Curse of The Blood Talismans

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  1. The year was 1019 A.D. Cornelius was a young man and a great warrior, he was 20 at the time. His father went into a great battle and returned as a corpse, which meant that Cornelius was now king of his land. Five years later, after defeating an invading army of an invading country, he began to get a reputation for being a very great warrior and also began his quest to conquer the land, within the year he had conquered every country but one. His brother, Marcus, was tired of living in his shadow, he had always hated that he was the oldest and also their father's "favorite". He wanted to get rid of him once and for all, for he wanted to be king, he thought he would be far greater than his older brother. The night before Cornelius' death, Marcus met with the only person that his brother trusted and that was their uncle. He would pay him several large bags of gold to get rid of Cornelius once and for all. Of course their uncle agreed, because he was a greedy man.

    The next night Cornelius had a very large feast, in celebration of conquering the very last country. Once the celebration was over, Cornelius sat on his throne creating plans to conquer the rest of the world. He had called for his uncle to help with the plans. "Ah, Uncle, I see that you made it," he says. His uncle only nods and stands beside him. "So, how shall we begin the invasion, I think we sh...wait what are you doing?" Cornelius asks as his uncle plunges a dagger deep into his chest, piercing his heart. Uncle why? Why have you betrayed me? he thinks as he lays there dying. I swear I shall have my revenge! Devil hear me now! I give you my soul, in exchange for giving my revenge! The next day Cornelius was buried and his brother took over the throne.

    Three days later Cornelius came back from the grave, he had pale skin and super human abilities, he was the world's first vampire. But at the same time as he was created, four talismans were created. As he was walking toward what was once his kingdom, a bird dropped something in front of him, he unwraps what the bird had dropped. There was a note attached saying Maybe these will help in your revenge and conquest. After reaching the castle, he got his revenge. Now he was on a different conquest, to create others like him and to take over the world. The year is 1650 A.D. by this time Cornelius had taken over the world. Once the world was taken over, he had gotten bored and disgusted with his world, so he decided to go into a deep sleep. While sleeping, human priests feared that another conquest would happen if he awoke so they hid them in four different parts of the world, guarded for all eternity.


    That was 1,000s of years ago, Cornelius has awaken form his deep sleep. Cornelius sits on his throne in his castle, he had awoken just a few days ago. He calls for the lead general of his army. "Where are my talismans?" he asks. "Uh..sir...when you went into your deep slumber, several human priests hid them in four comers of the world," The general says. "What? Why?" he asks. "Because they were afraid that when you awoke, that you would try to take over the world again," The general says once more. Cornelius gave him an angry glare. "I don't care what it takes, you have to go on a quest to find them," he says. "Rally up some men and begin," he barks. The general nods and turns walking out of the room. Cornelius sits on his throne and stares off into space, he was planning what to do once he had the talismans again. He then calls for another, this time it was the record keeper. "How much of the world has changed?" he asks. The record keeper looks at him, "The entire world has changed my lord," he says. Cornelius looks at him, "Like?" he asks. "Like there are several religions and not just one, there are more countries than when you ruled," he says. Cornelius only nods and sends him away.


    Zeth and his partner (Jeremiah) were standing in front of a large strong hold, waiting for their master. An aging man finally comes to meet them. “News has spread, Cornelius, the worlds first vampire and the ultimate evil has awoken.” He says. “ I consulted a seer and she said that you two, plus a vampire, an albino one in fact and a dhaphir, must stop him and destroy his powerful talismans.” He says. “May peace and God be with you.” He says before blessing them. Great, this is just lovely, having to work with a half breed and a vampire...just my luck... He thinks. He then turns and looks at Jeremiah. “Well, it's now or never, let's get going before anything bad happens.” He says as he mounts on to his horse, even though he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. He sits upon his horse, waiting for his partner, so they could start their long journey ahead of them.

    Dagger walks down a path, he was a wanderer, that usually wondered from place to place, doing odd jobs and such. But he wasn't a normal person either, he was in fact a vampire, but not a normal one. He was an albino and the only full-blood vampire that can withstand any vampire weaknesses, because his own kind experimented on him. He had been walking for several days, and he noticed or swore that a person was following him, unbeknownst to him, it was actually Gabriel. Thunder roared over head as lightning streaked a crossed the sky. Lovely, what just what I need, fuckin rain. He thinks and rolls his eyes He soon spots a cave up a head, well this looks like a good place as any to stop for the day, since its going to storm. He thinks. Just as he entered the cave, does it begin to down pour.
  2. Jeremiah nodded and bowed slightly to the master, "Aye, may God keep our strikes true." She turned to Zeth and watched him mount his horse, she stuck her foot in the stirrup and climbed upon her own black steed. "Good girl, Jana." She patted the horses neck lovingly. She chuckled bitterly, "Something bad always happens where we're going, Zeth. We can't damn well help it can we?" Her blue eyes were half closed in a meditative almost bored looking stare as she surveyed the dark, cold landscape before them.

    She felt a few raindrops tickle her nose, and the drops quickly turned to sheets. "He must have some reason to make us join undead, hell if I know what it is but let's find out."
    She kicked Jana lightly and started off on a medium trot down the packed dirt hill that led down from the church.


    Gabriel had been tailing Dagger for a while. He could smell something off about the full vampire, something he had never smelled before. He watched the fullblood enter the cave and decided to stay out of sight for the time being, hiding among the dead tree line. The thunder roared and lightning arced along the sky, Gabriel was soaked to the bone within minutes, and since he was only a dharpir, he wasn't as immune to the elements as were full vampires. He shivered but remained outside, the heavy sheets of rain making it difficult to see even for him.

