhausted and sleepy.


    You have a perpetual migraine that cannot be cured by medicines or massages.​
  5. Migraine, cause I spent a few years dealing with constant headaches already so I've gotten fairly used to it.

    You are left to choke and die in space.


    You are left to choke and die in the bottom of the ocean.​
  6. Die in Space!! Why? Cause I like space more. I mean, I was going to asphyxiate either way, right? So might as well choose the one that appeals to you most, lol.

    After the age of 16, your memory span is limited to thirty minutes. You retain memories before 16 years of age, but none after.


    Your life span is shortened to thirty days. To extend it by an additional 30 days, you must kill people who you hold dear to you.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.