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    “be sensible”

    open - closed

    ╔═Let's Review * ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    what is advanced?

    I'm sure you've heard this often; quality over quantity. While this is true, for me I require a certain "meat" to the post, something that I can work with, something interesting to read. Posts are long because sometimes they have to be to cover a certain spectrum, it isn't an overwhelming spam of words that have no reason or flow to their content, and it isn't always necessarily "flowery" or decorated like someone upchucked a thesaurus over the entire thing. When I think advanced I think of a gripping tale that has a certain flair and aspect to it. Be able to write with me, not just respond simply and meaninglessly. I anticipate proper spelling and grammar because your grasp of such should be able and capable, nearly flawless. I won't limit you as long as you don't limit me, write as little as you want or present a challenging piece; just be sensible.

    Going by Iwaku standards, Advanced is about the lowest in which I will create with. My own style is varied and adaptable to yours; anywhere between Advanced - Douche.

    I'm currently trying to adapt and brush off my writing capabilities, as it stands, I'm only accepting maybe a couple partners — three if you can sway me — and we'll go on from that point. That being written, I have a full work schedule and I can at least give you a post once a week, potentially more if I'm particularly motivated to do so. If you wish to see examples of my writing then don't hesitate to ask for a freshly written tidbit or links to such; I won't mind at all, if anything it'll give you an idea of what I expect and whether or not you'll be willing to work with it.​

    ╔═Rules & Guide Lines * ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    * Don't harass me for responses, I'm sure we'll be conversing regularly, if I miss a dead line then be free to give a friendly nudge.
    * Be willing to give and take from any and all ideas and suggestions.
    * Be creative; not necessarily a rule, but I encourage you to think outside the box.
    * If you are unable to post within a certain time: inform me, courtesy is a given.
    * If the role play doesn't interest you any longer, don't be afraid to want to scrap the story, I'm willing to do something else with you.
    * Don't god-mod or power play; you should honestly know this by now.
    * Your character isn't a badass who knows everything. They are flawed.
    * Writer's Block is a myth.
    * OOC talk helps me to get to know you.
    * PM me first, or post here; if I don't reply within twenty-four hours, then send me another one. Chances are I missed it.
    * Proof-read. It won't always be perfect, and I miss things too, but it helps to read over things a couple times.
    * If you are having trouble coming up with something, I'm willing to work with you.

    ╔═Preferences & You * ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
    * I don't care what gender you are, play whichever you want.
    * Double up if you wish, sometimes I will too.
    * Your age is your own, but I prefer that you are on level with me. For the sake of like mindedness.
    * Same sex pairings or heterosexual: I'm okay with playing either.
    * I'm capable of adapting to your preferences, so be courteous to my own.
    * I won't role play straight on smut without a coherent plot, there are other threads for that I'm sure.
    * Fading to black is okay too.
    * No, I won't play your princess or prince.
    * I don't have any particular limits, unless it's just completely ridiculous.
    * I tend to lean towards psychological damages and violence, because action is where it's at, literally.
    * On that note; gore and language doesn't bother me, as I said, I don't have limitations to what I'll write.
    * You can request away when it comes to stories and pairings, I won't mind.
    * Please come to me with an idea, don't just message me with: "I don't know, what are you craving?". If my supplied smidgens of ideas don't appeal to you, then think of something else for us.
    * Romance will not be the foundation, please. I know it'll probably happen, that's one&one role plays for you. But if we are going to do so, then let's do other things too. I'll get bored after they finally "bang."
    * I prefer threads over PMs.

    ╔═Themes, Ideas & More * ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════

    taken | apocalypse — four horsemen; modern, few fantasy elements, situations of abuse and sensitive subjects such as suicide, self-image, bulimia/anorexia, and death.
    & (open)

    Obviously we'll be doubling up in this one, or make it into a particular group of players, honestly I don't mind either one. But for now it's a theme for us, and an idea. I don't care which of these character types you choose, though your choice is limited as I only ask that I role play Death myself. The plot in mind is the gathering of these certain individuals because the world needs Order. Death has been charged with finding the right sort of people designated for these stations, these symbols of office. The catch is to surrender your mortal life and become one of the Horsemen, a small price really considering that their current existences are hellacious and demanding, pushing some to extreme measures to survive. Death himself was recently appointed to his station, a fresh face to carve the world and he needs help to do so, but who will be worthy and willing to take up the scales, the sword and the crown?

    apocalypse — the world is dead; post-war depression, quest-like and a battle of survival, sensitive subjects of cannibalism and religious fanaticism.

    & (open)

    What is left to do when there are no plants or clean water? Eat each other. Certain groups or clans of cannibals have turned ravenous and are attacking shambled settlements, thus they are calling on mercenary factions to deal with the onslaught. Clearly this is where we come in, you can play a wanderer or whichever you wish. I'll be playing a mercenary/smith from the Shadow Jackals; an infamous group heard and known to finish any contract by any means. But cannibals aren't the only concern, a religious fanatic is preaching about the Second Coming, a supposed war that will be more than just brother pitted against brother. She speaks of the Red and the White and the Black, three beings that she has seen and spoken with personally. She knows an awful lot about the cannibal groups and their begone measures of humanity; is she the cause?

    modern — hell's kitchen; emotional turmoil, family abuse, sensitive subjects of murder and incarceration. conspiracy and power abuse such as wealth and money.

    & (open)

    No, not that television show. It's an expression, look it up. Now this is one has a little romance in it, but is very light when compared to the dark undertones it carries. Essentially the protagonists consist of the Heiress or Heir if you prefer, and the lesser being who is a grounds keeper or someone who works for the family, whichever, the one who was blamed and imprisoned for the murder of the elder McKinely. The grandfather of the Heir of this story. Now their father was the real culprit, wanting to clear his way into becoming the head of the family finally. The grandfather, Georgie McKinely II, was willing to marry their grandchild to who ever they wished and allowed the family to be free and without oppression, for love or whichever they desired. The father was not. We can work out the details through some discussion, but you get the idea.

    modern — life is a bitch; emotional turmoil, sensitive subjects of drug use and abuse, prostitution and self-harm.

    & (open)

    Two souls lost within the world without anyone to listen or care. One is an artist struggling to find his-or-her muse and inspiration, to paint something alive rather than dead. They struggle often from day to day to meet dead lines and keep themselves going simply because they know they have to. The other is a drug dealing prostitute struggling to find someone who cares, to live everyday despite being used in ever whim of those around them. It's only in a chance meeting that they may be able to find themselves within the other and save each other, or will the sins be too great to bear?

    fandoms — I'm a little leery about this, because I don't do them often. So read and ask with caution and come to me with an idea and we'll work on it.

    Elder Scrolls • Dragon Age • Dragon's Dogma • Final Fantasy • Lord of the Rings • Attack on Titan • Sword Art Online

    Will be updated accordingly.​

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  2. How are you with survival horror? I have some plots there that you might enjoy. If not, I would love to further discuss Hell's Kitchen or Life's a Bitch.

    I've also been particularly craving a Skyrim roleplay, but that would depend on how many characters you prefer playing at any given time.
  3. I have not dabbled into a survival horror in quite some time, my recent attempt was.. a bit unsavory due to my initial impression being thwarted by the yielding result of the aforementioned story. So, send me a message with your plot works on either the horror or Skyrim, or both even. I don't have any issues of playing a plethora of characters at one time. If neither appeals to our cooperative taste then we can discuss my modern pieces.

    Thank you for your interest, as well!
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