    What is that smell, fullblood? What's so different about you that I haven't noticed?
  3. He nods when his partner mentioned something about joining the undead. "I have no clue either." He says to her. "This is going to be an odd one hell of a trip." He mutters. When the first drop hit him in the face, he frowned. Lovely, rain. The monks didn't predict this to happen. He thinks. The next thing he knew it began to come down in sheets. And then he noticed that Jerimah had disappeared, but of course it didn't help that he couldn't see through the rain either. "Great, I lost her and I can't see." He say as he kicks his horses sides to urge it to move faster. As he was basically galloping along, trying to find his partner, he had to pull on the reigns hard. To make the horse stop, he almost ran into his partner. "Finally found you. Warn me next time you decide to disappear like that." He mutters as he trots beside Jerimaih, of course by now the rain still hadn't ceased, so he put his cloak around him, trying to prevent him from getting soaked even more. "Damn rain" He mutters. He looks at Jerimiah, "And how will we know if these so called vampire and half breed are the right ones?" He asks. Then sighs, "I guess we'll know by instinct." He mutters as they trot along, still in the pouring rain.

    Dagger could now sense Gabriel outside the cave, A half breed, haven't seen one of those filthy creatures in a while, I wonder what it wants. He thinks. He wasn't too fond of such beings the same went for humans as well. One of the voices decided to stir in his mind. It probably wants to kill you, you know everyone is out to get you. It says and Dagger rolls his eyes. "If the half breed wanted to try and kill me, I think it would have came into the cave by now." He says to the voice out loud. Then another stirs inside his mind. Maybe you're right, we've decided that it maybe wants to come into the cave to get dry, but is afraid of you, you stupid vampire. Another voice says. Dagger rolls his eyes, "Hey, I ain't stupid...just shut the hell up." He snaps. It would seem as if he was talking to himself. Then there was silence and then next thing Gabriel knew, he was being drug into the cave by Dagger. "All right you filthy half breed, why the hell are you sneakin around out there and why the hell have you been followin me?" He snaps demanding answers now.
  4. Jeremiah hummed lightly and shook her head at her partner, "You found me alright. Thought I might give you a little jolt to get your blood going." She pulled up her own hood over her eyes, still feeling the torrential downpour upon her head and shoulders. Jana whinnied, Jeremiah made cooing sounds and stroked her faithful horse lovingly.

    "Well, in this weather I think they'll find us before we find them, to be honest."

    They continued onwards, cutting through the rain.


    Gabriel broke from Dagger and stayed near the mouth of the cave, "I'm the filthy one? Even my nose can tell there's something about you. What are you? “ He kept his hands lose, but ready for action. His hair was matted against his face, his sharp eyes observed the small but relatively warm cave.

    " Also, are you being tailed? Because I am. "
  5. Zeth nods, "I suppose so." He says. "But if this rain doesn't stop then, I suggest we fine shelter, we both don't need to catch our death out here." He says. "Who then would save the world?" He adds. Just as he said that it began to pour down even harder than before. Zeth looks at Jeremiah "I suggest we hurry up and find shelter now." He says as he snaps the reigns of his horse, making it go into a full gallop. Dagger looks at Gabriel, "I'm a vampire. What else would I be?" He snaps and glares at him for the filthy one comment besides him saying that there was something wrong with him. "And even if there was somethin wrong with me, I ain't tellin ya any ways." He snaps. "And of course I could tell that someone or somethin else was out there besides you." He adds. "and yer lucky I'm feelin' a tad bit nice, you can stay in here until the rain stops. Just stay away from me, I'm claustrophobic." He says. Zeth looks at Jeremiah as they galloped along. "I think I see a cave up a head, we should stay there until the rain lets up." He shouts over the now pouring down hard rain.
  6. Jeremiah nodded grimly at Zeth's comment, "Who indeed." She knew it was meant as jest, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. What would actually happen if there were no more vampire hunters, or anyone who tried to stem the tide of chaos in all of its forms.

    Who indeed...

    "Aye, let us go. Yah!" Jeremiah kicked Jana and they set off, trailing two meters behind Zeth.


    "Even so, your scent is off. Suit yourself, you dragged me in here afterall." Gabriel snarled and grimaced. He remained under the protection of the cave but glanced outside. His enhance vision helped him see a good four meters through the torrential downpour, and he heard horses. "Someone's coming, by the way."


    "Right behind you." Jeremiah slowed Jana's pace and approached the side of the cave, weary of anything that might be inside.
  7. Dagger gave Gabriel a look as if to say, no shit. He could see farther than him as well and also hear better than him to. Zeth stops by Jeremiah, and gets off his horse. He knew that she could take care of herself, but he thought that he should go first, after all he was taught manners. “I'll go first, but keep your weapons handy.” He says to her as he pulls out a stake and also unsheathed his sword. Of course there was no light in the cave, but Zeth could see two figures in the back of the cave. He turns to Jeremiah, “It looks like there at two people in the cave.” He says. He goes to take a step farther into the cave. Dagger could see that they were clearly vampire hunters. Great hunters, He thinks. He lets out a low growl followed by an animalistic growl. Zeth stopped and looks at his partner, “I think we've found two vampires, that got trapped in the rain.” He says. Dagger was closer to Zeth than Gabriel. Zeth raised his stake and attacked Dagger. Of course plunging the stake into his chest, into his heart. He started to walk away, but stopped when Dagger didn't turn to ash. “What kind of vampire are you?” He asks. “Wouldn't you like to find out, asshole.” Dagger snaps as he takes the stake out of his chest. The wound stitched itself back together as if someone was sowing his skin back together. Zeth then turns and looks at Jeremiah, “I think we found our vampire, we just need to find the dhamphire.” He says.
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